bullet 16c Renaissance English Literature:  1485-1603 (Luminarium site)
bullet Absolute Shakespeare - The Essential Resource
bullet "The Art of Renaissance Science" - articles by Prof. Joseph W. Dauben at Center for Advanced Studies in Sardinia
bullet Boticelli, Sandro (Web Museum)
bullet Breughel, Pieter the Elder (Web Museum)
bullet Bruges and the Flemish "Primitives"
bullet Caravaggio (Web Museum)
bullet Catasto Study: Census and Property Survey for Florentine Domains and the City of Verona in 15c Italy - David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, principal investigators (University of Wisconsin)
bullet Cervantes-Related Website on the Internet
bullet "Cinquecento 16th Century" (National Gallery of Australia - 3 Centuries of Italian Art)
bullet Civic Humanism: The Florentine Legacy
bullet The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
bullet Dante in Print
bullet The Decameron Web
bullet The Digital Michelangelo Project
bullet Early Renaissance Art (Artcyclopedia) - large list of artists & their works
bullet The Early Renaissance in Florence (National Gallery of Art)
bullet Elizabeth I
bullet Elizabethan England
bullet Exploring Leonardo
bullet Exploring the Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Virtual Tour - Vatican)
bullet "Feasts, Fairs and Festivals: Mirrors of Renaissance Society" - Linda Maynard Powell
bullet The Florence Art Guide:  Index
bullet Florentine Renaissance Resources: Online Tratte of Office Holders, 1282-1532 (Brown University)
bullet Fra Angelico (Artchive)
bullet Francesco Petrarch's "Familial Letters"
bullet "General Roles of Women in the Renaissance" - Amanda Cloud
bullet Giotto
bullet High Renaissance Art (Artcyclopedia) - large list of artists & their works
bullet A History of Neoplatonism
bullet "The History of the Idea of Renaissance" - Skip Knox (Boise State)
bullet The History of Renaissance Architecture - many photos
bullet Humanism: Seeking the Wisdom of the Ancients
bullet "The Ideas and Ideals of Man, From the Renaissance to the Reformation" - Peter N. Herdon
bullet "The Illusion of the Renaissance" - Sandra Willard
bullet Internet Modern History Sourcebook:  "The Early Modern West"
bullet Italian Garden - Classic Renaissance Gardens
bullet Italian Renaissance Gardens - images (Google Image Search Results)
bullet Italian Renaissance Gardens - Wikipedia
bullet Jacob Burkhardt's The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (entire text of the book)
bullet Leonardo da Vinci:  "Man of Both Worlds
bullet "Le Poulet Gauche - Life in 16c France
bullet The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
bullet Life in Elizabethan England
bullet Mannerism (Artcyclopedia) - large list of artists & their works
bullet Mannerism (World Art Treasures)
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1400"
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1500"
bullet Map-->"Muslim and Mongol Empires: 1000-1500
bullet Map-->"Renaissance Europe"
bullet Map-->"Renaissance Italy: 1494
bullet The Medici Archive Project
bullet The Medici Family Tree
bullet The Medici:  Godfathers of the Renaissance (PBS)
bullet "The Medieval Synthesis and the Discovery of Man: The Renaissance" - Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet Michelangelo
bullet Neo-Platonism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
bullet Northern Renaissance Art (Artcyclopedia) - large list of artists & their works
bullet Piero della Francesca (Artchive)
bullet Political Movers and Shakers of the Renaissance and Reformation
bullet Printing:  The Renaissance & Reformation
bullet The Quattrocento - a list of artists and links to their paintings
bullet The Renaissance [from the series "Engines of Our Ingenuity"]
bullet The Renaissance (World History Center)
bullet The Renaissance: What Inspired This Age of Balance and Order? (PBS/Annenberg Project)
bullet Renaissance Art (World Art Treasures)
bullet Renaissance Art in General
bullet Renaissance Dante in Print: 1472-1629 (University of Notre Dame)
bullet A Renaissance Tour (Skip Knox, Boise State)
bullet Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
bullet Renaissance Epics
bullet Renaissance Italian Sculpture
bullet Renaissance Maps: 1500-1700
bullet Renaissance Music: 1400-1600 (Victoria & Albert Museum) - mp3 files included
bullet Renaissance Paintings Gallery
bullet Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture
bullet The School of Athens Project
bullet Selected Essays by Michel de Montaigne
bullet Thomas More
bullet The Thomas More Society of America
bullet Titian (Web Gallery of Art)
bullet Tudor England: 145-1603
bullet Tudor Monarchs of England: 1485-1603
bullet The Tudors Wiki (from the TV series) - genealogical chart
bullet The Turks and the Rise of the Ottoman Empire
bullet The Valois Dynasty
bullet Virtual Renaissance:  A Journey Through Time
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet "Women in Renaissance Florence" - Dale Kent
bullet Women Philosophers: 1000-1500        1500-2000
bullet The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (full texts of all plays!) - OpenSource Shakespeare

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bullet 750-800:  The Donation of Constantine
bullet 1340s?:  Secretum - Petrach
bullet 1345:  "Letter to Cicero" - Petrarch
bullet 1348:  Plague & Public Health in Renaissance Europe
bullet 1348-53:  Day 10 - Griselda story - Boccaccio's Decameron     (full text of the entire work)
bullet 1350:  "The Plague Hits Florence" - Boccaccio
bullet 1400:  "The New Education" - Petrus Paulus Vergarius
bullet   15c:  Oration on the Dignity of Man - Pico della Mirandola
bullet   15c:  The Painter - Leonardo da Vinci
bullet 1425:  "The Holy Trinity with the Virgin and St. John" - painting by Masaccio
bullet 1427:  Online Catasto Database
bullet 1434:  "The Arnolfini Marriage" - painting by Jan van Eyck
bullet 1440:  "David" - bronze sculpture by Donatello
bullet 1450s:  Gutenberg Bible
bullet 1459:  Two Tractates from Vittorino da Feltre and other Humanist Educators
bullet 1465-70:  "The Dutchess of Urbino" and "The Duke of Urbino" - portrait paintings by Piero della Francesca
bullet 1465:  "David" - painting by Verrocchio
bullet 1480:  "The Birth of Venus" - painting by Sandro Boticelli
bullet 1485:  Bust of Lorenzo de Medici by Verrocchio
bullet 1491:  Paternal Advice to a Cardinal - Lorenzo de' Medici
bullet 1492:  "Lament on the Death of Lorenzo de' Medici - Angelo Poliziano
bullet 1495:  Compact between Spain and Portugal, signed by the Catholic Sovereigns at Madrid
bullet 1498:  "The Last Supper" - painting by Leonardo da Vinci
bullet 1499:  "The PietÓ" - sculpture by Michelangelo
bullet early 1500s:  "The School of Athens" - painting by Raphael --> identify the characters
bullet 1503-6:  "The Mona Lisa" - painting by Leonardo da Vinci
bullet 1505:  "The Small Cowper Madonna" - painting by Raphael
bullet 1504:  "David" - sculpture by Michelangelo
bullet 1508-12:  "The Sistine Chapel" - frescoes by Michelangelo   -  "Last Judgment"       "The Creation of Adam"         "The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Planets"
bullet 1509:  The Praise of Folly - Desiderius Erasmus
bullet 1513:  The Handbook of the Courtier - Baldassare Castiglione (full text)
bullet 1515:  Leonardo's Notes on the Cosmos  
bullet 1515:  The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli (full text)
bullet 1516:  Utopia - Sir Thomas More (full text)
bullet 1530s:  Several of Michelangelo's Sonnets
bullet 1540s:  Letter from Gargantua to his Son Pantagruel - Franšois Rabelais
bullet 1550:  Giorgio Vasari - Excerpts from Life of da Vinci
bullet 1550:  "Michelangelo" - Giorgio Vasari
bullet 1575:  Essays - Michel de Montaigne
bullet 1580:  On Cannibals - Michel de Montaigne
bullet 1598:  The First Set of English Madrigals - John Wilbye
bullet 1601:  Essays - Sir Francis Bacon
bullet 1605:  "Of the good fortune which the valiant Don Quixote had in the Terrible and Undreamed-of Adventure of the Windmills, with Other Occurrences Worthy to be Fitly Recorded" - from Cervantes' Don Quixote 
bullet 1878:  Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - Jacob Burckhardt