bullet A Brief Outline of Dutch History and the Province of New Netherland
bullet Dutch Classicism:  Amsterdam in the 17c
bullet The Dutch Royal Family
bullet Elizabeth I
bullet Elizabeth I:  Ruler and Legend (Newberry Library Exhibit)
bullet The Escorial and the Temple of Solomon
bullet The French Monarchy:  Genealogical Chart of the House of Valois
bullet The Hohenzollerns:  Genealogical Chart (Brandenburg/Prussia)
bullet The House of Castile & The House of Aragon:  Genealogical Charts (Spain)
bullet Letters of Philip II of Spain:  1592-1597
bullet The Life & Times of Queen Elizabeth I
bullet Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge
bullet The Revolt of the Netherlands (University of Leiden)
bullet The Spanish Armada (1)
bullet The Spanish Armada (2)
bullet The Spanish Succession:  Genealogical Chart
bullet Tudor England:  1495-1603
bullet Tudor History

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bullet 1558:  Queen Mary I's (Tudor) Will
bullet 1558-1601:  Speeches of Elizabeth I
bullet 1559:  Elizabeth I's "Marriage" Speech to Parliament
bullet 1563:  Accounts, Hilary Term, 1563 Domestic and household accounts of the Court of Star Chamber while sitting at Hertford in Hilary
bullet 1576:  Jean Bodin - excerpts from The Six Books of a Commonweale
bullet 1581:  The Dutch Declaration of Independence
bullet 1584:  Charter from Queen Elizabeth I to Sir Walter Raleigh
bullet 1588:  Spanish Armada Map
bullet 1588:  Queen I Speaks Out Against the Spanish Armada
bullet 1588:  "Sir Francis Drake Vice-Admiral, and the Rear Admirals Hawkins and Frobisher versus the Spanish Armada" - in the newspaper, The English Mercurie (July 23)
bullet 1592-7:  Letters of Philip II of Spain:  1592-1597
bullet 1598:  "A Description of Elizabeth I & Her Court at Greenwich" - Paul Hentzner in Journey into England
bullet 1599:  Sir Walter Raleigh - The Dutie of a King in His Royal Office
bullet 1601:  Queen Elizabeth's "Golden Speech" concerning England's economic state of affairs (11/30)
bullet 1605:  The Trial of Guy Fawkes