• Textbook --> pp. 44 - 49.
  1. What were the conditions of the charter given to the Virginia Company of London by King James I?
  2. List the challenges and hardships faced by the original Jamestown settlers.
  3. What role did Captain John Smith play in the early "success" of the Jamestown settlement?
  4. How did John Rolfe transfer the Virginia colony?
  5. Discuss two reasons why the year 1619 was significant in early colonial Virginia.
  6. How did the Virginia Company attempt to solve their labor shortage problem?
  7. What conditions caused tensions which often led to warfare between settlers and Native Americans in Virginia?
  8. Describe the characteristics of Virginia society in the last quarter of the 17c.
  9. What caused Bacon's Rebellion?  What were the long-term repercussions of this revolt?
   *  joint-stock company    *  indentured servants
   *  Virginia Company of London    *  Pocahontas
   *  Captain John Smith    *  Chief Opechancanough
   *  Powhatan    *  royal colony
   *  "brown gold"    *  Bacon's Rebellion
   *  John Rolfe    *  Virginia House of Burgesses
   *  headright system


  1. Create a CHART in your notes that distinguishes the Puritan theology from the Pilgrim theology.
  2. How was the charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony different from other joint-stock company charters of the time?
  3. What did John Winthrop mean when he said that the New England Puritan settlements were to be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are on [them]?
  4. Describe the Massachusetts General Court and compare its structure and function to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
  5. What were the core values of the "Puritan work ethic?"
  6. Why were Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson forced to leave Massachusetts?
  7. How did the views of the Native American and New England colonists different regarding the ownership of land and how did these differences impact land control?
  8. What were the causes and results of the Pequot War and King Philip's War?
  9. What were the long-term effects of these wars for the Native Americans?  for the English settlers?
   *  John Winthrop    *  "City upon a Hill"
   *  Puritans    *  freeman
   *  Separatists    *  "Puritan work ethic"
   *  Pilgrims    *  Roger Williams
   *  Mayflower Compact    *  Anne Hutchinson
   *  Plymouth Colony    *  Pequot War
   *  Massachusetts Bay Colony    *  Metacom
   *  covenant    *  King Philip's War



  • Textbook --> pp. 58 - 60.
  1. How was New Netherland founded?
  2. Why did New Netherland develop a reputation for social and cultural diversity?
  3. What is the difference between a proprietary colony and a royal colony?
  4. What were the characteristics of the Quaker faith?
  5. How were the Quaker beliefs different from those of the Puritans?
  6. Why was the colony of Pennsylvania called the "Holy Experiment?"
  7. How did Pennsylvania reflect William Penn's Quaker ideals?
   *  Henry Hudson    *  Quakers 
   *  New Netherland    *  pacifism
   *  proprietorship    *  "City of Brotherly Love"
   *  William Penn


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