bullet 1492:  An Ongoing Voyage 
bullet Admiral Zheng He's Fleet
bullet The African Slave Trade (Spartacus Site)
bullet The African Slave Trade and European Imperialism
bullet "The Age of Discovery" (American Spice Trade Association)
bullet Ancient Chinese Explorers:  Zheng He (NOVA)
bullet Cities of Gold - The Search for El Dorado (PBS series on "The West")  
bullet Colonization & Print in the Americas
bullet The Columbian Exchange
bullet Columbus & the Age of Discovery
bullet Columbus and the Spanish Reconquista - 43 slide Powerpoint presentation
bullet The Columbus Navigation Home Page
bullet The Conquistadors (PBS)
bullet Cultural Readings:  Colonization and Print in the Americas
bullet Discoverers Web
bullet European Voyages of Exploration:  The 15c and 16c
bullet Explorers Web Site (massive links)
bullet "The Great Food Migration" - Newsweek, 1991 (special issue)
bullet "The High Price of Sugar" - Newsweek, 1991 (special issue)
bullet "The History of the World Prior to 1492" - lecture outline
bullet The House of Castile-Genealogical (Spain)    The House of Aragon (Spain)
bullet Immanuel Wallerstein's World System Theory
bullet Internet Modern History Sourcebook:  "The Early Modern West"
bullet Incas and Conquistadors
bullet John Harrison and the Longitude Problem
bullet Latitude:  The Art & Science of 15c Navigation
bullet Lost at Sea - The Search for Longitude
bullet Map-->"The African Diaspora"
bullet Map-->"The Americas Before Columbus: 1450
bullet Map-->"The Atlantic Slave Trade"
bullet Map-->"Audiencias of the Viceroyalty of New Spain: 1650
bullet Map-->"Audiencias of the Viceroyalty of Peru: 1650
bullet Map-->"The Dutch Empire and Trade Routes"
bullet Map-->"Europe in 1600"
bullet Map-->"European Empires-1660"
bullet Map-->"The First Voyage of Columbus"
bullet Map-->"Ming China: 1368-1644"
bullet Map-->"Portuguese Empires in Asia: 1600s"
bullet Map-->"Spanish & Portuguese Exploration, 1400-1600"
bullet "Measles and Smallpox as an Allied Army of the Conquistadors of America"
bullet New Spain:  The Frontiers of Faith
bullet NM's Creative Impulse: The Development of Civilization: World History -- Exploration...The Americas (mucho links)
bullet Pictorial Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
bullet "Plagues & Peoples:  The Columbian Exchange" - essay by Dr. Ian Carr
bullet Primary Source Documents on The Age of European Discovery - huge list
bullet Prince Henry, the Navigator
bullet "Should the Ming End the Treasure Ship Voyages?" - essay by Jean Johnson
bullet Sir Francis Drake
bullet The Slave Trade (Spartacus)
bullet Spanish Colonial Administration (web chart)
bullet Spanish Conquest
bullet Spanish Exploration & the Conquest of Native America
bullet The Spanish Habsburgs:  Genealogical Chart 
bullet The Spanish Succession:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The Story of the Conquistadors (BBC)
bullet Trade Products in Early Modern History
bullet The Transformation of Europe in the 15c and Early 16c
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet Where Food Crops Originated:  Seeds of Change Garden


                             How to read a primary source document
Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1340:  Francesco Pegolotti - Cathay and the Way Thither
bullet 1455-56:  15c Slave Trade-The Portuguese in West Africa
bullet 1486:  The Bull of Grenada issued by Innocent VII to Ferdinand and Isabella
bullet 1492:  Christopher Columbus - selections from the Journal - First
bullet 1492:  Christopher Columbus - selections from the Journal - second
bullet 1492:  Christopher Columbus - selections from the Journal - third
bullet 1492:  Christopher Columbus - selections from the Journal - fourth
bullet 1492:  Christopher Columbus - selections from the Journal - fifth
bullet 1492:  Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus
bullet 1494:  Columbus' Letter to the King and Queen of Spain
bullet 1494:  The Treaty of Tordesillas  
bullet 1497:  Amerigo Vespucci - Account of His First Voyage 
bullet 1497:  John Cabot - Voyage to North America
bullet 1497-98:  Vasco da Gama: Round Africa to India
bullet 16c:  The Requerimiento
bullet 16c:  Theodore De Bry's Copper Engravings
bullet early 16c:  Various documents on the Conquest of Mexico by the Spanish
bullet 1500:  Venetian Portolan Chart of Greece and the Aegean area
bullet 1511:  Partial Draft of Antonio Montesinos’ Sermon
bullet 1511-20:  King Ferdinand's Letter to the Tainos
bullet 1512-13:  Laws of Burgos
bullet 1519:  An Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of America
bullet 1519-1522:  Ferdinand Magellan's Voyage Round the World
bullet 1520:  Cortez' Second Letter to Charles V
bullet 1537:  Sublemus Dei - Pope Paul III's encyclical on slavery   
bullet 1542:  The New Laws of the Indies
bullet 1543:  Letter from India, to the Society of Jesus at Rome - St. Francis Xavier
bullet 1553:  Letter of a Seville Merchant to His Agent in Lima, Peru
bullet 1555:  Decades of the New World - Richard Eden - English merchants at the Royal Court of Benin
bullet 1560:  Bartolome de Las Casas on the Five Kings of Hispaniola
bullet 1560:  "In Defense of the Indians-The Sermon of Father Montesinos" - Bartolomé de Las Cásas in his book, History of the Indies
bullet 1561:  Lope de Aguirre - Letter to King Philip Spain
bullet 1565:  Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales - The Founding of St. Augustine
bullet 1580s:  various engravings of Theodor De Bry - click on each title midway down the page
bullet 1580:  "On Cannibals" - Michel de Montaigne
bullet 1584:  Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh
bullet 1590:  "The Natural History and Moral of the Indians" - José de Acosta (1)    (2)   
bullet 1595:  Letter from a Basque Miner in Potosí to a Merchant in Seville
bullet 1604:  Samuel de Champlain - Voyages
bullet 1606:  The First Virginia Charter
bullet 1606:  Instructions for the Virginia Colony
bullet 1608:  Samuel de Champlain - The Foundation of Quebec
bullet 1617:  England, India, and the East Indies
bullet 1617:  Hsu Kuang-Chi - Memorial to Fra Matteo Ricci
bullet 1620:  The Mayflower Compact
bullet 1621:  Charter of the Dutch West India Company
bullet 1626:  The New Atlantis - Francis Bacon
bullet 1629:  Charter of Massachusetts Bay
bullet 1630:  John Winthrop - A Model of Christian Charity
bullet 1634:  A Voyage into the Levant - Henry Blount
bullet 1639:  On the Just Price - John Cotton
bullet 1664:  England's Treasure by Foreign Trade - Thomas Munn
bullet 1690:  The Repartimiento de Beinas:  From Labor to Cash Demands
bullet 1700:  An Eyewitness Describes the Slave Trade in Guinea
bullet 1713:  "The Geographer" - painting by Johannes Vermeer