bullet Ancient Ireland, The Late Middle Ages 900AD - 1500AD
bullet Avignon Popes
bullet The Balkans:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet The Baltic:  1303-1491 - timeline
bullet The Beguines
bullet The Black Death:  1347-1350
bullet The Canterbury Tales Project
bullet Catherine of Siena
bullet Christine de Pizan
bullet The Cloisters:  The Middle Ages in Modern Times (MMA)
bullet Culture, Society, and Technology:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet Dante Alighieri on the Web
bullet Dante in Print
bullet Death in the Late Middle Ages
bullet The Decameron Web
bullet The Devotio Moderna
bullet The End of Europe's Middle Ages
bullet England:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet "England in the Late Middle Ages" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet The Fall of Constantinople:  1453
bullet Famous Quotes from the Dark and Middle Ages
bullet Feudalism
bullet France:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet "France in the Late Middle Ages" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet "Germany in the Late Middle Ages" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet The Great Schism:  1378-1415
bullet The Growth of the Mystical Spirit
bullet "Heresy in the Late Middle Ages" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet The Holy Roman Empire:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet The Hundred Years' War
bullet "The Hundred Years' War" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet Iberia:  1309-1491 - timeline
bullet Illustrations of the Hundred Years War
bullet Illuminations in the Late Middle Ages
bullet Important Events of the 14c
bullet Italy:  1300-1491 - timeline
bullet Julian of Norwich
bullet The Labyrinth--Resources for Medieval Studies
bullet Lollards
bullet The Low Countries in the Middle Ages
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1300"
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1400"
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1500"
bullet Map-->"Italy at the Peace of Lodi, 1454"
bullet Maps of the Late Medieval Period: 1300 - 1500 A.D.
bullet Margery Kempe
bullet Medievalchurch.org.uk
bullet Middle Ages - Hundred Years War - Overview
bullet Middle Ages - Wars of the Roses - timeline
bullet "The Papacy at Avignon & the Great Schism" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet "Pestilence" - lecture by Prof. Skip Knox (Boise State Univ.)
bullet Poems and Prose From the 8th - 15th Centuries
bullet Teenagers at War During the Middle Ages
bullet The Uprising of 1381
bullet Warrwyck's Wars of the Roses Page
bullet The Wars of the Roses
bullet "William of Ockham and the Death of Universals" - essay by Neal Magee
bullet Women in the Middle Ages - Medieval Biographies

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Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1215:  Magna Carta
bullet 1215:  The Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council
bullet 1268:  On Experimental Science - Roger Bacon
bullet 14c:  Poem criticizing the Avignon Papacy - Raimon de Cornet
bullet 1300:  Marco Polo - The Glories of Kinsay
bullet 1302:  Unam Sanctam - Boniface VIII
bullet 1310:  The Mirror of Simple Souls [chapters 119-122] - Marguerite Porète
bullet 1310:  The Trial of Marguerite Porète
bullet 1313-1375:  Decameron - Introduction, on the Black Death - Giovanni Boccaccio
bullet 1315:  Annales - On the Famine of 1315 - Johannes of Trowkelowe
bullet 1315:  Inquisitor's Manual - Bernard Gui
bullet 1316:  List of Florentine Crafts Subject to Tax
bullet 1320s:  The Hundred Years War In The High Court of Parlement - Court Procedure
bullet 1326:  Orders for the English Fleet
bullet 1340-1353:  Petrarch's Letter Criticizing the Avignon Papacy
bullet 1340-1400:  Canterbury Tales - The Prologue [Parallel Texts]
bullet 1340-1400:  Canterbury Tales - Prologue to Wife of Bath's Tale [Modern Text]
bullet 1340s:  The Hundred Years' War in the High Court of Parlement
bullet 1346 / 1356:  Battles of Crecy 1346, of Poitiers 1356
bullet 1348-1350:  The Black Death and the Jews - Jacob von Königshofen
bullet 1350:  The Assizes of Bread, Beer, and Lucrum Pistoris
bullet 1351:  The Statute of Laborers
bullet 1354:  Ordinance of the Jews of the Crown of Aragon
bullet 1356:  The Golden Bull - Charles IV
bullet 1360:  "The Vision of Piers Plowman" - William Langland
bullet 1370:  The Dialogue of the Seraphic Virgin Catherine of Siena - Catherine of Siena
bullet 1378:  The Great Schism - Manifesto of the Revolting Cardinals
bullet 1381:  Anonimalle Chronicle - English Peasants' Revolt
bullet 1382 & 1384:  Pope Gregory XI's condemnation of John Wycliffe and Wycliffe's Reply
bullet 1391:  A Treatise on the Astrolabe - Geoffrey Chaucer
bullet 1392:  An Oath Taken by Jews Frankfort on the Main
bullet 1393:  The Great Schism - The University of Paris on the Schism
bullet 15c:  Chronicles - Jean Froissart
bullet 1409:  Decree of Council of Pisa - On the Powers of the Council
bullet 1409:  The Council of Pisa Declares itself Competent to Judge Popes
bullet 1415:  Council of Constance - Decree Sacrosancta
bullet 1415:  Jan Hus' Final Declaration (7/1)
bullet 1417:  Council of Constance - List of Abuses
bullet 1419:  Martin V - From the Declaration on the Protection of the Jews
bullet 1419-1474:  A Late-Medieval Spanish Nobleman - Don Juan Pacheco, Master of the Order of Santiago
bullet 1420:  Treaty of Troyes
bullet 1425:  Imitation of Christ - Thomas à Kempis
bullet 1429:  Letter to the King of France - Joan of Arc
bullet 1430:  Excerpts from the Book of Margery Kempe - Margery Kempe
bullet 1431:  The Trial of Joan of Arc
bullet 1432:  Synod of Castilian Jews
bullet 1438:  On Joan of Arc - Johan Nider
bullet 1450:  Proclamation of Grievances - Jack Cade
bullet 1459:  Bull Execrabilis
bullet 1467-1477:  Coins of the Duc of Burgundy, Charles the Bold
bullet 1469:  Excerpts from Defensor Pacis [Defender of Peace] - Marsilius of Padua