bullet The Bourbons:  A Genealogical Chart (France) 
bullet British History:  The Napoleonic Wars
bullet The Correspondence of Napoleon I
bullet Creating French Culture:  Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
bullet Early 19c Empire Style of Clothing
bullet "The Empire Between Dictatorship and Monarchy?" - lecture
bullet "Enfranchising Women: The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Europe 1789-1945" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet "England Expects:  Lord Nelson Home Page"
bullet "Europe and the Supreme Being:  Napoleon" - from the Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
bullet Goya's Disasters of War - his paintings about the Peninsular War
bullet The Hohenzollerns:  Genealogical Chart (Brandenburg/Prussia)
bullet The House of Habsburgs - Lorraine:  Genealogical Chart
bullet International Napoleonic Society
bullet The Letters and Dispatches of Horatio Nelson
bullet Map-->"Napoleonic Europe"
bullet Napoléon
bullet Napoleon (PBS)
bullet "Napoleon and the French Revolution" - essay
bullet Napoleon and Romanticism
bullet Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide
bullet Napoleon Series.org
bullet Napoleon:  Tyrant or Hero?
bullet The Napoleonic Collection
bullet The Napoleonic Guide
bullet The Napoleonic Revolution
bullet The Napoleon Series
bullet Napoleonic Wars Series
bullet Napoleonica.org - Napoleonic Primary Sources (most in French)
bullet The Peel Web
bullet Reaction and the Rise of Napoleon
bullet The Regency Fashion Page
bullet The Romanov Dynasty:  Genealogical Chart (Russia)
bullet The Spanish Bourbons:  Genealogical Chart
bullet "Tallyrand and the Congress of Vienna" - essay
bullet The War of 1812
bullet Wellington's Dispatches:  1808-1815

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bullet 1793-1812:  British Orders in Council on Trade
bullet 1795:  Love Letter from Napoleon to Josephine
bullet 1796:  Love Letter from Napoleon to Josephine
bullet 1796:  Proclamations to the Troops - Napoleon Bonaparte
bullet 1799:  Brumaire Decree (11/10)
bullet 1799:  Constitution of the Year VIII 
bullet 1799:  Napoleon's Proclamation to the French People on Brumaire
bullet 1799:  Order from the Minister of General Police to the Theatres of Paris (11/17)
bullet 1800:  Law for Reorganizing the Administrative System in France
bullet 1800:  Law for Reorganizing the Judicial System in France
bullet 1800:  "Napoleon at St. Bernard" - painting by Jacques-Louis David
bullet 1800:  Order for Suppressing the Newspapers
bullet 1801:  The Concordat of 1801
bullet 1801:  The Constitution of the Batavian Republic (9/14)
bullet 1801-2:  Constitution of the Italian Republic
bullet 1802:  Decree on Émigrés (4/27)
bullet 1802:  Documents upon Napoleon and Education (5/1)
bullet 1802:  Law for Organizing the Legion of Honor (5/19)
bullet 1802:  Law for Re-establishing Slavery in the French Colonies (5/20)
bullet 1802:  Napoleon's Decree on Émigrés
bullet 1802:  Treaty of Amiens (3/25)
bullet   19c:  Madame de Rémusat: Remembrances of Napoleon     
bullet 1803:  The Louisiana Purchase
bullet 1804:  Account of the Situation of the Empire
bullet 1804:  Constitution of the Year XII
bullet 1804:  "The Coronation of Napoleon" - painting by Jacques-Louis David
bullet 1804:  The Napoleonic Civil Code
bullet 1804:  Napoleon's Account of the Situation in France
bullet 1805:  Letters and Dispatches of Horatio Nelson
bullet 1805:  Restoration of the Gregorian Calendar
bullet 1806:  The Berlin Decree - Napoleon (the Continental System)
bullet 1806:  The Confederation of the Rhine and the Dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire
bullet 1806:  Council of State's recommendations to Napoleon on conscription
bullet 1806:  The Imperial Catechism
bullet 1807:  King Frederick William III - October Edict
bullet 1807:  Senatus-Consultum for Suppressing the Tribunate (8/19)
bullet 1807-14:  Goya's Sketches of the Disasters of the Peninsular War
bullet 1808:  Decree for Raising Conscripts (1/23)
bullet 1808:  Johann Gottlieb Fichte - Addresses to German Nation
bullet 1808:  "Napoleon on the Battlefields of Elyad" - painting by Antoine-Jean Gros
bullet 1808:  "The Shootings of May 3, 1808" - painting by Goya
bullet 1810:  Decree upon Printing and Bookselling (2/5)
bullet 1812:  The Battle of Borodino - Baron Lejeune
bullet 1812:  "Napoleon in His Study" - painting by Jacques-Louis David
bullet 1813:  Baron von Stein - contemporary account of Prussian victory over Napoleon's army
bullet 1814:  The Constitutional Charter of 1814
bullet 1814:  A Farewell to the Old Guard - Napoleon
bullet 1814:  "The Shootings of May 3, 1808" - painting by Francisco Goya
bullet 1814:  The Treaty of Paris, 1814 (May 30)
bullet 1815:  German Act of Confederation
bullet 1815:  The Holy Alliance Treaty
bullet 1815:  Proclamation of Napoleon
bullet 1815:  Return of Napoleon from Elba
bullet 1815:  The Treaty of Paris, 1815 (Nov. 20)
bullet 1821:  Letter of Lord Londonderry to Richard Rush - about the death of Napoleon 
bullet 1821:  Will of Napoleon Bonaparte
bullet 1823:  Las Cases - insider's view of Napoleon's journey
bullet 1830:  "To the Column" - a poem by Victor Hugo about Napoleon
bullet 1832:  Karl von Clausewitz - On War