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Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1795:  Manchester Becomes a Thriving Industrial City - John Aikin
bullet 1798:  An Essay on the Principle of Population - Thomas Malthus
bullet 19c:  Images of the Industrial Revolution in England
bullet 19c:  Table Showing the Comparative Weight of Factory & Non-Factory English Children
bullet 1802:  The Health and Morals of Apprentices Act
bullet 1807:  Child Labor in Cotton Factories - Robert Southey, Letters from England
bullet 1812:  A Luddite attack on a Yorkshire mill
bullet 1812:  Luddite Oath
bullet 1813-49:  Various Descriptions of Workhouse Children, England
bullet 1814:  The English Corn Laws
bullet 1816:  Evidence of James Pattison (on the state of health and morals of children employed in
bullet 1816:  Robert Owen and Robert Peel - Testimony regarding Child Labor
bullet 1817:  The Iron Law of Wages
bullet 1818:  Observations on the Effects of the Manufacturing System - Robert Owen
bullet 1819:  Opposition to the Chimney Sweepers' Regulation Bill
bullet 1819:  The Peterloo Massacre
bullet 1819:  Samuel Bamford - Passages in the Life of a Radical: On the Peterloo Massacre
bullet 1819:  The Six Acts
bullet 1823:  "The Steam Loom" - Richard Guest
bullet 1828:  William Radcliffe - On Power Looms
bullet 1830s?:  Power Loom - weaving in England
bullet 1830:  Wages of Factory Workers in Leeds - statistical chart
bullet 1831:  Thomas Babington Macaulay - Speech on the Reform Bill of 1832
bullet 1831:  Various Comments on the London Reform Riots of 1831
bullet 1831-32:  Transcripts from the Sadler Commission Investigation
bullet 1832:  Debates Amongst Lyonnais Weavers and Republicans
bullet 1832:  Dr. Samuel Smith's Testimony to the House of Commons
bullet 1832:  Macauley On Parliamentary Reform
bullet 1832:  The Moral and Physical Conditions of the Working Classes of Manchester in 1832 - Sir James
bullet 1832:  Reform Act (Britain)
bullet 1832:  Speech of Michael Sadler in the House of Commons on the second reading of the Factories
           Regulation Bill
bullet 1832-42:  The Life of the Industrial Worker in 19c England - several docs.
bullet 1833:  Age of Workers in Cotton Mills in Lancashire, England - statistical chart
bullet 1833:  An Act Abolishing Slavery Throughout the British Colonies
bullet 1833:  The Factory Act
bullet 1833:  Minutes of Mark Best's evidence taken before the Committee on the Factories Bill
bullet 1833:  The People's Charter
bullet 1833:  Report of the Commissioners on the employment of children in factories
bullet 1833:  "A Well Conducted Factory" - article in The Penny Magazine
bullet 1834:  The Lyon Uprising
bullet 1834:  The Poor Laws Amendment Act
bullet 1834:  "To the Straw Bonnet Makers" - in the Owenite journal, The Pioneer
bullet 1835:  "Notes on a Journey to the Mines of Cornwall and Wales" - article in The Penny Magazine
bullet 1835:  "The Philosophy of the Manufacturers" - Andrew Ure
bullet 1838:  The Barnsley Manifesto
bullet 1838:  The Chartist Petition of 1838
bullet 1838:  Deaths in British Coal Mines
bullet 1839:  The First National Petition (England)
bullet 1839-40:  The view of a soldier on Chartist activity in the north of England - from the diaries of Sir Charles Napier
bullet 1840:  Conditions in Nottingham in 1840 - General Sir Charles Napier
bullet 1840s:  Condition of the Poor in Manchester - John Layhe
bullet 1840:  Pamphlet - In Defence of Laissez-Faire
bullet 1840:  William Ellery Channing - On the Elevation of the Laboring Classes
bullet 1841:  Robert Peel's Speech on the Corn Laws
bullet 1842:  Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions
bullet 1842:  The Debate on the 1842 Charter
bullet 1842:  Duncombe's Speech Introducing the 1842 Charter
bullet 1842:  The Factory System Illustrated - "Mary Bucktrout" - William Dodd
bullet 1842:  Public Reaction to the Disclosure of Conditions in the Coal Mines - Conservative Party's periodical, the Quarterly Review
bullet 1842:  Shaftesbury's Speech in Commons on Conditions in the Mines
bullet 1842:  Testimony Gathered by Ashley's Mines Commission
bullet 1842:  Thomas Macaulay's speech against Chartism
bullet 1842:  Women Miners in the English Coal Pits
bullet 1843:  "Capital and Labor" -  an 1843 English cartoon on the exploitation of children in the mines
bullet 1844:  Industrial Manchester - Friedrich Engels
bullet 1844:  Introduction to The Condition of the Working Class in England - Friedrich Engels
bullet 1844:  Shaftesbury's Speech in Commons on the Ten-Hour Act
bullet 1845:  "Cheap Clothing" - political cartoon by John Leach in Punch
bullet 1845:  Industrial Conditions in Manchester, England - Friedrich Engels
bullet 1845:  Prince Albert's memorandum on the Corn Laws (12/25)
bullet 1845:  "A Wise Factory Owner" - Parliamentary Papers 1845, XXV, pp. 456-7 (Britain)
bullet 1846:  Sir Robert Peel's Speech on the Repeal of the Corn Laws
bullet 1848:  Das Kapital, Book I - Karl Marx (Chapter 10)
bullet 1848?:  A Letter in Reply to a Hand-Bill published by the Curate of Rotherham, criticizing Chartism
bullet 1848:  The People's Charter
bullet mid-19c:  "Cripples in the Yard of Children's Home in London" - picture
bullet 1854:  Charles Dickens - excerpts from Hard Times
bullet 1861:  Study of London Labour and the London Poor, Volume I - Henry Mayhew
bullet 1863:  Utilitarianism (Chapter 1 - General Remarks)- John Stuart Mill
bullet 1867:  Reform Act (Britain)
bullet 1870-1913:  Tables Illustrating the Spread of Industrialization in the Western World
bullet 1882:  Self-Help - Samuel Smiles
bullet 1891:  Pope Leo XIII - Rerum Novarum
bullet 1917:  J.L. Hammond - The Town Labourer
bullet 1919:  J.L. Hammond - The Skilled Laboure
bullet 1920:  J.L. Hammond - The Village Labourer