• Textbook --> pp. 1006 - 1012.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century".
  1. What did it mean to be a "New Democrat?"
  2. What factors accounted for President George H. W. Bush's decline in popularity by 1992?
  3. List the major economic issues that Bill Clinton addressed in the 1992 campaign.
  4. What role did H. Ross Perot play in the 1992 presidential election?  What was his key issue?
  5. Why was President Clinton's health care plan defeated?
  6. Why did politicians find it difficult to cut entitlement programs in the 1990s?
  7. What were the pros and cons of the NAFTA treaty?
  8. How did world events shape Bill Clinton's foreign policy?
  9. List some of the provisions of the Contract with America?
  10. How did both political parties contribute to the gridlock that shut down the government in late 1995 and early 1996?
  11. Contrast the welfare plan President Clinton offered in 1992 to the one he signed in 1996.
  12. What factors contributed most to President Clinton's reelection in 1996?
  13. Why was President Clinton impeached?
   *  William Jefferson Clinton    *  national health care
   *  Hillary Rodham Clinton    *   North American Free Trade 
       Agreement [NAFTA]
   *  Albert Gore, Jr.    *  Speaker Newt Gingrich [GA]
   *  "New Democrat"    *  "Contract With America"
   *   H. Ross Perot    *  Senator Robert Dole [KS]
   *  It's the economy, stupid!    *  Monica Lewinsky
   *  Whitewater Development Company    *  Kenneth Starr
   *  infomercial



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