bullet 1968:  The Year of the Barricades - from the series "Lectures on 20c Europe"
bullet "The Adenauer Era in West Germany:  1949-1963"
bullet Anthony Eden (Spartacus Site)
bullet "Balkan Politics in the Cold War Years" - lecture by Stephen W. Soward
bullet "The Berlin Airlift of 1948"
bullet "The Berlin Wall"
bullet British House of Commons Election Results:  1832-1983 (Spartacus Site)
bullet Chronology of Russia History:  The Soviet Period
bullet Clement Atlee (Spartacus Site)
bullet Cold War (National Archives)
bullet "The Cold War and Korea" - lecture outline from MIT
bullet Cold War Documentary Library
bullet The Cold War Museum
bullet Cold War International History Project Bulletins Online
bullet Cold War International History Project - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
bullet A Concrete Curtain:  The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall
bullet "The Creation of Two Germanies"
bullet The Cold War Interactive (CNN)
bullet Cold War International History Project
bullet Designing Britain - Designing Britain 1945 - 1975 The visual experience of post-war society
bullet "The End of the Soviet Union and the Cold War"
bullet "The Eric Honeker Era in East Germany"
bullet EUROPA:  Gateway to the European Union (EU)
bullet "European Unification"
bullet "Extremists in Europe and Japan" (1968)
bullet "Forging the Iron Curtain in the Balkans:  1944-1956" - lecture
bullet "For European Recovery:  The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan
bullet "The Great Powers and the Division of Europe:  1945-1949" - tutorial with documents and other resources
bullet "Helmut Kohl and Germany Identity"
bullet "Helmut Schmidt's Government:  1974-1982"
bullet History of European Integration Site - many documents
bullet The House of Saxe-Coburg-Windsor Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet "The Hungarian Revolt" - essays and readings
bullet The Hungarian Revolution of 1956
bullet "Just War Theory and the Wars of the 20th Century" - John Buell
bullet A Look at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (Court TV)
bullet Map-->"Aftermath of the Second World War"
bullet Map-->"Cold War Alignments: 1945-1960"
bullet Map-->"Cold War Alignments: 1960-1991"
bullet Map-->"Cold War Alliances"
bullet Map-->"The Division of Germany"
bullet Map-->"Dumping the Colonies"
bullet Map-->"The United Nations: 1945"
bullet National Health Service Act (1948) - England (Spartacus Site)
bullet NATO Official Page
bullet "The Nuclear Revolution" - lecture outline from MIT
bullet The Nuremberg Trials
bullet Origins of the Cold War - good review sheet
bullet The Origins of the Cold War - from the series "Lectures on 20c Europe" 
bullet Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact
bullet Paris:  May, 1968
bullet People of Action during the Second Half of the 20c
bullet People of the Cold War
bullet People of Ideas--> Philosophers:  The 2nd Half of the 20c
bullet People of Ideas-->Scientists:  The 2nd Half of the 20c
bullet People of Ideas-->Theologians:  The 2nd Half of the 20c
bullet "The Prague Spring of 1968"
bullet Radio Prague's History Online Virtual Exhibit
bullet Radio Free Europe
bullet Remembering Bloody Sunday, January 30, 1972 (Ireland)
bullet "The Retreat from Empire" - Europe in Retrospect by Raymond F. Bretts
bullet Revelations from the Russian Archives
bullet "The Rise Khrushchev"
bullet The Simon Wisenthal Center
bullet "Social and Economic Change in the Balkans" - lecture by Stephen W. Soward
bullet Soviet Archives Exhibit
bullet The Soviet Union Factbook
bullet The Supreme Soviet - organizational flowchart
bullet The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - PBS
bullet The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Simon Weisenthal Center
bullet United Nations Resolutions List
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet "Willy Brandt:  1969-1974"
bullet Winston Churchill (Spartacus Site)

                             How to read a primary source document
Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1945:  The Spaniard's Charter
bullet 1945:  U. N. Charter
bullet 1946:  British Government Statement on Their Policy in India
bullet 1946:  "Churchill's Zurich Speech" - calls for a United States of Europe
bullet 1946:  Churchill's "Sinews" Speech, Westminster College (Fulton, MO) - "Iron Curtain"
bullet 1946:  Conservative Party Principles - Winston Churchill
bullet 1946:  The Constitution of Japan
bullet 1946:  J. F. Byrne's Stuttgart Speech and the U. S. restatement of policy on Germany (9/6)
bullet 1946:  George Kennan's Moscow Embassy Telegram #511 ("Long Telegram")
bullet 1946:  The Novikov Telegram (Sept.)
bullet 1946:  Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Documents
bullet 1946:  Stalin's Response to Churchill's "Iron Curtain" Speech
bullet 1946:  Testimony at Nuremburg - Rudolph Hess
bullet 1947:  General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
bullet 1947:  George Marshall's speech on Marshall Plan
bullet 1947:  The Marshall Plan
bullet 1947:  The Spanish Act of Succession
bullet 1947:  Truman Doctrine
bullet 1947:  U. N. General Assembly Resolution 181 - on the partition of Palestine (11/29)
bullet 1947:  Zhdanov's Report to the Cominform (9/22)
bullet 1948:  COMINFORM Communique: Resolution of the Information Bureau Concerning the Communist Party of Yugoslavia
bullet 1948:  G. R. Strauss, Minister of Supply, Speech Delivered on Nationalizing the Iron and Steel Industry
bullet 1948:  Israeli Declaration of Independence
bullet 1948:  Treaty of Brussels
bullet 1948:  U. N. Resolution 260 - "On Genocide"
bullet 1948:  Universal Declaration on Human Rights
bullet 1949:  Federal Republic of Germany, Basic Law
bullet 1949:  The N. A. T. O. Treaty
bullet 1949:  The UK, European Integration and the Hoffman Speech
bullet 1949:  Why Socialism? - essay by Albert Einstein     
bullet 1950:  "Lavender Mist, Number 1" - painting by Jackson Pollock
bullet 1950:  Mansholt Plan
bullet 1950:  On American Intervention in Korea - Andrei A. Gromyko
bullet 1950:  Report of the United Nations Commission on Korea
bullet 1950:  Stikker Plan
bullet 1950:  US-USSR Diplomatic Exchange on Korea
bullet 1954:  "Crucifixion" - painting by Salvador Dali
bullet 1954:  The Final Declaration of the Geneva Conference: On Restoring Peace in Indochina
bullet 1955:  Soviet Reaction to the Baghdad Pact
bullet 1955:  The Warsaw Pact
bullet 1956:  CPSU Working Notes on Hungary (10/23)
bullet 1956:  Sixteen Political, Economic, and Ideological Points (Budapest)
bullet 1956:  Soviet Statement of Friendship and Co-operation Between the Soviet Union and Other Socialist States
bullet 1956:  Irme Nagy's Last Message (11/4)
bullet 1956:  The "Loi-Cadre" of June 23, 1956
bullet 1956:  Khrushchev's Indictment of Stalin
bullet 1956:  Statement of the Soviet Government on the Hungarian Uprising
bullet 1956:  United Nations Statement on Slavery (9/7)
bullet 1957:  Dynamic Peace - John Foster Dulles
bullet 1957:  The Eisenhower Doctrine on the Middle East
bullet 1957:  EU Charter of Rome
bullet 1957:  TASS statement on the Eisenhower Doctrine
bullet 1958:  All-African People's Conference: Resolution on Imperialism and Colonialism, Accra (12/5-13)
bullet 1959:  The Nixon-Khrushchev "Kitchen Debate" (7/24)
bullet 1958:  Principles of the Spanish National Movement
bullet 1960:  Address to the UN General Assembly - Nikita Khrushchev
bullet 1960:  Khrushchev-Ulbricht Meeting (11/30)
bullet 1960:  Nikita Khrushchev's Address to the General Assembly of the U. N.
bullet 1960:  Nikita Khrushchev's Speech to the RFSR Teacher's Conference
bullet 1960:  Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight D. Eisenhower Summit Statements (5/26)
bullet 1960:  Oleg Penkovsky Letter (Aug.)
bullet 1960:  Soviet Statement to U.S. on U-2 Incident (5/10)
bullet 1960:  The U-2 Incident
bullet 1960:  United Nations Declaration on Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples
bullet 1961:  Khrushchev's Response to Kennedy Speech (8/4)
bullet 1961:  USA and USSR: Exchange of Notes on the Berlin Wall
bullet 1962:  Cuban Missile Crisis Debate in the U. N.
bullet 1962:  Kennedy-Khrushchev Letters Concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis (10/26-27)
bullet 1962:  Khrushchev's Message to Kennedy (10/28)
bullet 1962:  The Space Challenge - President John F. Kennedy
bullet 1964:  Europe and Its Role in World Affairs - Charles de Gaulle
bullet 1964:  France's Attitude Toward US Policy in Vietnam - Charles de Gaulle
bullet 1964:  The Romanian Workers' Party Statement on the Sino-Soviet Dispute
bullet 1966:  France's View of the Atlantic Alliance and NATO - Maurice Couve de Murville, Foreign Minister
bullet 1967:  The Anti-Soviet Policy of Communist China - Pravda
bullet 1967:  KGB Annual Report
bullet 1967:  Le Grand "Non": Britain's Proposed Entry Into the Common Market - Charles de Gaulle
bullet 1968:  Brezhnev Doctrine
bullet 1968:  Brezhnev-Dubcek phone call (8/13)
bullet 1968:  Czech Communist Party Leaders' Letter to Brezhnev
bullet 1968:  Posters of the Paris Student Uprisings of 1968
bullet 1968:  Report on the Occupation of the Sorbonne
bullet 1968:  Stop the Capitulators, June 2 (Paris)
bullet 1968:  Treatment of Dissidents in the 'Years of Stagnation' - Petition on the Legality of the Trial of Ginzburg, Galanskov, Dobrovol'skii and Lashkova
bullet 1970:  Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (3/5)
bullet 1972:  Salt I Treaty (5/26)
bullet 1973:  United Nations Statement on Minimum Age for Child Labor (6/26)
bullet 1974:  Brezhnev - Kissinger Talks (3/25)
bullet 1975:  Helsinki Accords
bullet 1975-88:  Documents on the Russian-Afghan War
bullet 1977:  Carter-Brezhnev Correspondence
bullet 1977:  Manifesto of Charter 77
bullet 1977:  Transcript of Honecker-Castro Meeting (9/3)
bullet 1978:  Camp David Accords
bullet 1979:  Brzezinski Memos to Carter on Afghanistan (Dec.)
bullet 1979:  Moscow-Kabul Exchange (March)
bullet 1979:  SALT II Treaty (6/18)
bullet 1979:  Soviet Report on Afghanistan (12/31)
bullet 1980:  The 'Twenty-One Demands'- A Call for Workers' Rights and Freedom in a Socialist State - Solidarity Union
bullet 1981:  Brezhnev-Jaruzelski Correspondence (Oct-Nov)
bullet 1982:  Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" - Lech Walesa
bullet 1983:  President Reagan's "Star Wars" Speech (3/23)
bullet 1986:  Gorbachev and Reagan Reykjavik Talks (10/11)
bullet 1986:  Single European Act
bullet 1987:  Perestroika as defined by the Communist Party Plenum (Jan.)
bullet 1987:  Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" - Mikhail Gorbachev
bullet 1988:  Bruges Speech by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (U. K.) - 9/20
bullet 1988:  "Christianity and Wealth" - Margaret Thatcher
bullet 1988:  Gorbachev's Speech to the United Nations (12/7)
bullet 1989:  Transcripts from the Malta Summit (Dec.)