Primary Source Documents
bullet Ancient Coins in the Museum of Antiquity
bullet Ancient Roads of the Romans
bullet Ancient Roman Pottery
bullet Ancient Roman Technology
bullet The Ancient Romans (History Links 101)
bullet The Ancient World Web
bullet Aquae Urbis Romae - The Waters of Rome
bullet Art History Resources on the Web - Ancient Rome
bullet Barrington's Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
bullet Classical Mythology Online
bullet Cleopatra Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World - Italy / Rome
bullet Diotima - Materials for the Study of Women & Gender in the Ancient World
bullet The Doctor in Roman Society
bullet Exploring Ancient World Cultures - Rome
bullet Forum Romanum
bullet Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean
bullet History of Roman Architecture
bullet The Impact of Hellenism on Rome
bullet Internet Ancient History Sourcebook:  Rome (Paul Halsall - Fordham U.)
bullet The Italian Peninsula:  1000 BCE - 1 CE (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
bullet The Italian Peninsula:  1 CE - 500 CE (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
bullet Looking at the Art of Ancient Greece & Rome (Getty Museum)
bullet Maecenas:  Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
bullet Manumission & Freedom for Roman Slaves
bullet Marriage in Ancient Rome
bullet Medicina Antiqua (Ancient Medicine)
bullet Museum of Ancient Inventions
bullet NM's Creative Impulses:  Rome (many links!)
bullet Odyssey Online:  Rome
bullet The Perseus Digital Library
bullet Pompeii on the Web
bullet Roma:  Essays on Roman Architecture (interactive maps)
bullet Roma:  History & Civilization of the Eternal City
bullet Roman Ball Games
bullet Roman Board Games
bullet The Roman Calendar
bullet Roman Gladiatorial Games
bullet Roman History Lectures - Christopher Mackay (University of Alberta)
bullet Roman Rulers
bullet Romanae Antiquae:  An Informal Look at the Lives of Women in Ancient Rome
bullet The Rome Project
bullet The Surgery of Ancient Rome
bullet Timeline:  Ancient Rome
bullet A Timeline Comparison Between Ancient Mexico & Ancient Rome
bullet Timeline of Civilizations:  1 BCE - 500 CE
bullet The Vergil Project


bullet "Early Roman Civilization, 753-509 BC" (The History Guide)
bullet HistoryWiz - The Aeneid Image Gallery
bullet HistoryWiz - The Roman Kings Exhibit
bullet map - "Ancient Rome"

bullet Cynical Catchphrases and the End of the Republic - historian, Robert Syme
bullet "The Disintegration of the Republic" - historian, R. E. Smith
bullet The History of Carthage (A&E)
bullet map - "The Career of Julius Caesar"
bullet map - "The Punic Wars"
bullet map - "Rome in 264 B.C.E."
bullet "Orderly Political Struggle to the Very End" - historian, Eric S. Grunde
bullet "Republican Rome, 509-31 BC" (The History Guide)
bullet Rome:  Republic to Empire
bullet Roman Government Chart
bullet The Roman Republic:  Checks & Balance (chart)
bullet The Roman Republican Constitution
bullet Roman Virtues
bullet The Romans, 262-113 BCE:  Conquest of the Mediterranean (A&E)
bullet Social Reform & Civil War:  133 BCE - 27 CE (A&E)


bullet "Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana" (The History Guide)
bullet The Best of Edward Gibbon's Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
bullet Biography of Julius Caesar
bullet "A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire" (The History Guide)
bullet "Christianity as a Cultural Revolution" (The History Guide)
bullet "The Church Fathers--Jerome and Augustine" (The History Guide)
bullet De Imperatoribus Romanis - An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
bullet "The Decline and Fall of Rome" (The History Guide)
bullet "The End of Rome" - historian, Michael Rostovtzeff
bullet The Government of the Roman Empire Under the Early Principate (chart)
bullet Julius Caesar
bullet List of Roman Emperors
bullet map - "Barbarian Migrations and Invasions to 400"
bullet map - "Barbarian Migrations and Invasions, 400-526"
bullet map - "Constantinople, 4c-6c"
bullet map - "The Empire Under Diocletian, 284-305"
bullet map - "The Jewish Diaspora in the 1c CE"
bullet map - "Roman Empire (clickable on the provinces)"
bullet map - "Roman Empire - 12"
bullet map - "The Roman Empire, 14 and 117 c.e."
bullet map - "Roman Empire - 150"
bullet map - "Roman Empire - 500"
bullet map - "The Roman Empire at the Time of Hadrian"
bullet map - "Trading Products in the Roman Empire"
bullet Maps of the Roman World in the First Century CE
bullet Marcus Aurelius
bullet "Most Happy and Prosperous" - historian, Edward Gibbons in The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire
bullet "Not so Happy and Prosperous" - historian, Benjamin Isaac
bullet "Roman Expansion and Its Commercial Motive" - historian, Elizabeth Rawson
bullet "Roman Imperialism and the Pursuit of Glory" - historian William Harris
bullet A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors
bullet "Why Rome Fell" - lecture by Professor Gerhard Rempel (Western New England College)


bullet Caesaropapism (Theocracy)
bullet The Christian Catacombs of Rome
bullet Chronology of Christianity
bullet Early Christian Architecture
bullet Early Christian Communities & the Establishment of the Church
bullet Early Popes to the Reign of Constantine
bullet From Jesus to Christ (PBS - Frontline)
bullet The Life of Saint Augustine of Hippo (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet map - "The Spread of Christianity"
bullet Roman Views of Jews and Christians
bullet St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles (Catholic Encyclopedia)
bullet St. Paul (Catholic Encyclopedia)



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bullet 7c BCE:  Numa - The Institutions of Roman Religion
bullet 650 BCE:  Livy - The Roman Way of Declaring War
bullet 215 BCE:  Carthaginian coin of Hannibal
bullet 200-115 BCE:  Polybius - Rome at the End of the Punic Wars
bullet 201 BCE:  Plautus - Slavery in the Roman Republic
bullet 200-118 BCE:  Polybius - The Character of Hannibal
bullet 2c BCE:  Polybius - Hannibal's Defeat at Zama
bullet 150 BCE:  Appian's Roman History - the social wars
bullet 140 BCE:  Polybius' Histories - The Battle of Ecnomus
bullet 133 BCE:  Tiberius Gracchus Defies the Senate
bullet 2c-1c BCE:  Sources for Three Slave Revolts
bullet 1c BCE:  Catullus - several poems
bullet 1c BCE:  from The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero - Friends and Enemies of the Republic
bullet 1c BCE:  Documents on Jews and Judaism in the Greco-Roman Diaspora
bullet 1c BCE:  Silius Italicus - Punica - Description of Hannibal
bullet 81-96 BCE:  Martial - Immigrants in Rome
bullet 64/54 BCE:  Cicero - Running for Office in Rome
bullet 63 BCE:  Sallust - Life in Rome in the Late Republic
bullet 51 BCE:  Julius Caesar - on the Germans
bullet 50 BCE:  Ancestor Shrine of a Wealthy Household, Pompeii
bullet 44 BCE:  Letter Home of a Roman "University" Student
bullet 20 BCE:  statue of Augustus of Primaporta
bullet 19 BCE:  Electronic text of Virgil's Aeneid

bullet 1 BCE-110 CE:  Roman Sources on the Jews and Judaism
bullet 1c:  Deeds of the Divine Augustus
bullet 1c:  Josephus:  Description of Jesus
bullet 1c:  Josephus - Galilee, Samaria, and Judea in the First Century
bullet 1c:  Josephus - On the Roman Army
bullet 1c:  Luke, Gospel writer
bullet 1c:  Pliny the Younger - Roman Educational Practices
bullet 2:  Letters Written by Roman Soldiers
bullet 14:  Augustus Lists His Accomplishments
bullet 20:  Strabo - The Grandeur of Rome
bullet 55:  St. Paul on the Spirit and the Law
bullet 56-57:  Tacitus - The End of the Republic
bullet 64:  Dio Cassius - Nero and the Great Fire
bullet 67:  Seneca - An Ethical Plea to the Emperor Nero
bullet 69-122: Suetonius - The Divine Augustus
bullet 70:  stone relief - detail of sculptured relief from the Arch of Titus
bullet 75:  Plutarch - The Life of Tiberius Gracchus
bullet 90:  Quintilian - The Ideal Education
bullet 95:  Martial - Happiness, According to a Roman Poet
bullet 100:  Tacitus' Annals - The Establishment of the Principate
bullet 110:  Plutarch on the Training of Children
bullet 111-113:  Pliny & Trajan on Christians
bullet 117:  Tacitus - Germania
bullet 125:  Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve Caesars - The Foundation of the Flavian Dynasty, A.D. 69
bullet 167:  Marcus Aurelius - excerpts from The Meditations
bullet 180:  Acts of the Scillitan Martyr
bullet 3c & 4c:  Diocletian & Constantine--Efforts to Stabilize the Roman Economy
bullet 250:  Cassius Dio Cocceianus' History of Rome - The First Two "Good Emperors"
bullet 250:  Certificate Having Sacrificed to the Gods
bullet 215:  Dio's Roman History - "From the Age of Gold to the Age of Rust"
bullet 311/313:  Galerius & Constantine - Edicts of Toleration
bullet 315:  Lactantius' On the Death of the Persecutors - A Reaction to Diocletian's Reforms
bullet 324:  Sozomen - Constantine Founds Constantinople
bullet 325:  Nicene Creed
bullet 374:  St. Jerome - Letter to a Soldier
bullet 4c:  A Fourth-Century Description of the Huns
bullet 4c:  Eusebius - excerpt from The Life of Constantine
bullet 4c-5c:  John Chrysostom - Eight Homilies Against the Jews
bullet 5c:  A Christian Priest's View of the Barbarian Migrations
bullet 5c:  Priscus at the Court of Attila
bullet 410:  Procopius of Caesarea - Alaric's Sack of Rome
bullet 410:  St. Augustine - excerpts from The City of God
bullet 440:  Salvian - Romans and Barbarians
bullet 448:  Priscus on Attila the Hun
bullet 452:  Pope Leo I and Attila
bullet 460:  Sidonius Apollinaris - Theodoric of the Visigoths

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