• Textbook --> pp. 254 - 259.
  1. What economic changes began to take place in America by the mid-19c as it began to industrialize?
  2. Describe the impact of the market revolution on potential consumers.
  3. Create a CHART showing the major inventions/improvements in transportation, communication, and agricultural production by the mid-1850s.
  4. How did these new products, communication methods, and modes of transportation help the U. S. economy grow?
  5. Compare and contrast the effectiveness and efficiency of canals and railroads as modern modes of transportation in early 19c America.
  6. Create a WEB entitled "New Markets Link Regions" and branch out to three nodes labeled North, South, West, and The Rest of the World.  In this web, show how the transportation revolution bound each of these regions to one another and to the outside world by displaying the products/services they offered each other.
  7. Why were the reaper and the steel plow important early 19c inventions?
   *  specialization    *  Elias Howe
   *  market revolution    *  I. M. Singer
   *  capitalism    *  Samuel F. B. Morse
   *  capital    *  What hath God wrought?
   *  entrepreneur    *  John Deere
   *  Charles Goodyear    *  Cyrus McCormick
   *  vulcanization    *  patent


  • Textbook --> pp. 260 - 267.
  1. Why did American move westward in greater numbers by the 1840s?
  2. Explain the philosophy of "Manifest Destiny."
  3. What were the racial overtones of this philosophy?
  4. What were the effects of the U. S. government policies toward Native Americans before and immediately after the Black Hawk War?
  5. Copy the VENN diagram on pg. 265 [#2] and compete the "Summarizing" assignment.
  6. List the major beliefs of the Mormons.  Why did they move to Utah in search of a permanent home for their community?
  7. What were the provisions of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842?
  8. How did President Polk support Manifest Destiny?
  9. Do you think that the same attitudes exist today that created the concept of Manifest Destiny in the mid-19c?  Explain your answer.
   *  Manifest Destiny    *  Joseph Smith
   *  Black Hawk War    *  Book of Mormons
   *  Santa Fe Trail    *  Brigham Young
   *  Oregon Trail    *  Church of Jesus Christ of
   *  Latter-Day Saints
   *  Donner Party    *  polygamy
   *  prairie schooner    *  Webster-Ashburton Treaty
   *  Mormons    *  Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!


  • Textbook --> pp. 268 - 272.
  1. How did relations between the Mexicans and Native Americans in the southwest change after Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821?
  2. Why did the Mexican government encourage Americans to settle in its Northern provinces in the early 1820s?
  3. What were some of the cultural conflicts caused by the influx of white settlers into Texas?
  4. Why did the Mexican government seal its borders against any further immigration from the U. S. by 1830?
  5. What steps did Santa Ana take against the Anglos that would eventually lead to the "Texas Revolution?"
  6. Why is the Battle of the Alamo an important symbol in U. S. history?
  7. Explain the differences between the Northern and Southern positions on the annexation of Texas.
  8. Which group or country gained the most from the entry of Texas into the U. S.?  Who lost the most?
   *  Tejanos    *  Lt. Col. William Travis
   *  Anglos    *  Jim Bowie
   *  empresarios    *  Davy Crockett
   *  Tex-Mex culture    *  Sam Houston
   *  Stephen Austin    *  Republic of Texas
   *  Rio Grande River    *  "Lone Star" Republic
   *  Antonio Lópes de Santa Anna    *  annexation
   *  Remember the Alamo!


  • Textbook --> pp. 273 - 277.
  1. Why were the Mexican and American governments not about to resolve their differences peacefully in the mid-1840s?
  2. How did the issue of slavery affect the debate over the war with Mexico?  [Explain the sectional differences within the U. S.]
  3. How did President Polk provoke Mexico into war with the United States?
  4. Why did the Americans win the Mexican War?
  5. Explain the importance of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase?
  6. Which groups in mid-19c America joined the Free-Soil Party?  What were the major points of its party platform?
  7. What were the effects on California and the rest of the country of the discovery of gold in California in 1849?
   *  James K. Polk    *  Los Niños Héroes
   *  Slidell Mission    *  Battle of Veracruz
   *  General Zachary Taylor    *  Treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo
   *  Wilmot Proviso    *  Gadsden Purchase
   *  John C. Fremont    *  Free-Soil Party
   *  Stephen Kearny    *  Sutter's Mill
   *  Bear Flag Republic    *  Levi Strauss
   *  "Old Rough and Ready"    *  "Forty-Niners"
   *  "Old Fuss and Feathers"    *  Gold Rush

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