bullet 1914-18 war - Art of the First World War
bullet The Annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1908
bullet Anthem for Doomed Youth--Writers & Literature of the Great War: 1914-1918
bullet An Archival Look at World War I (Queen's University, Canada)
bullet Armenian Genocide
bullet Armenian Genocide Posters
bullet Armenian National Institute
bullet Art of the First World War
bullet "The Balkan Causes of World War I" - lecture by Stephen W. Soward
bullet The Bosnian Crisis of 1908-1909
bullet British House of Commons Election Results:  1832-1983 (Spartacus Site)
bullet Causes of World War I
bullet The Collections of the German Historical Museum
bullet Documents on Bosnia and the Rest of the Balkans
bullet The Emancipation of British Women:  1750-1920 (Spartacus)
bullet The Empire That Was Russia
bullet "Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-1945" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet The Fall of the Eagles: The Collapse of European Monarchy in 1918"
bullet FirstWorldWar.com [very extensive site!]
bullet France at War--A Gallery of Rare Stereo Photographs
bullet Gallipoli:  The Drama of the Dardanelles
bullet "The German Revolution of 1918"
bullet Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War
bullet "German Policy in Occupied Belgium, 1914-1918" - essay by David Menichetti in Essays in History
bullet The Great War
bullet The Great War and the Shaping of the 20c (PBS)
bullet The Great War in a Different Light--Accounts from Contemporary Books & Magazines
bullet The Great War in Numbers - statistics on World War I
bullet The House of Habsburgs - Lorraine:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The House of Saxe-Coburg-Windsor Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet Images of World War I- French Posters, 1914-1920
bullet Images of World War I:  The Western Front
bullet "A Joyful Leap into War"
bullet The July Crisis:  Austria's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  Britain's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  France's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  Germany's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  The German General Staff's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  Russia's Viewpoint
bullet The July Crisis:  Serbia's Viewpoint
bullet The Last Days of Ottoman Rule - timeline
bullet Lawrence of Arabia (PBS)
bullet The League of Nations Photo Archive
bullet "The Legacy of Versailles"
bullet The Lost Generation of 1914 - from the series "Lectures on 20c Europe"
bullet Lost Poets of World War I
bullet Map-->"Diplomatic Crises: 1905-1914"
bullet Map-->"Europe After the October Revolution:  1917"
bullet Map-->"Europe Before World War I"
bullet Map-->"Losses in World War I"
bullet Map-->"The Peace Settlement in Europe: 1919"
bullet Map-->"Principle European Alliance: 1914"
bullet Map-->"World War I"
bullet Maps(2)-->"Southeastern Europe: 1911 & 1914"
bullet The Morocco Crisis of 1911
bullet The Museum of the Great War
bullet People of Action During the First Half of the 20c
bullet Photos of World War I
bullet Political Leaders of World War I
bullet Propaganda Posters of World War I
bullet Publications of the War
bullet The Red Fighter Pilot--Manfred von Richtofen ("The Red Baron")
bullet Remembering and Understanding the Armenian Genocide
bullet The Road to War (BBC)
bullet Samuel Williamson and the Origins of World War I
bullet The Serbian Revolution of 1903
bullet Soldiers' Songs
bullet Songs of World War I
bullet The Soviet Union Factbook
bullet The Spanish Bourbons:  Genealogical Chart
bullet Statistics for World War I
bullet Sylvia Pankhurst (Spartacus Site)
bullet "Towards War in Europe"
bullet The Treaty of Versailles (BBC)
bullet The Tripoli Question, 1902-1911
bullet The Turkish Revolution, 1908-09
bullet The Young Turks & the Armenian Genocide
bullet Tulane Manuscripts Department - World War I
bullet What is DaDa?
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet "World War I" - lecture outline from MIT
bullet World War I - good review sheet
bullet World War I (The Millennial Files) - another good outline
bullet World War I Cartoons
bullet "World War I & German Culpability"
bullet World War I Poetry
bullet World War I {Spartacus]
bullet World War I Tactics & Weapons
bullet World War I:  Trenches on the Web
bullet The Zeppelin Raids:  How Did the World War I Zeppelin Raids Affect British Civilians?

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bullet 1879:  Dual Alliance
bullet 1887:  Reinsurance Treaty
bullet 1892:  Franco-Russian Alliance
bullet 1892-1918:  Captain Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen [the "Red Baron"] - Air Warfare
bullet 1901:  How Switzerland Defends Herself - Clarence Rook
bullet 1904:  The Entente Cordiale Between Britain and France
bullet 1907:  The Anglo-Russian Entente
bullet 1908:  The Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary, September - October
bullet 1908:  The Bosnian Crisis
bullet 1908:  Interview of the Kaiser by The London Daily Telegraph (Oct. 28)
bullet 1908:  Proclamation for the Ottoman Empire - Young Turks
bullet 1908:  "The Proletarian Strike" - Georges Sorel
bullet 1909:  Britain's Naval Policy as Outlined in the Speech in Parliament of the Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey (3/29)
bullet 1909:  Futurist Manifesto - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
bullet 1910:  Potsdam Accord
bullet 1911:  Constitution of the Black Hand
bullet 1911:  The Moroccan Crisis
bullet 1912:  The Expanded Version of the Triple Alliance
bullet 1912:  The Formation of the Balkan Alliance
bullet 1912:  If I Were Kaiser - Heinrich Class
bullet 1912:  The Next War (excerpts) - Friedrich von Bernhardi
bullet 1912:  Treaty of Lausanne (Oct.)
bullet 1913:  Treaty of London
bullet 1914-1915:  Hussein-McMahon Letters
bullet 1914:  Advice to the Tsar: State Councilor Durnovo's 'prophetic' memorandum
bullet 1914:  The Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
bullet 1914:  Austria's Ultimatum and Serbia's Reply
bullet 1914:  The Austro-Hungarian Ultimatum to Serbia, July 23
bullet 1914:  General Friedrich von Bernhardi - "The Next War"
bullet 1914:  German War Aims - Bethmann Hollweg
bullet 1914:  Germany's "Blank Check" to Austria
bullet 1914:  The German Declaration of War on Russia, August 1
bullet 1914:  The July 1914 Crisis: A Chronology
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: The Austrian Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: The Serbian Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: The German Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: The Russian Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: The British Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: A French Viewpoint
bullet 1914:  The July Crisis: Views of the German General Staff
bullet 1914:  Italian Neutrality Declared (7/31)
bullet 1914:  Manifesto of the Ninety-Three German Intellectuals to the Civilized World
bullet 1914:  Russian Memorandum of Advice to Serbia, July 24
bullet 1914:  The Russian Orange Book
bullet 1914:  The Willy-Nicky Telegrams (July 29 - Aug. 1)
bullet 1914 & 1916:  British and German World War I Rations
bullet 1914-17:  Wages and Cost of Living Before and during the Russian Revolution - charts
bullet 1914-18:  World War I poetry
bullet 1914-20:  French Posters:  Images of World War I
bullet 1915:  "Four Weeks in the Trenches" - Fritz Kreisler (Austrian) 
bullet 1915:  "In Flanders Field" - poem by John McCrae
bullet 1915:  "Independent Bohemia"  - Tomas Masaryk
bullet 1915:  Treaty of London (4/26)
bullet 1915-1916:  The Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
bullet 1915-1916:  War Journal - Private Donald Fraser
bullet 1915-1922:  Armenian Genocide - political cartoons
bullet 1916:  Asquith's Change of Heart (8/14) - women's right to the vote
bullet 1916:  Gas Attack - Arthur Empey (American)
bullet 1916:  The Highest Stage of Capitalism - V. I. Lenin
bullet 1916:  Proclamation of the Irish Republic (Easter)
bullet 1916:  Rosa Luxemburg - the Junius Pamphlet
bullet 1916:  Suffrage Societies' Letter to Prime Minister Asquith (August)
bullet 1916:  Sykes-Picot Agreement
bullet 1916:  U-Boat Attack
bullet 1916:  The Vote in Return for "Services Rendered" - Millicent Garrett Fawcett
bullet 1917:  The Abdication of Tsar Nicholas II (3/15)
bullet 1917:  Asquith's Position on Women's Suffrage (3/28)
bullet 1917:  Balfour Declaration
bullet 1917:  Woodrow Wilson's Proposal for a Declaration of War
bullet 1917:  Zimmermann Note
bullet 1917-1919:  Benjamin Cruzan's Diary
bullet 1918:  "Attack" and "Dreamers" - poems by Siegfried Sassoon
bullet 1918:  "Dulce Et Decorum Est" - poem by Wilfred Owen
bullet 1918:  Fourteen Points - Woodrow Wilson
bullet 1918:  A German View of the Treaty of Versailles
bullet 1918:  "In Flanders Field" - poem by Canadian Lt. Col. John McCrae
bullet 1918:  Qualification of Women Act (Britain)
bullet 1918:  The Representation of the Peoples Act (England)
bullet 1918:  Rosa Luxemburg's Assessment of the Russian Revolution
bullet 1918:  "Take No Prisoners" - T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") from his book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom
bullet 1918:  The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
bullet 1918:  War Communism- Decree on Grain Procurements
bullet 1919:  Germany's View of the Versailles Treaty - Brockdorff-Rantzau, German Foreign Minister
bullet 1919:  Treaty of Neuilly
bullet 1919:  Versailles Treaty
bullet 1920:  Treaty of Trianon
bullet 1921:  The Kronstadt Rebellion
bullet 1921:  Treaties of Peace Between the U. S., Germany, Austria, and Hungary