• Textbook --> pp. 830 - 836.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century."
  1. What were some of John F. Kennedy's personal assets as a presidential candidate?  What obstacles did he face?
  2. How did television play a key role in Kennedy's election victory in 1960?
  3. What was the goal of the doctrine of "flexible response?"
  4. What did President Eisenhower mean when he warned Americans about the dangers of the "military-industrial complex?"
  5. Why did President Kennedy authorize the Bay of Pigs invasion?  What were the consequences of its failure?
  6. What were the results of the Cuban Missile Crisis for the United States?  for the Soviets?  for Cuba?  for the Democratic Party?
  7. Why did the East Berlin government erect the Berlin Wall?
  8. How did President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev attempt to east Cold War tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union?
  *  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   *  Fidel Castro
  *  flexible response   *  Dean Rusk
  *  "military-industrial complex"   *  We are eyeball to eyeball, and the
     other fellow just blinked!
  *  Green Berets   *  Berlin Wall
  *  Bay of Pigs Invasion   *  "hot line"
  *  Cuban Missile Crisis   *  Limited Test Ban Treaty [1963]
  *  the "Missiles of October"


  • Textbook --> pp. 837 - 842.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century."
  • CD --> theme song from the movie, "Camelot."
  1. What kind of tone did President Kennedy set in his inaugural address when he said:  Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country?
  2. Why was the Kennedy administration nicknamed "Camelot"?
  3. Why did President Kennedy call his administration the "New Frontier"?
  4. Why did President Kennedy have difficulty fulfilling many of his New Frontier proposals?
  5. How did President Kennedy attempt to stimulate the sluggish economy in 1961?
  6. What two international aid programs were launched during the Kennedy administration?  What were the goals of each program?  How successful were they?
  7. What effect did the space program have on other areas of American life?
  8. In what directions did President Kennedy seem to be taking his administration by 1963?
  9. How did President Kennedy's assassination affect the nation?
  10. What was the official outcome of the Warren Commission investigation into President Kennedy's assassination?
  11. What were some of the other theories proposed about Kennedy's assassination?
  *  New Frontier    *  Alan Shepard
  *  Ask not what your country can do for
     you--ask what you can do for your
   *  Col. John Glenn
  *  Camelot    *  Michael Harrington
  *  Robert F. Kennedy [Attorney General]    *  The Other America
  *  deficit spending    *  November 22, 1963
  *  Peace Corps    *  Lee Harvey Oswald
  *  Alliance for Progress    *  Jack Ruby
  *  Yuri Gagarin    *  Texas School Book Depository
  *  NASA [National Aeronautics & Space
   *  Warren Commission


  • Textbook --> pp. 843 - 851.
  • FILM --> clips from "America's Century."
  1. What in Lyndon Johnson's background prepared him to become president?
  2. Why did JFK choose Lyndon Baines Johnson [LBJ] to be his vice-presidential running mate?
  3. What problems in American society did the Economic Opportunity Act seek to address?
  4. Why did President Johnson win such a huge landslide victory in 1964?
  5. What were Johnson's goals as president?  Why did he label his administration the "Great Society"?
  6. Describe ways that Great Society programs addressed the problem of poverty?
  7. How does the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 still affect you today?
  8. How did the Immigration Act of 1965 change the nation's immigration system?
  9. Look at the CHART of Great Society programs on page 847.  What did these programs indicate about the federal government's changing role?
  10. What is "gerrymandering"?  What is its main purpose?
  11. How did the Supreme Court increase the political power of people in urban areas?
  12. Explain how, in the 1960s,  the Supreme Court expanded the protections provided to people accused of crimes?
  13. What are your "Miranda Rights"?
  14. What problems may have affected the success of the Great Society?
  * Lyndon Baines Johnson [LBJ]    *  Rachel Carson
  *  "War on Poverty"    *  Silent Spring
  *  Civil Rights Act of 1965    *  Water Quality Act [1965]
  *  Economic Opportunity Act [1965]    *  Ralph Nader
  *  Job Corps    *  Unsafe at Any Speed
  *  VISTA [Volunteers in Service To
   *  Warren Court
  *  Project Head Start    *  reapportionment
  *  Senator Barry Goldwater [AZ]    *  gerrymandering
  *  Extremism in the defense of liberty is
     no vice…. Moderation in the pursuit of
     justice is no virtue!
   *  Baker v. Carr [1962]
  *  "Landslide Lyndon"    *  Map v. Ohio [1961]
  *  Great Society    *  exclusionary rule
  *  Elementary & Secondary Education
     Act [1965]
   *  Gideon v. Wainwright [1963]
  *  Medicare    *  Escobedo v. IL [1964]
  *  Medicaid    *  Miranda v. AZ [1966]
  *  Immigration Act of 1965    *  "Miranda Rights"
  *  Robert Weaver



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