bullet 1944:  Normandy 
bullet The Battle of Britain
bullet The Battle of Britain - British Imperial War Museum
bullet Battleship Row:  A Photographic History of Pearl Harbor
bullet Britain at War:  World War II
bullet British House of Commons Election Results:  1832-1983 (Spartacus Site)
bullet British Songs of World War II 
bullet Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
bullet Churchill (PBS)
bullet The Churchill Centre
bullet Churchill:  The Evidence (The Life & Times of Winston Churchill)
bullet D-Day at the Imperial War Museum
bullet Decoding Nazi Secrets (NOVA)
bullet Documents from the Holocaust
bullet Documents of World War II
bullet Documents on the Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
bullet "Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-1945" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet Enigma:  The Code Breakers
bullet "Expression under Suppression: The Artistic Response to the Occupation of France during World War II" - Kristi V. Shanahan
bullet Frances and Jacob Hiatt Collection of Holocaust Materials
bullet Gallery of Holocaust Images
bullet George VI of England (Spartacus Site)
bullet German Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet Great Britain Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet The Home Front:  1939-1945 (Britain)
bullet The Hiroshima Archive
bullet The Hiroshima Photo Gallery by Hiromi Tsuchida
bullet Hitler and World War Two - from the series "Lectures on 20c Europe"
bullet Holocaust Denial On Trial
bullet Holocaust on Trial (NOVA)
bullet The Holocaust Timeline
bullet The House of Saxe-Coburg-Windsor Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web
bullet Japanese War Crimes Page
bullet Learning About the Holocaust Through Art
bullet The Life and Times of Winston Churchill
bullet Map-->"Europe Before World War II: 1939
bullet Map-->"Europe in the Summer of 1939"
bullet Map-->"Farthest Limits of Japanese Conquest"
bullet Map-->"Losses in World War II"
bullet Map-->"The Second World War: 1939-1945"
bullet Map-->"World War II in Europe"
bullet Memorial Museums for the Victims of National Socialism
bullet Nazi Propaganda: 1933-1945
bullet Newly Released Documents from British MI5 of Materials Relating to World War II
bullet Nuremberg Trials Project -- Introduction
bullet Paris' Liberation Page
bullet People of Action During the First Half of the 20c
bullet Revelations from the Russian Archives
bullet The Rutgers Oral History of World War II
bullet The Simon Wisenthal Center
bullet To Save a Life: Stories of Holocaust Rescue
bullet Sir Winston Churchill
bullet Soviet Archives Exhibit
bullet The Third Reich Factbook
bullet Trinity Atomic Web Site
bullet The U-Boat War in the Atlantic:  1939-1945
bullet Vatican Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet The Wannsee Conference in the Development of the 'Final Solution'
bullet The Wannsee Conference and the Genocide of the European Jews
bullet Winston Churchill (Spartacus Site)
bullet The World At War:  World War II
bullet Timeline of World War II - USA People Search
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet WW2:  The People's War (BBC)
bullet "World War II" - lecture outline from MIT
bullet World War II:  1939-1945
bullet World War II Causes - essay with photos
bullet World War II Factbook
bullet World War II List of Propaganda Posters
bullet World War II Photo Gallery
bullet World War II Resources on the Web
bullet World War II Timeline (Interactive)
bullet World War II Timeline: 1917-1945
bullet World War Two in Europe: Timeline

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Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1933-1945:  Speeches of Joseph Goebbels, 1933-1945
bullet 1939:  Daladier's Response to German Invasion of Poland (9/2)
bullet 1939:  Order Authorizing "Euthanasia" - Adolf Hitler
bullet 1939:  Neville Chamberlain's Speech on the German Invasion of Poland
bullet 1939:  Neville Chamberlain's Speech to the British People Declaring War on Germany - audio file
bullet 1939:  Order Authorizing Involuntary Euthanasia in Germany - Hitler
bullet 1939:  Speech to the German People - Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
bullet 1940:  Air Battle Over London - Pilot Office John Beard (R. A. F.)
bullet 1940:  "Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat" speech - Winston Churchill
bullet 1940:  British pamphlet excerpts - "After the Raid"
bullet 1940:  British pamphlet excerpts - "Is this an Imperialist War?"
bullet 1940:  British pamphlet excerpts - Labour Party's documents
bullet 1940:  British pamphlet excerpts - "Welcome"
bullet 1940:  Edouard Daladier, Premier of France: "Nazis' Aim is Slavery" - radio address a few months before the German attack on France (1/29)
bullet 1940:  Franco-German Armistice
bullet 1940:  J-Book
bullet 1940:  Labour Party Pamphlet
bullet 1940:  "Their Finest Hour" speech - Winston Churchill
bullet 1940:  Three Power Pact (9/27)
bullet 1940:  The War Situation: "House of Many Mansions" speech by Winston Churchill (1/20)
bullet 1940:  We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech by Winston Churchill
bullet 1940:  Winston Churchill, speeches - To the French
bullet 1940:  Winston Churchill, speeches - To the Italians
bullet 1941:  The Atlantic Charter
bullet 1941:  Cardinal Clemens von Galen Against Nazi Euthenasia
bullet 1941:  "Four Freedoms" Speech - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1941:  German Declaration of War on the US (12/11)
bullet 1941:  Hermann Goering Letter to Heydrich on the Final Solution
bullet 1941:  Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
bullet 1941:  The Manifesto of Ventotene
bullet 1941:  Marxism, Capitalism, and Non-Alignment - Jawaharlal Nehru
bullet 1941:  Nazi Soldiers Letters from Russia
bullet 1941:  "Never Give In--Never! Never!" speech by Winston Churchill (10/29)
bullet 1941:  Night and Fog Decree (12/7)
bullet 1941:  Pact Between the Axis Powers Barring a Separate Peace Between the U. S. or Britain
bullet 1941:  Reaction to the German Invasion - Molotov
bullet 1941:  Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact, April 13
bullet 1941:  Women's Place in the 'Maximum National Effort' - Edith Summerskill
bullet 1942:  An Account of Holocaust Mass Shooting - Hermann Friedrich Grabbe
bullet 1942:  Declaration by the United Nations (1/1)
bullet 1942:  From the Supreme Teachings of Nazi Ideology to the Ramifications of Unprecedented Betrayal - Ursula Grosser-Dixon (a personal account)
bullet 1942:  A form required by Jewish Medical professionals so they can practice on Jewish patients
bullet 1942:  Mutual Aid Agreement [Lend-Lease] between the U. S. & the U. S. S. R.
bullet 1942:  The Myth of Sisyphus - Albert Camus
bullet 1942:  Social and Allied Services (The Beveridge Report)
bullet 1942:  The Wansee Protocol
bullet 1943:  The Casablanca Conference
bullet 1943:  Charles de Gaulle's Tunis speech
bullet 1943-45:  Living Through the Götterdämmerung of the Third Reich - Ursula Grosser Dixon (a personal account)
bullet 1943:  Moscow Conference-October
bullet 1943:  "The Price of Greatness is Responsibility" - speech by Winston Churchill at Harvard University
bullet 1943:  Racial Policy - SS pamphlet
bullet 1943:  Speech to S. S. Group Leaders at Posen - Heinrich Himmler (with sound file)
bullet 1943:  Tehran Declaration (12/1)
bullet 1944:  The Bretton Woods Agreements (July)
bullet 1944:  FDR Memorandum to the Secretary of State on Germany (9/29)
bullet 1944:  The International Labor Organization Declaration Concerning Aims and Purposes (5/10)
bullet 1944:  Invasion of Normandy - Marie-Louise Osmont (French women eyewitness)
bullet 1944:  A Schutspasse {protective passes} issued by Raoul Wallenberg to Budapest Jews
bullet 1944:  The Soviet Hymn/Anthem (lyrics and WAV file)
bullet 1944:  Speech by Winston Churchill on the Allied invasion of France
bullet 1945:  The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima - eyewitness account by Father P. Siemes, a German Catholic priest
bullet 1945:  The Crimea Protocol
bullet 1945:  Directive to Commander-in-chief of U.S. Forces of Occupation Regarding the Military Government of Germany
bullet 1945:  Draft Letter about the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe - George Kennan
bullet 1945:  Emperor Hirohito Announces Japan's Surrender
bullet 1945:  The Fire Bombing of Dresden - a personal account by Lothar Metzger
bullet 1945:  German Surrender Documents
bullet 1945:  Hitler's Last Will and Testament     
bullet 1945:  Japanese Surrender Documents
bullet 1945:  Labour Party Manifesto (Eng.)
bullet 1945:  The Last Broadcast of Lord Haw Haw - audio file
bullet 1945:  The Potsdam Declaration
bullet 1945:  Rapprochement between The Orthodox Church and Soviet Government - speech of M. G. Karpov at Council of the Orthodox Church
bullet 1945:  Soviet Denunciation of the Pact with Japan, 29 April
bullet 1945:  Speeches by Winston Churchill on V-E Day
bullet 1945:  Surviving the A-bomb Attack on Hiroshima - Dr. Michihiko Hachiya, eyewitness
bullet 1945:  U. S. War Department Press Release on New Mexico A-Bomb Test
bullet 1945:  The Yalta Declaration