bullet 17c English Literature:  1603-1660 (Luminarium site)  
bullet Absolute Monarchy & Enlightened Despotism
bullet Amsterdam Heritage:  Historical Buildings
bullet Another Way- England, Holland and America
bullet Art of the 17c (World Art Treasures)
bullet Bourbon France--Spain's Colonial Allies and Antagonists: 1699-1781
bullet The Bourbons:  A Genealogical Chart (France)
bullet British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate:  1638-1660
bullet British History:  The English Civil War
bullet Catherine the Great
bullet Charles I of England
bullet Charles II of England
bullet The Château de Versailles
bullet A Chronology of Russian History:  The Imperial Period (1689-1917)
bullet Creating French Culture:  Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
bullet The Deflowering of a Valley:  The Dutch in the Hudson
bullet Documents on the English Civil War
bullet Dutch Portuguese Colonial History
bullet Early Russian Tsars:  1462-1725 - Genealogical Chart
bullet Eighteenth Resources on the Net
bullet The English Civil War
bullet The English Civil Wars
bullet The English Revolution, 1640 written by Christopher Hill (1940)
bullet Europe During the Age of Absolutism - map
bullet The Execution of Charles I - essay by Frieda Blackwell and Jay Losey
bullet The Face of Russia (PBS Series)
bullet The Great Catherine (of Russia) Palace
bullet The Gunpowder Plot Society
bullet The Hanoverians - Genealogy Chart (.pdf)
bullet The History of the Habsburg Dynasty
bullet The History of St. Petersburg
bullet The Hohenzollerns:  Genealogical Chart (Brandenburg/Prussia)
bullet The House of Habsburgs - Lorraine:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The House of Romanov:  Geneological Chart
bullet Huguenot History
bullet Images of Power
bullet Immanuel Wallerstein's World System Theory
bullet The Imperial House of Hapsburg
bullet Instead of a Constitution - an explanation of Britain's political system
bullet The Jacobite Heritage
bullet James I of England
bullet James II of England

Laws in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery, commonly known as the Penal Laws

bullet "Wrong Side of the River: London's disreputable South Bank in the sixteenth and seventeenth century" - Jessica A. Browner in Essays in History
bullet The Levellers: Libertarian Radicalism and the English Civil War (David Hoile) essay
bullet Louis XIV
bullet Louis XIV - a detailed site
bullet The London Gazette - several reproductions (issues from 1674-1692)
bullet Map-->"Europe After the Peace of Utrecht"
bullet Map-->"The Partition of Poland"
bullet Map-->"The Rise of Prussia"
bullet Map-->"Russia Under Peter the Great"
bullet Oliver Cromwell (The Cromwell Association)
bullet Oliver Cromwell:  Constitutional Crisis in England
bullet Oliver Cromwell's Internet Portal
bullet Other Stuart Claimants
bullet The Palace of Versailles
bullet "The Pamphleteers Protestant Champion: Viewing Oliver Cromwell Through the Media of his Day" - essay by Kevin A. Creed
bullet The Path to Royal Absolutism:  The Renaissance and Early 17th Century
bullet Peter the Great's Russia
bullet The Prussian Tradition
bullet The Rise of Absolutism
bullet The Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy
bullet The Rise of Prussia
bullet Rivals to Rome:  The Ottoman Sultans
bullet The Romanov Dynasty:  Genealogical Chart (Russia)
bullet Russia in the Age of Enlightenment
bullet The Oliver Cromwell Song - by Monty Python
bullet "The Sinews of Power:  The Finances of the French Monarchy from Henry IV to Louis XVI" - essay
bullet The South Sea Bubble
bullet The Spanish Bourbons:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The Spanish Habsburgs:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The Spanish Succession:  Genealogical Chart
bullet The Stuarts
bullet Stuarts Genealogical Chart (England)
bullet Thomas Hobbes
bullet The Tudors & Stuarts - Genealogy chart (.pdf)
bullet Tulipmania
bullet The War of the Fronde: 1649-1652
bullet War of the Spanish Succession: 1701-1714
bullet "The Western Traditions" video series on line - The Annenburg Foundation
bullet William II & Mary II
bullet Women's Lives in the British Civil Wars

                            How to read a primary source document
Why Study History Through Primary Sources

bullet 1598:  True Law of Free Monarchies - King James I of England
bullet   17c:  "Cardinal Richelieu" & "Triple Portrait of Richelieu" - paintings by Phillipe de Champagne
bullet   17c:  Observations Upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands - William Temple
bullet   17c:  Social Conditions in 17c France
bullet 1603:  Accession speech to Parliament - James I of England (3/19) - page 1 (.pdf file)
bullet 1604:  Opening Address at the Hampton Court Conference - King James I of England (Jan.) - page 5 (.pdf file)
bullet 1604:  Reply of the House of Commons to King James I
bullet 1605:  Extracts on the Gunpowder Plot and the Nature of Parliament - James I of England - page 2 (.pdf file)
bullet 1605:  Primary Sources Pertaining to the Gunpowder Plot
bullet 1609:  Extract from a speech to Parliament on the Divine Right of Kings (3/21) - James I of England - page 4 (.pdf file)
bullet 1624:  Political Testament - Cardinal Richelieu
bullet 1626:  Edict Ordering the Demolition of the Feudal Castles in France
bullet 1628:  The Petition of Rights (England)
bullet 1629, 1641:  Protests of the House of Commons - documents showing the growth of Parliament's hatred for King Charles I, first complaining against his closet Catholicism, his Arminianism
bullet 1635:  Letters Patent Establishing the French Academy
bullet 1639:  Fighting the Scottish Covenanters - Sir Edmund Verney to his son, Ralph
bullet 1640:  A Bust of Cardinal Richelieu - Gianlorenzo Bernini
bullet 1640:  The Elements of Law Natural and Politics by Thomas Hobbes
bullet 1640s:  "The Diggers Song" - lyrics and downloadable sound file
bullet 1640s:  "England's Woes" - lyrics of a ballad from the English Civil War
bullet 1641-47:  The Citizen by Thomas Hobbes - a discussion of the natural law foundations of government
bullet 1642:  Declaration to Justify Their Proceedings and Resolutions to Take Up Arms (Eng.)
bullet 1642:  England's Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance
bullet 1642:  The Execution of Charles I
bullet 1642:  Letters From a Parliamentarian Soldier (English Civil War)
bullet 1643-44:  The Solemn League and Covenant - allied the Scotch Presbyterians and the Puritans in their struggle against Charles I
bullet 1644:  Areopagitica - John Milton
bullet 1644:  Oliver Cromwell - Letter to His Brother-in-Law After the Battle of Marston Moor
bullet 1646:  "An Arrow Against All Tyrants" - Richard Overton (Leveller)
bullet 1648:  "The Execution of Charles I" - in the newspaper, The Intelligencer (Jan. 29-Feb. 5)
bullet 1648:  A Leveller Petition
bullet 1649:  Excerpts from the Code of Law (Ulozhenie) - Russia
bullet 1649:  Extracts From His Own Defense at His Trial for Treason - King Charles I of England (.pdf file)
bullet 1649:  A Letter to Lord Halifax - Diggers pamphlet
bullet 1649:  Statement of the Levellers
bullet 1649:  Womens' Petition (London)
bullet 1653:  Instrument of Government
bullet 1654:  Cromwell, At the Opening of Parliament
bullet 1658:  "The Death of Oliver Cromwell" - in the newspaper, The Gazette (Sept. 2-9)
bullet 1660:  Declaration of Breda
bullet 1660:  Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes (entire text)
bullet 1660:  The Restoration of Charles II to the Throne of England
bullet 1660s:  "On the Financial Disorders in France" - Colbert's Memoirs
bullet 1662:  The Book of Common Prayer
bullet 1662:  British Poor Relief Act
bullet 1662:  "The Protecting Brewer" - lyrics to a song satirizing Olive Cromwell
bullet 1662:  "Syndics of the Cloth Guild" - painting by Rembrandt van Rijn
bullet 1662:  "Vive Le Roy" - lyrics to a Royalist recruiting song
bullet 1664:  Letter to the Town Officers and People of Marseilles - Colbert
bullet 1664:  Memorandum on Trade - Jean-Baptiste Colbert
bullet 1666:  A Detailed Account of the Great Fire of London - in the newspaper, The London Gazette (Sept. 3-10)
bullet 1668:  Brief Observations Concerning Trade and Interest of Money - Josiah Childs
bullet 1669:  Toleration Act
bullet 1671:  Madame Savigne's Portrait of Louis XIV and His Court
bullet 1672:  Declaration of Indulgence
bullet 1678:  Proclamation of King Charles II Regarding Foreign Seminaries
bullet 1679:  Habeas Corpus Act
bullet 1679:  "Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture" - Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bousset
bullet 1682-1729:  Peter the Great and the Rise of Russia - several assorted documents
bullet 1683:  Laying the Seige to Vienna - John III Sobieski
bullet 1683:  The Secret History of the Reign of Jan Sobieski
bullet 1683:  The Sultan's Declaration of War Against Leopold I
bullet 1685:  Speech of King James II to the Privy Council, February 7
bullet 1685:  The Treaty of Fontainebleau-Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
bullet 1687:  Declaration of Indulgence
bullet 1687:  Scottish Declaration of Toleration, February 12
bullet 1688:  Declaration of the Prince of Orange (10/10)
bullet 1688:  Declaration of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal - Parliament pledges its loyalty to William and Mary
bullet 1688:  Parliament Invites William of Orange to England
bullet 1688:  Petition for a Free Parliament (11/17)
bullet 1688:  Proclamation of King James II (10/20)
bullet 1689:  Act Establishing the British Coronation Oath
bullet 1689:  Act of Recognition - England
bullet 1689:  The English Bill of Rights   
bullet 1689:  The Irish Declaratory Act
bullet 1689:  Toleration Act of William and Mary
bullet 1690:  The Re-Establishment of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland
bullet 1690:  Reverend Rowland Davies' (Cavalry Chaplain) Account of the Battle of the Boyne
bullet 1694:  Journal of George Fox
bullet 1697:  Manifesto of King James II to the Protestant Princes
bullet 1697:  "On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy" - Jean Domat
bullet 1697:  Select Articles from the Treaty of Ryswick
bullet 1699:  Proclamation on the Introduction of the New Calendar, 1700 - Peter the Great
bullet  17c:  Silver Medal of Louis XIV
bullet Early 18c:  Jean Rousset de Missy - describing Russians in Western dress
bullet 1700:  Proclamation on the Introduction of the New Calendar - Peter the Great
bullet 1701:  Act of Settlement
bullet 1701:  King William of England Addresses Parliament on the French Question (12/31)
bullet 1701:  "Portrait of Louis XIV" - painting by Hyacinth Rigaud
bullet 1704:  The Dutchess of Orleans:  Versailles Etiquette
bullet 1704:  Dr. Hare's Account of the Battle of Blenheim
bullet 1704:  Marlborough's Account of the Battle of Blenheim
bullet 1707:  The Act of Union
bullet 1713:  Select Articles from the Treaty of Utrecht
bullet 1722:  Peter the Great's "Table of Ranks"
bullet 1727:  Coins of Louis XV of France
bullet 1746:  Portrait of Louis XIV - Saint-Simon     
bullet 1749:  A Description of the Empress Maria Theresa - Luise Gottsched
bullet mid-18c: Essay on Forms of Government - Frederick II
bullet 1752:  Frederick II - Political Testament
bullet 1762:  Peter III's Manifesto Freeing Nobles from Obligatory Service
bullet 1763:  Manifesto of Catherine the Great
bullet 1763:  Treaty of Paris (ended the French & Indian War)
bullet 1767:  Proposals for a New Law Code - Catherine the Great
bullet 1790:  Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow - Alexander Radishchev
bullet late 18c:  The Divisions of Poland
bullet late 18c Documents on the Reign of Catherine the Great of Russia
bullet late 18c Frederick II - Essay on Forms of Government
bullet late 19c Pavel Miliukov on the Reforms of Peter the Great