bullet The Age of Imperialism
bullet The Anglo-Boer War
bullet The Berlin Treaty, 1878 
bullet The Boer War
bullet The Boer War Remembered
bullet Britain/India:  Appropriation, Expansion, and Colonization
bullet The British Empire
bullet The British Empire (1)
bullet "The British Empire" section on the Victorian Web
bullet British History:  The Boer War
bullet Cecil Rhodes
bullet A Chronology of Russian History:  The Imperial Period (1689-1917)
bullet D. J. A. Hobson, Imperialism: A Study, (1902) Introduction and Part I
bullet Dutch Imperialism:  1830-1910     1910-1940
bullet The Epic of the Race:  India in 1857
bullet "Empire in Africa, Asia and the Pacific" - Frank Smitha
bullet "Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-1945" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet The History of the East India Company
bullet The House of Saxe-Coburg-Windsor Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet Imperialism
bullet Imperialism in Africa
bullet Imperialism in India
bullet Indian Art and Imperialism

"The Kipling Hysteria of 1899-1900" - Jim Zwick


Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi

bullet Map-->"British Control of India: 1800"
bullet Map-->"British India: 1753-1890"
bullet Map-->"The British Empire in India and the Sepoy Revolt:  1857"
bullet Map-->"European Imperialism in Asia on the Eve of World War I: 1914
bullet Map-->"Colonial Rule in Africa"
bullet Map-->"European Imperialism in Africa on the Eve of World War I: 1914
bullet Map-->"Imperialism in China:  1900"
bullet Map-->"Imperialism in Southeast Asia:  1914"
bullet The New Imperialism
bullet The Ottomans:  European Imperialism & Crisis
bullet People of Action During the 19c
bullet Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey (.pdf file)
bullet Queen Victoria's Empire (PBS Series)
bullet Scramble for Africa 
bullet The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857
bullet The Sun Never Set on the British Empire, circa 1937
bullet Victorian History:  The British Empire--An Overview [Victorian Web]
bullet The "White Man's Burden" and Its Critics
bullet The Zulu Wars

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bullet 1757:  Battle at Calcutta - Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Clive to the Lord Chancellor (2/23)
bullet 1757:  The Battle of Plassey - Robert Clive to the East India Company (7/26)
bullet 1760:  The Canton System of Trade
bullet 1772:  Speech on India in the House of Commons - Robert Clive
bullet 1773:  India Regulating Act
bullet 1776:  "The Cost of Empire" - from Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations 
bullet 1776:  "Of Colonies" - from Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations
bullet 1786:  Initial British Plans for Australia
bullet 1788:  The 'First Fleet' in Sydney Harbour
bullet 1793:  Emperor Ch'-ien lung's letter to King George III
bullet 1808:  West Africa: Trade and Expectations
bullet 1810-1811:  Attempts to Control the Opium Trade
bullet 1820:  Raja Rammohan Roy - Burning Widows Alive
bullet 1829:  On Ritual Murder in India - William Bentick
bullet 1830s:  "On Empire and Education" - Thomas Babington Macaulay
bullet 1833-35:  Thomas Babington Macaulay on India
bullet 1834:  China & Trade with the West: The Napier Affair
bullet 1839:  Letter of Advice to Queen Victoria from Liu Zexu
bullet 1840:  Commissioner Lin and the Opium Merchants: An Edict
bullet 1840:  Mountstuart Elphinstone - Indian Customs and Manners
bullet 1841:  Africa before the Scramble: Britain and the Niger
bullet 1842:  The People of Canton - Against the English
bullet 1842:  The Treaty of Nanking
bullet 1844:  Negotiating with African Chiefs
bullet 1845-1846:  War and Peace in India - Proclamation by the Governor General of India & Treaty between the British Government and the State of Lahore concluded at Lahore
bullet 1848:  On Colonies and Colonization - John Stuart Mill
bullet 1850:  Camp Life in India - Sir Monier Williams
bullet 1851:  Survival of the Fittest Applied to Human Kind - Herbert Spenser
bullet 1853:  Pilgrimage to Mecca - Sir Richard Francis Burton
bullet 1855:  Livingstone Discovers Victoria Falls
bullet 1857:  "British India," - Charles Creighton Hazewell in the Atlantic Monthly, (Nov.)
bullet 1857:  "The Indian Revolt" - The Atlantic Monthly (Dec.)
bullet 1857:  "Reconquest of India," The Living Age, vol. 55, issue 699 (10/27)
bullet 1858:  Letter to Sir George Grey - Moshweshwe [on the establishment of Basutoland]
bullet 1858:  The Treaty of Tientsin(G.B./China)
bullet 1864:  Russia's imperial expansion into Asia
bullet 1868-1870:  Travels in Africa - Paul du Chaillu
bullet 1870:  The Diamond Fields of South Africa - Anthony Trollope
bullet 1870:  One Day in Morocco - Edmondo de Amicis
bullet 1871:  "The Benefits of British Rule" - by Dadabhai Naoroji
bullet 1871:  How I Found Livingstone - Sir Henry M. Stanley
bullet 1871:  Roughing It: The Gentle, Inoffensive Chinese - Mark Twain
bullet 1873:  Anthony Trollope on British Imperialism
bullet 1875:  Up the Cataracts of the Nile - Charles Dudley Warner
bullet 1876:  The Story of the Suez Canal
bullet 1877:  Cecil J. Rhodes and service under the Empire
bullet 1877:  "When Queen Victoria Became Empress of India" - Field Marshal Lord Roberts
bullet 1878:  The Hill of Bones (Afghanistan) - Reverend Arthur Male
bullet 1879:  A German Viewpoint on Imperialism
bullet 1879-1884:  Stanley's Congo Treaties
bullet 1880s:  Example of a British Imperialist Treaty with African Rulers
bullet 1882:  British Duties Toward India
bullet 1883:  British Missionary Letters: Urging the Annexation of the South Sea Islands
bullet 1883:  The Demon of the Orient - Allen S. Williams
bullet 1883:  Imperial Conquest - The Nation's Savior - Le Petit Journal
bullet 1883:  Urging the Annexation of the South Sea Islands - British missionary letters
bullet 1884:  "On French Colonial Expansion" - speech by Jules Ferry before the French Chamber of Deputies (3/28)
bullet 1884:  The Siege of Khartoum in the Sudan - British Major-General Charles Gordon
bullet 1885:  The Berlin Conference (select excerpts)
bullet 1885:  The Death of General Gordon at Khartoum - Alfred Egmont Hake
bullet 1885:  The Indian National Congress
bullet 1885:  Life in Persia - S. G. W. Benjamin
bullet 1885:  W.C. Bonnerjee - excerpts from Presidential Address to First Indian National Congress
bullet 1888:  The Rhodesian Concession
bullet 1889:  The Ballad of East and West - Rudyard Kipling
bullet 1889:  The Constitution of the Empire of Japan
bullet 1889:  Lobengula protests to Queen Victoria
bullet 1890:  The Great Market of Tripoli - George E. Thompson
bullet 1890:  Justice in Arabia - Colonel L. du Couret
bullet 1890:  King Leopold II of Belgium - letter to the minister of the Congo
bullet 1890:  Program of the Pan-German League
bullet 1891:  A French Viewpoint on Imperialism
bullet 1891:  On Anglo-Saxon Predominance - Josiah Strong
bullet 1892:  "The Rhodes Colossus" - political cartoon by Linley Sambourne in Punch 12/10)
bullet 1893:  Joseph Chamberlain and the doctrine of commercial imperialism
bullet 1893:  "The Rise of Our East African Empire" - Captain F. D. Lugard
bullet 1894:  "British Dominion in Asia" - Sir Alfred C. Lyall, Indian Civil Service
bullet 1895:  The Treaty of Shimonoseki
bullet 1896-99:  Britain's Imperial Destiny - Wilfred Scawen Blunt
bullet 1897:  A British Viewpoint on Imperialism
bullet 1897:  "Recessional" - poem by Rudyard Kipling
bullet 1898:  The Battle of Omdurman - Winston Churchill
bullet 1898:  The March of the Flag - Senator Albert Beveridge
bullet 1899:  "The Black Man's Burden" - E. D. Morel
bullet 1899:  American Anti-Imperialist League Platform
bullet 1899:  First Open Door Note
bullet 1899:  "The White Man's Burden" - poem by Rudyard Kipling
bullet late 19c:  "Queen Victoria paints South Africa with blood" - political cartoon by Lustige Blätter
bullet 1900:  The Boxer Rebellion - Fei Ch'i-Hao
bullet 1900:  Kaiser Wilhelm II and German Interests in China
bullet 1900:  Letter from Colonel Arthur Tremeer to his Brother George from the Boer War in South Africa
bullet 1900:  My Adventures During the Boxer War - Yao Chen-Yuan
bullet 1900:  When the Allies Entered Peking - Pierre Loti
bullet 1901:  A Place in the Sun - Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
bullet 1901:  The Boxer Protocol
bullet 1900-1939:  Extent of European Colonialism in Statistical Terms (charts)
bullet 1901:  A Visit to a Head-Hunter of Borneo - William Henry Furness III
bullet 1902:  Civilisation through the bed: the French in West Africa
bullet 1902:  Heart of Darkness - extracts- Joseph Conrad
bullet 1902:  Imperialism - John Hobson
bullet 1903:  The Black Man's Burden - Edward Morel
bullet 1903:  Britain and the Congo Free State - Dispatch of Lord Lansdowne to the signatories of the Berlin Act (8/8)
bullet 1903:  Dispatch of Lord Lansdowne to the Signatories of the Berlin Act
bullet 1904:  The Herero Rebellion - German Imperialism in S. W. Africa
bullet 1904:  Report of the British Consul, Roger Casement, on the Administration of the Congo Free State
bullet 1905:  The Attack Upon Port Arthur - Lt. Tadayoshi Sakurai
bullet 1905:  The Battle of the Yellow Sea - Captain Vladimir Semenoff
bullet 1905:  The Battle of Tsushima - Captain Vladimir Semenoff
bullet 1905:  "The Black Man's Burden" - poem by John White Chadwick
bullet 1905:  "Congo Free State Horrors" - Mark Twain
bullet 1905:  The Story of the Congo Free State - Henry Wellington Wack (entire text)
bullet 1906:  Conditions in the Congo State - testimony from many witnesses to the Congo Reform Association, Boston, MA
bullet 1907:  The Anglo-Russian Entente - on Persia
bullet 1908:  Why Britain Acquired Egypt in 1882 - The Earl of Cromer
bullet 1908-1920:  Reflections on the Indian ‘Mutiny’ of 1857
bullet 1909:  Court Life in China - Isaac Taylor Headland
bullet 1909:  "Indian Home Rule" - speech by Mohandas K. Gandhi
bullet 1913:  Imperialism of Decadence - Francisco Garcia Calderon
bullet 1916:  Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, Prefaces, Chapters VI, VII and X - V. I. Lenin
bullet 1918:  The Sociology of Imperialism by Joseph A. Schumpeter
bullet 1920:  An Indian Nationalist Condemns the British Empire - speech by Sarojini Naidu
bullet early 20c:  Report of the British Consul, Roger Casement, on the Administration of the Congo Free State
bullet early 20c:  European Colonialism in Statistic Terms
bullet 1926:  The Conquest of Civilization - James Henry Breasted