• Textbook --> pp. 920 - 925.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century."
  1. What groups make up America's Latino population?
  2. What problems did Latino groups share in the post-World War II period?
  3. What strategy did Caesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., use to achieve their goals?  How did Chavez successfully apply this tactic?
  4. What problems have Native Americans faced during much of the 20c?
  5. What was the focus of the Declaration of Indian Purpose, drafter in 1961?  How did President Johnson respond to it in 1965?
  6. What were the tactics used by AIM in its attempts to gain reforms?
  7. What victories could the Native American movement claim by the end of 
    the 20c?
  *  Caesar Chavez    *  La Raza Unida
  *  United Farm Workers Organization
     Committee [UFWOC]
   *  Declaration of Indian Purpose [1961]
  *  La Causa    *  American Indian Movement [AIM]
  *  "Brown Power"    *  Trail of Broken Treaties [1972]
  *  Chicanos    *  Wounded Knee, SD
  *  José Angel Gutiérrez


  • Textbook --> pp. 928 - 932.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century".
  1. What effects did the civil rights and antiwar movements have on many women?
  2. Why was Betty Friedan's book a ground-breaking work for the feminist movement?
  3. Why was NOW established?
  4. What was the Supreme Court's decision in the Roe v. Wade case?
  5. Why did women feel an Equal Rights Amendment was necessary?
  6. What concerns motivated those who opposed the ERA?
  7. Who is Phyllis Schlafly?  What is her view of feminism?
  8. What traditionally male-dominated professions did women enter in much greater numbers as a results of the women's movement?
  *  Betty Friedan    *  Ms. Magazine
  *  The Feminine Mystique    *  Roe v. Wade [1973]
  *  Women's Liberation Movement    *  Gloria Steinem
  *  Equal Employment Opportunity
     Commission [EEOC]
   *  Phyllis Schlafly
  *  National Organization for Women
   *  A woman's place is in the House ...
      and also in the Senate!


  • Textbook --> pp. 933 - 97.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century."
  • CDs --> "The Age of Aquarius", "Along Comes Mary", "Revolution".
  1. What was the overriding goal of the counterculture movement?
  2. What role did Dr. Timothy Leary play in the counterculture movement?
  3. What was "Flower Power"?
  4. Who were the hippies?  What urban areas became their popular hangouts in the 1960s?
  5. How did the counterculture influence '60s art?  '60s music?  '60s politics?
  6. What events hastened the decline of the counterculture movement?
  7. How was the original concert at Woodstock, NY a symbol of the late 1960s?
  8. What was the legacy, if any, of the counterculture movement?
  9. What unintended impact did the counterculture have on many mainstream Americans?
  *  counterculture    *  Andy Warhol
  *  Tune in, turn on, drop out!    *  psychedelic
  *  Dr. Timothy Leary    *  the Beatles
  *  Hippie    *  Woodstock
  *  Haight-Ashbury    *  a "happening"
  *  "Flower Power"    *  groovy
  *  Charles Manson


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