Primary Source Documents
bullet 19th-Century Photography of Ancient Greece
bullet The Amazing Ancient World of Western Civilization:  Greece
bullet Ancient Coins in the Museum of Antiquity
bullet The Ancient Gods
bullet Ancient Greece (HistoryForKids)
bullet Ancient Greece (History Links 101)
bullet Ancient Greece - Science and Technology Facts
bullet Ancient Greece WebQuest
bullet Ancient Greek Civilization
bullet Ancient Greek Music
bullet The Ancient Greek World
bullet The Ancient World Web
bullet Archaeonia:  A Journey Through Ancient Greece
bullet Art History Resources on the Web - Ancient Greece
bullet Barrington Atlas of the Greek & Roman World
bullet The Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Greek Collection
bullet The British Museum - Greek Collection
bullet Bulfinch's Mythology
bullet Classical Mythology Online
bullet Classics Search Engines
bullet Cleopatra Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World - Greece
bullet Color-coded timeline of Ancient Greek History
bullet Cuisines of the Ancient World - Ancient and Modern Greece
bullet Cultural Map of Hellas (Greek Ministry of Culture)
bullet Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
bullet Exploring Ancient World Cultures - Greece
bullet A Guide to Ancient Athens (Online University)
bullet Greece:  Internet Ancient Sourcebook
bullet Greek Jewelry:  5000 Years of Tradition
bullet Greek & Roman Art - Metropolitan Museum of Art
bullet Greek Mythology
bullet Greek Mythology Link
bullet Greek Pottery Images
bullet Greek Theater
bullet Greek Women Philosophers
bullet The Greeks:  Crucible of Civilization (PBS)
bullet Hellenism Network
bullet Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean
bullet History of Greek Architecture
bullet Images from World History:  Greece
bullet The Internet Classics Archive
bullet Looking at the Art of Ancient Greece & Rome (Getty Museum)
bullet Louvre Museum, Paris - Classical Greece Collection
bullet Maecenas:  Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
bullet map - "Ancient Greece"
bullet map - "Greek and Phoenician Colonies and Trade"
bullet map - "Natural Resources of the Aegean"
bullet Mathematicians Born in Greece
bullet Medicina Antiqua (Ancient Medicine)
bullet Medicine in Ancient Greece
bullet Metis- A QTVR Interface for Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites
bullet Museum of Ancient Inventions
bullet Museums In Greece
bullet National Archaeological Museum of Athens
bullet The New Greek Galleries (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
bullet NM's Creative Impulse- Greece
bullet Odyssey Online:  Greece
bullet The Olympian Gods
bullet Origins of the Greek Alphabet
bullet An Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History (The Perseus Project)
bullet The Perseus Digital Library
bullet Pre-Historic Archaeology of the Aegean (Dartmouth College)
bullet Slavery in Ancient Greece
bullet A Smaller History of Greece - William Smith
bullet Spotlight on the Ancient Greeks
bullet WWW-VL History Index - Ancient Greeks

bullet Bulfinch's Mythology, The Age of Fable - The Fall of Troy
bullet The Foundation of the Greek Polis
bullet "Gods and Heroes of Bronze Age Europe--The roots of Odysseus"
bullet The Greek Kouroi
bullet The Greek Lyric
bullet The Homer Page
bullet Homer's Iliad
bullet How To Draw/Build A Classic Minoan Labyrinth
bullet Images of the Trojan War Myth
bullet Introduction to Homer and the Odyssey
bullet Knossos
bullet Legend of the Trojan War
bullet The Long-Haired Mycenaeans - HistoryWiz
bullet map - "Greece in the Bronze Age"
bullet map- "Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations c. 2000 BCE"
bullet map- "Greece and Its Colonies, 550 BCE"
bullet map - "Greek Cities and Colonies of the Archaic Age"
bullet Minoan Civilization (The Iraklion Museum, Crete)
bullet The Minoans
bullet "Minos & Agamemnon" - lecture by Prof. Rempel (Western New England College)
bullet The Mycenaeans : Barbarians & Bureaucrats
bullet Mysteries of the Minoans
bullet Outline of Homer's Iliad
bullet The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
bullet Study Guide for Homer's Odyssey

bullet The Ancient City of Athens
bullet Ancient Greece- Sparta
bullet Ancient Greek Music
bullet The Ancient Greek Theater
bullet The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum
bullet Ancient Olympics Guide -- Archaeology Magazine, July/August, 2004 issue
bullet "The Athenian Origins of Direct Democracy" (History Guide)
bullet "Basic Ideas in Greek Mathematics" - article by Michael Fowler (Univ. of VA)
bullet Dēmos:  Classical Athenian Democracy
bullet Everything Spartan
bullet Family Tree of Greek Mythology - large chart
bullet The Greek Alphabet and Its Variations
bullet "Homer and the Greek Renaissance, 900-600BC" (The History Guide)
bullet Hypatia - Great Woman Mathematician
bullet "Early Greek Science -- Thales to Aristotle" - article by Michael Fowler (Univ. of VA Physics Dept.}
bullet Greek Art & Architecture
bullet "Greek Science and Its Influence on Western Civilization" - Tanner Brunsdale
bullet "Greek Thought- Socrates, Plato and Aristotle" (The History Guide)
bullet The Hellenic World
bullet The History of Sparta (A&E)
bullet Index of Ancient Greek Mathematics (Univ. of St. Andrews, UK)
bullet Life in Ancient Greece Reflected in the Coinage of Corinth
bullet map - "The Acropolis"
bullet map - "Athenian League & Peloponnesian War, 435 BCE"
bullet Ostracism in Athens
bullet Outline of Antigone
bullet Outline of Herodotus
bullet Outline of Oedipus the King
bullet The Parthenon
bullet The Peloponnesian War
bullet The Persian Wars
bullet Plato (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)     Part I      Part II
bullet The Sophists (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)   
bullet Socratic Method & Scientific Method
bullet Sparta Revisited
bullet Timeline of Sparta and Athens
bullet Trade & Barter in Ancient Greece
bullet Who Were the Greek Historians?

bullet Aristotle (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)    Part I     Part II     Part III      Part IV     Part V     Part VI
bullet Epicurus (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
bullet "From Polis to Cosmopolis--Hellenization and Alexander the Great, 323-30BC" (The History Guide)
bullet "Hellenistic Greece" - lecture by Professor Gerhard Rempel - Western New England College
bullet Hellenistic Philosophy
bullet map - "The Empire of Alexander the Great"
bullet map - "Alexander's Empire"
bullet Skepticism (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
bullet Stoicism (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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bullet 2nd millenium-?:  Linear B clay tablet
bullet 1st millenium?:  poetry of Archilochus, a Greek mercenary
bullet 800-110 BCE:  Several Documents on Hellenic Religious Beliefs
bullet 8c BCE:  "Polyphemos," from Homer's Odyssey
bullet 8c BCE:  Homeric Hymns
bullet 750-330 BCE:  Slavery in Ancient Greece (several documents)
bullet 750-650 BCE:  Documents of the Hoplite Revolution
bullet 750-650 BCE:  Documents on the Rise of Hellenic Tyranny
bullet 700-300 BCE:  The Lot of the Hellenic Woman
bullet 7c BCE:  Selections from Greek Lyric Poets
bullet 640-561 BCE:  Fragmented Documents by Solon
bullet 640 BCE:  Tyrtaeus' poetry
bullet 490 BCE:  Pericles' Funeral Oration - from Thucydides
bullet 480 BCE:  from Herodotus - Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae
bullet 470 BCE - 175 CE:  Accounts of the Hellenic Games
bullet 432 BCE:  Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War - Archidamus Characterizes the Strengths of Sparta
bullet 432 BCE:  Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War - Differences Between Sparta and Athens
bullet 430 BCE:  Herodotus - On the Kings of Sparta
bullet 430-110 BCE:  Reports on the Origins of Athens
bullet mid-5c BCE:  Pericles Gains Support with his Construction Programs
bullet 5c BCE:  The Allegory of the Cave" -- from Plato's Republic
bullet 5c BCE:  Pericles' Last Speech
bullet 5c BCE:  Plato, "The Character of Democracy," from The Republic
bullet 4c BCE:  Plato - On the Immortality of the Soul
bullet 4c BCE:  Aristotle, "The Doctrine of the Mean", from The Nicomachean Ethics
bullet 4c BCE:  Aristotle, "The Four Causes," from The Physics
bullet 4c BCE:  Aristotle - On the Polis from The Republic
bullet 4c BCE:  The Hippocratic Oath
bullet 4c BCE:  Xenophon - On Men and Women
bullet 399 BCE:  Plato - The Death of Socrates - Socrates' Apology
bullet 395 BCE:  Thucydides - On the Early History of the Hellenes
bullet 390 BCE:  Xenophon - The Customs of Spartans
bullet 350 BCE:  The Athenian Constitution (written by Aristotle)  Section 1    Section 2      Section 3
bullet 340 BCE:  Aristotle - On the Lacedaemonian Constitution
bullet 336 BCE:  Demosthenes Exhorts Athenians to Resist Alexander
bullet 331 BCE:  Diodorus Describes the Macedonian Plunder of Persepolis
bullet 330 BCE:  Aristotle- On a Good Wife
bullet Aeschylus:
Agamemnon (Internet Classics Archive)
The Persians (Internet Classics Archive)
The Seven Against Thebes (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet Aristophanes:
The Birds (Internet Classics Archive)
The Clouds (Internet Classics Archive)
The Frogs (Internet Classics Archive)

The Wasps (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet Aristotle:
The Athenian Constitution (Internet Classics Archive)
Metaphysics (Internet Classics Archive)
Poetics (Internet Classics Archive)
Politics (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet Euripides:
Electra (Internet Classics Archive)
Medea (Internet Classics Archive)
Orestes (Internet Classics Archive)
The Suppliants (Internet Classics Archive)
The Trojan Women (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet Homer:
The Iliad (Internet Classics Archive)
The Odyssey (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet Plato:
Apology (Internet Classics Archive)
Laws (Internet Classics Archive)
The Republic (Internet Classics Archive)
bullet 138 BCE:  Second Delphic Hymn 
bullet 100:  Plutarch, De Alexandri Magni Fortuna aut Virtute - Alexander's Place in History
bullet 2c:  Ptolemaic Solar System
bullet 1819:  Thomas Jefferson - I Am an Epicurean

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