bullet A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens (sound files-fully narrated by James Mason)
bullet Accomplishments of the French Revolution - review chart 
bullet The American Revolution
bullet The Bastille
bullet Bastille Day and the French Revolution Summarized
bullet The Bourbons:  A Genealogical Chart (France)
bullet "The Bourgeois Revolution" - Georges Lefebvre
bullet Chronology of the French Revolution
bullet Comparison Sheet:  French and Russian Revolutions
bullet "Constitutional Amazons: Jacobin Women's Clubs in the French Revolution - essay by Suzanne Desan
bullet "Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-1945" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet The European Revolutions of 1848 and 1989: A Comparative Analysis
bullet The Execution of Louis XVI of France
bullet Fashion Plates of the French Revolution
bullet The French Revolution - by Thomas Carlyle (full text of his book)
bullet "The French Revolution:  Liberalism and Radicalism" - detailed outline notes
bullet "The French Revolution:  The Moderate Stage, 1789-1792" - from the Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet The French Revolution - Origins
bullet "The French Revolution:  The People Enter Politics" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet "The French Revolution:  The Radical Stage, 1792-1794" - from the Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet "The French Revolution:  The Start of the Decline of Western Civilization" - Philip Atkinson
bullet The French Revolution:  The Terror
bullet The French Revolution in British Newspapers
bullet The French Revolution in the Popular Imagination:  A Tale of Two Cities
bullet French Revolutionary Political Groupings - chart
bullet From Empire to Democracy:  The Independence of Culture
bullet The Guillotine Headquarters
bullet "The Ideology of the French Revolution" -  from Europe in Retrospect:  A Brief History of the Past 200 Years by Raymond F. Betts
bullet Imaging the French Revolution
bullet Key European & World Figures Born Between 1600-1797  (timeline)
bullet "The Language of Politics:  England and the French Revolution" - from the Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet The Liberal Revolution
bullet Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité:  The French Revolution
bullet Map-->"Revolutionary France"
bullet Marie Antoinette
bullet Marie Antoinette Online
bullet Mary Wollstonecraft (biography)
bullet NM's Creative Impulse:  The Development of Western Civilization - The French Revolution (mucho links)
bullet "The Origins of the French Revolution" - from the Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet The Peel Web
bullet "The People and the French Revolution" - lecture notes
bullet The Phases of the French Revolution - nice pie graph
bullet "Philosophers of the Revolution" - chart
bullet The Radical Revolution
bullet "Recipe" for a Revolution
bullet Slavery and the French Revolution (HistoryWiz)
bullet "Teroristes" - G. A. Williams
bullet Text Resources on the French Revolution
bullet Tuileries Gardens- A Short Dark History
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet What was happening around the world during and after the American Revolution
bullet "Women and the Family in France in the 18c" - essay by O. Hufton
bullet Women in Revolution: 1789-1796
bullet "Women in the French Revolution:  The Failure of the Parisian Women's Movement in Relation to the Theories of Feminism of Rousseau and Condorcet" - essay
bullet Women in the French Revolution - symbols in art

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Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1731:  Selected Sources on the Organisation of Work and the Guilds - Imperial Law Concerning the Abuses of the Guilds, Regensburg (8/16)
bullet 1749:  Remonstrance of the Parlement of Paris
bullet 1771:  Remonstrances against Turgot's Edict Suppressing the Guilds
bullet 1773:  "On the Origins of the French Monarchy" - Jacob-Nicolas Moreau
bullet 1775:  Turgot's Memorandum on Local Government
bullet 1775:  Remonstrance of Court of Excise Taxes
bullet 1789:  4 August Decrees 
bullet 1789:  Cahier of 1789, The Clergy of Blois and Romorantin 
bullet 1789:  Cahier of 1789, The Nobility of Blois
bullet 1789:  Cahier of 1789, The Third Estate of Versailles
bullet 1789:  The Decree Abolishing the Feudal System [in France]
bullet 1789:  The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
bullet 1789:  Richard Price - Discourse on the Love of Country
bullet 1789:  Food Problems in Paris - from the diary of the Major of Paris, Bailly
bullet 1789:  The King's Acceptance of the July 14 Revolution - a journalist's comments
bullet 1789:  Petition of Women of the Third Estate to the King
bullet 1789:  "The State of the French Economy" - Jean-Marie Roland de la Platière
bullet 1789:  The Storming of the Bastille - an eyewitness account
bullet 1789:  The Specific Grievances of the Merchant Flower Sellers of the City and Faubourgs of Paris
bullet 1789:  "The Third Estate Awakens" - political cartoon
bullet 1789:  The Tennis Court Oath
bullet 1789:  Travels in France and Italy - Arthur Young
bullet 1789:  "What is the Third Estate?" - Abbé Sieyes
bullet 1789:  A Woman's Cahier
bullet 1789:  Women's Petition to the National Assembly
bullet 1789-1793:  Prices and Wages in Paris - statistical chart
bullet 1789-1800:  Excerpts from a Diary of a French Nobleman
bullet 1790s:  Marat Attacks the Nobility
bullet 1790:  Abolition of the Nobility
bullet 1790:  The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
bullet 1790:  The Decree Establishing the French National Guard
bullet 1790:  Edmund Burke on Queen Marie Antoinette
bullet 1790:  A Left-Wing Newspaper Continues the Attack on Slavery
bullet 1790:  A Left-Wing Newspaper Links the Revolution to the Abolition of Slavery
bullet 1790:  Letters on Education- Catharine Macaulay
bullet 1790:  On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship - Condorcet
bullet 1790:  Reflections on the Revolution in France - Edmund Burke
bullet 1791:  Declaration on the Rights of Women - Olympe de Gouges
bullet 1791:  The Influence of the Jacobin Club - from Camille Desmoulins' weekly paper
bullet 1791:  King Louis XVI's Views on the Revolution
bullet 1791:  Marie Antoinette's Instructions to Fersen
bullet 1791:  Order for the Arrest of the French Royal Family
bullet 1791:  Placard Advocating Republicanism
bullet 1791:  "The Tennis Court Oath" - drawing by Jacques-Louis David
bullet 1791:  Thomas Paine - The Rights of Man
bullet 1792:  The Brunswick Manifesto
bullet 1792:  Decree Concerning the Death Penalty - the guillotine
bullet 1792:  Decree Concerning the Election of a National Convention
bullet 1792:  Documents of the National Convention
bullet 1792:  A Girondin View - Jean-Marie Roland de la Platière Calls on the King to Declare War
bullet 1792:  The Indictment of Louis XVI
bullet 1792:  La Marseillaise (a Real Audio file is included)
bullet 1792:  The Proclamation of the Duke of Brunswick
bullet 1792:  The Rights of Man - Thomas Paine
bullet 1792:  September Massacres
bullet 1792:  September Massacres - coverage by the London Times
bullet 1792:  Vindication on the Rights of Woman - Mary Wollstonecraft (full text)   
bullet 1792:  Women's Participation in Riots Over the Price of Sugar
bullet 1793:  The "Aristo" Report on the Death of the King
bullet 1793:  The Cult of the Supreme Being - Maximilien Robespierre
bullet 1793:  "The Death of Marat" - painting by Jacques-Louis David
bullet 1793:  The Death of Marat - covered by The London Times
bullet 1793:  The Death of Marie Antoinette - Edmund Burke
bullet 1793:  Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens - Constitution of the Year I
bullet 1793:  Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens - Olympe de Gouges
bullet 1793:  Decree of the National Convention on the Jacobins
bullet 1793:  A Deputation of Women Citizens Demands Action on Food Prices
bullet 1793:  "The Execution of Louis XVI" - newspaper coverage in The London Times (1/25)
bullet 1793:  The Law of Suspects
bullet 1793:  The Levée En Masse
bullet 1793:  Manifesto of the Enragés
bullet 1793:  Marat's Impeachment
bullet 1793:  The Maximum
bullet 1793:  The National Convention outlaws Clubs and Popular Societies of Women
bullet 1793:  The New Calendar of the French Republic
bullet 1793:  Proclamation of the Convention to the French People - The Execution of Louis XVI
bullet 1793:  The Queen's Defense
bullet 1793:  Section des Sans-Culottes. Social Views (9/2)
bullet 1793-94:  Chronological Chart of Executions
bullet 1793-94:  The Trial of Olympe de Gouges
bullet 1793:  Women at the Cordeliers
bullet 1793:  "The Zenith of French Glory" - political cartoon
bullet 1794:  Justification of the Use of Terror - Maximilien Robespierre
bullet 1794:  9 Thermidor - Account of the proceedings in the Convention Hall
bullet 1794:  Maximilien Robespierre - Address to the National Convention
bullet 1794:  On the Festival of the Supreme Being - Maximilien Robespierre
bullet 1794:  On the Principles of Public Morality -  Maximilien Robespierre    
bullet 1794:  Republican Institute - St. Just 
bullet early 19c:  Charles Fourier on the French Revolution
bullet 1795:  Constitution of the Year III
bullet 1796:  Law Against Public Enemies
bullet 1796:  Law Upon British Products
bullet 1796:  Manifesto of the Equals
bullet 1798:  Alien and Sedition Acts (U. S.)
bullet 1799:  Law of Hostages
bullet 1818:  Madame Germaine de Staël - Consideration of the Principle Events of the French Revolution
bullet 1845:  French Materialism and Communism - Karl Marx