bullet The Alexis de Tocqueville Tour
bullet America's First Look into the Camera:  Daguerreotype Portraits and Views (1839-1864)
bullet "The American Whig Party" - Hal Morris (essay)
bullet The Amistad (History Central)
bullet The Amistad Case (NARA)
bullet The Amistad Trials:  1939-1840
bullet Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison
bullet Andrew Jackson (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet Andrew Jackson (2) - POTUS site
bullet "Andrew Jackson and the Bank War" - Tony D'Urso (essay)
bullet Ashland:  The Henry Clay Estate
bullet "A Brief History of Central Banking in the United States" - Edward Flaherty (essay)
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1830-end
bullet ClassicNote on Democracy in America
bullet "The Defeat of the Second Bank of the United States--Rationale and Effects" by Gareth Davis
bullet Democracy in America - Alexis de Tocqueville (C-SPAN)
bullet de Tocqueville's America: A Virtual Tour
bullet Differences Between the 1st. & 2nd. American Political Party Systems
bullet Early American Art
bullet Everyday Life in 1831
bullet Exploring Amistad (Mystic Seaport)
bullet Fine Art & Paper Money in Jacksonian America
bullet Hanna Hoes Van Buren
bullet The Hayne-Webster Debate
bullet The Hermitage--Home of Andrew Jackson
bullet The Hudson River School (Artcyclopedia) - large links of artists & their works
bullet Hudson River School of Painting (1)
bullet Hudson River School of Painting (2)
bullet Jacksonian America
bullet "Jacksonian Democracy/America's Indians" - detailed lecture notes
bullet Jacksonian Miscellanies
bullet John Tyler (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet John Tyler (2) - POTUS site
bullet Julia Gardiner Tyler
bullet Letitia Christian Tyler
bullet "Let's Go America!" - European Travelers in the U. S. (1830-1840)
bullet Louisa Catherine Adams
bullet Map-->"Removal of the American Indian
bullet Map-->"The Trail of Tears"
bullet Map-->"U. S. Fifty States No Labels Black-and-White Outline Map"
bullet Map-->"U. S. Physical Map--Black-and-White Outline"
bullet Map-->"U. S. Physical and Political Black-and-White Outline Map"
bullet Martin Van Buren (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet Martin Van Buren (2) - POTUS site
bullet Methods of Electing Electors, outlining how electors were chosen in the states from 1804-1832
bullet Mystic Seaport & Maritime Museum - Official Site
bullet National Road - Route 40
bullet Native American History
bullet The Nineteenth Century in Print- Periodicals
bullet The Papers of President Andrew Jackson (Avalon Project)
bullet Rachel Donelson (Robards) Jackson
bullet Readings in Jacksonian America
bullet The Trail of Tears
bullet The Trail of Tears Website
bullet William Henry Harrison (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet William Henry Harrison (2) - POTUS site
bullet Women in America:  1820-1842
bullet "Young America" Art Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum


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bullet 1823-1839:  Various documents on the removal of the Cherokee Nation      (additional documents)
bullet 1824:  “The Hunters of Kentucky” - A Popular Song Celebrates the Victory of Jackson and his Frontier Fighters over the British
bullet 1825:  "Good Jackson Times. Farmers are doing well- of course every other man must do well" - broadside
bullet 1825:  "Jackson blasphemy. The following hymn to Jackson was sung and danced round the Hickory idols in the upper wards by the devotees of the man of blood and his catilines ... Hymn to the Immortal and Divine Jackson" - song lyrics / broadside
bullet 1825:  writings of Margaret Bayard Smith: As Mrs. Smith finished a letter written to Mrs. Boyd of New York, begun on February 11, 1825, she breathed a sigh of relief that the election of 1824
bullet 1827:  "Dreadful riot on Negro Hill! O read wid detention de melancholly tale and he send you yelling to your bed [Cut] Copy of an intercepted letter from Phillis, to her sister in the country, describing the riot on Negro Hill ... Boston" - broadside    (image)
bullet 1828:  "Murder will out !! Truth is mighty and shall prevail! Four years ago I charged General Andrew Jackson, in an address printed and published in Nashville, with various acts of cruelty and dishonesty when acting officially ... [Signed] Jesse Benton. City Hotel, Nashville, Oct. 13th, 1828. "We the people" .... Extra--Washington, October 28, 1828" - broadside
bullet 1829:  Daniel Webster Anticipates Jackson's Arrival in Washington, D.C.
bullet 1829:  Executive Order Regarding Military Pensions - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1829:  First Inaugural Address of Andrew Jackson
bullet 1829:  First State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1829:  Jackson Announces His Policy of Rotation in Office - speech
bullet 1829:  "Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore" (6/13) - broadside
bullet 1829:  Letter from Nicholas Biddle to Josiah Nichol (about govt. interference)
bullet 1829:  Margaret Bayard Smith Describes the Inaugural Celebration
bullet 1829:  "The Return of Rip Van Winkle" - painting by John Quidor
bullet 1829:  Several Newspaper Accounts of President Andrew Jackson's First Inauguration
bullet 1829-1838:  Various Documents on the Removal of the Cherokee Nation
bullet 1830:  Census Data for the Year 1830
bullet 1830:  Charles Finney Recalls his Days in Oneida County, New York
bullet 1830:  Cherokee Indian Removal Debate - U.S. Senate, April 15-17, 1830
bullet 1830:  Chicksaw Treaty
bullet 1830:  "The Georgia Gold Rush" - From the Niles' Weekly Register. XXXIX; 995 (10/9)
bullet 1830:  President Jackson Reports on Indian Removal - speech to Congress
bullet 1830:  Proclamation Regarding the Opening of United States Ports to British Vessels - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1830:  Jackson's Veto of the Maysville Road Bill
bullet 1830:  Letter from Nicholas Biddle to Samuel Smith about President Jackson's message of 1829
bullet 1830:  "Liberty & Union, Now & Forever, One & Inseparable" speech - Daniel Webster
bullet 1830:  Indian Removal Act
bullet 1830:  Memorial of the Cherokee Nation
bullet 1830:  The Second Reply to Hayne - Daniel Webster (1/26-27)
bullet 1830:  Second State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1830:  Webster-Hayne Debates
bullet 1830s:  “I Was a Very Apt Scholar in This Kind of Street Etiquette” - William Otter Brawls His Way Through New York City
bullet 1831:  Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
bullet 1831:  Democracy in America by de Tocqueville (full text)
bullet 1831:  Letter to Nicholas Biddle from Henry Clay - advises Biddle not to seek re-charter
bullet 1831:  "The Perilous Condition of the Republic" - The New-England Magazine / Volume 1, Issue 4, October 1831
bullet 1831:  Third State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1831:  Tocqueville and Beaumont's Itinerary through Westchester County (1)  (2)
bullet 1831:  Tocqueville Appreciates American Political Participation (1831-1832)
bullet 1831:  Tocqueville Witnesses American Religious Enthusiasm (1831-1832)
bullet 1831:  Treasury report giving praise to the National Bank
bullet 1832:  Andrew Jackson's "Proclamation to the People of SC on Nullification"
bullet 1832:  Andrew Jackson's Veto of the Bank Bill
bullet 1832:  Black Hawk Remembers Village Life Along the Mississippi
bullet 1832:  "Buffalo Bull-A Grand Pawnee Warrior" - painting by George Caitlin
bullet 1832:  Fourth State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1832:  Henry Clay's Speech on the Jackson Bank Veto
bullet 1832:  "Jackson and the Nullifiers" - song lyrics/broadside
bullet 1832:  Letter from Nicholas Biddle to Henry Clay on the effect of the Bank Veto and Biddle's faith in Henry Clay
bullet 1832:  Peter Osborne Speaks to a Crowd Celebrating American Independence, (7/5)
bullet 1832:  "President's message. December 4, 1832. Andrew Jackson" - Advertiser-Extra Louisville, Tuesday, 12/11 - broadside
bullet 1832:  Proclamation Regarding Nullification (Dec. 10) - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1832:  South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification
bullet 1832:  Worcester v. Georgia
bullet 1833:  "Advice to Politicians" - Davy Crockett
bullet 1833:  Calhoun's Speech Against the Force Bill - Day 1 (2/15/1833)
bullet 1833:  Calhoun's Speech Against the Force Bill - Day 2 (2/16/1833)
bullet 1833:  Fifth State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1833:  Force Bill
bullet 1833:  Henry Clay on Political Power (1834, 1840)
bullet 1833:  James Madison to Daniel Webster - "Right to Revolution" - Writings 9:604-5
bullet 1833:  Letter from Andrew Jackson to Martin Van Buren discussing the nullification crisis (1/13)
bullet 1833:  Message to the Senate and House Regarding South Carolina's Nullification Ordinance (Jan. 16) - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1833:  Message to the Senate Regarding South Carolina's Nullification Ordinance (Jan. 22) - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1833:  Second Inaugural Address of Andrew Jackson
bullet 1834, 1840:  Henry Clay on Political Power and Andrew Jackson
bullet 1834:  Letter by Davy Crockett on Andrew Jackson
bullet 1834:  Sixth State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1834:  "Statesmen - Their Rareness and Importance" - Daniel Webster - The New-England Magazine / Volume 7, Issue 2, August 1834
bullet 1835:  "The Activity of the Body Politic" -  from Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
bullet 1835:  "Antimasonic address to the anti-masonic voters of Norfolk County and the ninth Congressional district of Massachusetts" - broadside
bullet 1835:  "The General Tendency of the Laws" -  from Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
bullet 1835:  Grand Row at Tammany Hall, NY - Nile's Weekly Register
bullet 1835:  Nicholas Biddle - Commencement Address
bullet 1835:  Seventh State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1835:  Society, Manners, & Politics in America - Michel Chevalier
bullet 1835:  "The Sovereignty of the People" -  from Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
bullet 1835:  Training in the U. S. Army - James D. Elderkin
bullet 1835:  The Treaty of New Echota (12/29)
bullet 1836:  The Fateful Speculative Boom of 1836-1837
bullet 1836:  Cherokee Letter Protesting the Treaty of Etocha
bullet 1836:  Eighth State of the Union Address - President Jackson
bullet 1836:  “Our Hearts are Sickened” - Letter from Chief John Ross of the Cherokee, Georgia
bullet 1836:  "A Political Testament" - Andrew Jackson
bullet 1837:  First Inaugural Address of Martin van Buren
bullet 1837:  "The Democratic Review:  An Introductory Statement of the Democratic Principle - J. L. O'Sullivan
bullet 1837:  Letter by John Quincy Adams on Mounting Sectional Antagonisms
bullet 1837:  "Slavery:  A Positive Good" - John C. Calhoun (2/6)
bullet 1837:  Society, Manners and Politics in the United States - Michel Chevalier
bullet 1837:  “Time Did Not Reconcile Me To My Chains” - Charles Ball’s Journey to SC
bullet 1837:  "View of the Capitol at Washington, 1837" - painting by William H. Bartlett, engraved by Joseph C. Bently
bullet 1838:  The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions:  Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois - Abraham Lincoln (one of his earliest known speeches)
bullet 1838:  “So Cheapened the White Man’s Labor” - White Artisans Contest the Labor of Black Workers
bullet 1839:  Constitution of the Cherokee Nation (in Cherokee at the beginning with the English translation at mid-page)
bullet 1839:  "The Effects of Intemperancy" - drawing
bullet 1839:  Peleg Sprague Campaigns for William Henry Harrison
bullet 1840:  Ad for the Harrison "Log Cabin & Cider" Campaign
bullet 1840:  "Alas, Poor Henry Clay!" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 7, Issue 26, February 1840
bullet 1840:  Census Data for the Year 1840
bullet 1840:  Horace Mann Reports to the Massachusetts Board of Education
bullet 1840:  Letter from James Buchanan on Party Competition and the Rise of the Whigs
bullet 1840:  Letters of John and Elizabeth Hodgdon
bullet 1840:  "Mr. Van Buren's Title to Re-Election" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 7, Issue 28, April - May 1840
bullet 1840:  "Notions of the Americans" - James Fennimore Cooper
bullet 1840:  "Petitions of the Catholics of America"
bullet 1840:  Song of the 1840 Presidential Election Campaign
bullet 1840:  "Stop That Barrel" - political cartoon on the 1840 election
bullet 1840:  Tabitha Dreams of a Better Society - one of the Lowell Mill Girls
bullet 1840:  The "Tippecanoe & Tyler, Too" Campaign - Horace Greeley
bullet 1841:  For the Cause of God and Man - John Quincy Adams against the slave trade, diary entry (3/29)
bullet 1841:  Inaugural Address of William Henry Harrison
bullet 1841:  James Henry Hammond's Diaries - selections (1841-1842)
bullet 1841:  "Look before you leap! Opinion of the Attorney General of the United States in relation to the deeply interesting subject in which the people of this state are now engaged. No state in the Union has a right to form and adopt Constitution containing any article or provision, conflicting with, or in contravention to the Constitution of the United States ... [1841?]" - broadside
bullet 1842:  "A Christmas Carol. The visit of Saint Nicholas" - written by Prof. C. C. Moore - broadside     image
bullet 1842:  "Have You Seen Sam?" - nativist poster from The Dollar Weekly Times
bullet 1844:  "Commercial Reciprocity and the American System" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 14, Issue 71, May 1844
bullet 1844:  "First and Second-Rate Men" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 15, Issue 74, August 1844
bullet 1844:  The Liberty Party 1844 Convention
bullet 1844:  Philadelphia Anti-Catholic Riots - Pennsylvania Freeman (7-18-1844)
bullet 1844:  "Review of Jackson's address to the Whigs of Rhode Island ... [Signed] Whig of the Old School" - broadside
bullet 1844-1860:  Presidential Voting by States: 1844-1860
bullet 1845:  "The Cruise of the Dove" - a whaler's song
bullet 1845:  Eulogy of Andrew Jackson - Jefferson Davis (6/28)
bullet 1845:  "A Much-Needed Reform" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 16, Issue 82, April 1845
bullet 1845:  "Political Patronage" - The United States Democratic Review / Volume 17, Issue 87, September 1845
bullet 1845:  "The Result of the Election" - The American Whig Review / Volume 1, Issue 2, Feb 1845
bullet 1846:  "The Independent Treasury" - The American Whig Review / Volume 3, Issue 5, May 1846
bullet 1846:  "The War with Mexico" - The American Whig Review / Volume 3, Issue 6, June 1846
bullet 1846:  Whig cartoon - "Funeral Obsequies of Free Trade"
bullet 1847:  Independent Treasury Act
bullet 1847:  Poetry written by Abraham Lincoln about his early boyhood
bullet 1849:  "Irish Immigration to the U. S." - statistical charts (1825-1849)