Primary Source Documents
bullet 1828 Noah Webster's Dictionary Site
bullet Aaron Burr's Trial
bullet America's Wars--The War of 1812
bullet 19c American Women
bullet Ashland:  The Henry Clay Estate
bullet "The Battle of Lake Champlain" - Stephen Ray (essay)
bullet A Biography of America:  A New System of Government (1776-1826) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Birch's View of Philadelphia in 1800
bullet British-American Diplomacy War of 1812 and Associated Documents (Avalon Project - Yale Univ.)
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1790-1829
bullet Clothing of the 1830s
bullet Daniel Webster:  Class of 1801
bullet A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson
bullet The Diaries of John Quincy Adams (MA Historical Society)
bullet The Dictionary Wars
bullet Documents on the War of 1812
bullet Dolly Madison (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet The Dolley Madison Project
bullet Dolley Payne (Todd) Madison
bullet The Duel (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet "Duel at Dawn, 1804" - Hamilton vs. Burr
bullet The Early Postal System
bullet Elizabeth Kortright Monroe
bullet The First America West:  The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820 (LOC)
bullet Follow in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark - Sierra Club
bullet Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
bullet Freedom's Journal, the first African-American owned and operated newspaper published in the United States (Wisconsin Historical Society)
bullet "The Great Chief Justice" at Home (John Marshall)
bullet Historical Census Browser:  1800          1810          1820         
bullet The History of Black Military Service: War of 1812
bullet James Madison - POTUS site
bullet James Madison - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet James Madison- His Legacy (James Madison Center)
bullet The James Madison Papers (American Memory from the Library of Congress)
bullet James Monroe - POTUS site
bullet James Monroe - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Jefferson on Slavery
bullet Jefferson's Blood (PBS-Frontline)
bullet "John Bull and Uncle Sam:  Four Centuries of British-American Relations" (From Enemy to Ally)
bullet John Quincy Adams - POTUS site
bullet John Quincy Adams - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (University of Nebraska)
bullet Lewis & Clark:  The Journey of the Core of Discovery (PBS)
bullet Lewis and Clark (National Geographic)
bullet Lewis and Clark (PBS series)
bullet Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
bullet Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
bullet The Lewis and Clark Expedition
bullet The Lewis and Clark Expedition - Documents
bullet Lewis & Clark - Mapping the West
bullet Letters of Thomas Jefferson
bullet The Louisiana Purchase in the Age of Revolution (eHistory)
bullet Map-->"Redrawing the Nation's Boundaries:  1783-1826" (interactive)
bullet Map-->"The War of 1812" (interactive)
bullet Martha Ballard's Diary:  1785-1812
bullet Martha Wayles (Skelton) Jefferson
bullet Methods of Electing Electors, outlining how electors were chosen in the states from 1804-1832
bullet Mystic Seaport & Maritime Museum - Official Site
bullet Monticello
bullet National Road - Route 40
bullet The Nineteenth Century in Print- Periodicals
bullet Noah Webster:  Writings & Biography
bullet The Papers of President James Madison (Avalon Project)
bullet The Papers of President James Monroe (Univ. of Mary Washington)
bullet The Papers of President Thomas Jefferson (Avalon Project)
bullet Prairie Fire:  The Illinois County, 1673-1818
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) -- 1800    1804    1808    1812    1816    1820    1824
bullet Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (LOC)
bullet The Republican Era 1801-1825 (outline notes)
bullet The Star Spangled Banner -- The Flag that Had Inspired the National Anthem
bullet Texts by or to Thomas Jefferson from the Modern English Collection
bullet Thomas Jefferson (LOC)
bullet Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive (University of Virginia)
bullet Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government
bullet Thomas Jefferson Papers: An Electric Archive (MA Historical Society)
bullet Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress
bullet Thomas Jefferson - POTUS site
bullet Thomas Jefferson - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet War of 1812 documents (Internet Archive)
bullet The War of 1812 (History Central)
bullet War of 1812 weblinks (American & Canadian)
bullet The War of 1812 Website
bullet Westward by Sea- A Maritime Perspective on American Expansion, 1820-1890 (LOC)
bullet Women in America:  1820-1842
bullet "Young America" Art Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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bullet 1785-1812:  Diary of Martha Ballard
bullet 1791, 1809:  Jefferson's views on slavery [excerpts from several sources]
bullet 1800:  "An Act to Prohibit the Carrying on the Slave Trade from the United States to any Foreign Place or Country." (5/10)
bullet 1800:  Gabriel's Conspiracy - assorted documents
bullet 1800: Harrison Land Law
bullet 1801:  State v. Boon
bullet 1801:  First Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1801:  First Inaugural Address - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1801:  Margaret Bayard Smith Meets Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1801-4:  “A Religious Flame That Spread All Over Kentucky" - Peter Cartwright Brings Evangelical Christianity to the West
bullet 1802:  Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" Letter (1/1)
bullet 1802:  Noah Webster's Fourth of July Address
bullet 1802:  Second Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1803:  An Act to Prevent the Importation of Certain Persons into Certain States, Where, by the Laws Thereof, Their Admission is Prohibited (2/28)
bullet 1803:  The Constitutionality of the Louisiana Purchase - Thomas Jefferson to John C. Breckinridge
bullet 1803:  "The following resolution passed the House of representatives on Wednesday last, and the senate yesterday. [Regarding the free navigation of the Mississippi River]" - broadside
bullet 1803:  French Exchange copy of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty--Convention for Payment of Sums Due by France to U. S. Page 1, Cover, Transcription
bullet 1803:  Jefferson's Secret Message Regarding the Lewis & Clark Expedition
bullet 1803:  Letter to James Madison, secretary of state, announcing that Louisiana was purchased from France
bullet 1803:  Lewis and Clark Expedition Supplies List
bullet 1803:  Louisiana Purchase
bullet 1803:  Message of President Thomas Jefferson concerning the cession of the province of Louisiana
bullet 1803:  Message of President Thomas Jefferson laying before the Senate the conventions with France for the cession of the province of Louisiana to the United States
bullet 1803:  Receipt for wine and kegs purchased by Meriwether Lewis
bullet 1803:  Gallatin Budget
bullet 1803:  Letter from President Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis
bullet 1803?:  List of Indian presents purchased by Meriwether Lewis
bullet 1803:  Louisiana Purchase and Associated Documents
bullet 1803:  Marbury v. Madison
bullet 1803:  President Thomas Jefferson's confidential message to Congress concerning relations with the Indians.
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bullet 1803:  Receipt for 131 rolls of pigtail tobacco purchased by Meriwether Lewis
bullet 1803:  Receipt for wine and kegs purchased by Meriwether Lewis
bullet 1803:  Speech Opposing the Louisiana Purchase - Senator Samuel White
bullet 1803:  Third Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1803:  Treaty of Ft. Wayne
bullet 1804:  12th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1804?:  "An Act to Abolish Slavery" - pamphlet
bullet 1804:  Black Laws of Ohio
bullet 1804:  Fourth Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1804:  Letter on Presidential Appointments (midway down the page)- Abigail Adams
bullet 1804:  "The Republican. No. II" - Fisher Ames
bullet 1804-1806:  Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806 [all volumes]
bullet 1805:  An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and Through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the Sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun, Rivers
bullet 1805:  Fifth Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1805:  History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution, Interspersed with Biographical, Political and Moral Observations. In Three Volumes. - Mrs. Mercy Otis Warren of Plymouth (Mass.)
bullet 1805:  "Indian speech, delivered before a gentleman missionary, from Massachusetts, by a chief, commonly called by the white people Red Jacket. His Indian name is Sagu-ua-what-hath, which being interpreted, Keeper-awake" - broadside
bullet 1805:  Lewis and Clark Reach the Pacific Ocean
bullet 1805:  "A Literary Lady" - Charles Brockden Brown - Literary Magazine, Volume III, pp. 359-360
bullet 1805:  New England Primer
bullet 1805:  Red Jacket Defends Native American Religion
bullet 1805:  Second Inaugural Address - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1805:  "Speciment of Political Improvement" - Charles Brockden Brown - Literary Magazine, Volume III, pp. 120-128
bullet 1806:  Account of a Connecticut Camp Meeting
bullet 1806:  Excerpt from the Journal of Lewis and Clark
bullet 1806:  A History of the Life and Death, Virtues and Exploits of General George Washington - Mason Locke Weems
bullet 1806:  Sixth Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1807:  An Act to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves
bullet 1807:  A narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Johnson: containing an account of her sufferings, during four years, with the Indians and French
bullet 1807:  Bank note published by Hallowell Bank in MA
bullet 1807:  "The Columbiad" - a poem by Joel Barlow
bullet 1807:  New England Primer
bullet 1807:  "Remarks on the slave-trade ... Printed and sold by Samuel Wood, No. 362 Pearl-Street " - broadside   image
bullet 1807:  Seventh Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1807:  The Stranger in America: Containing Observations Made During a Long Residence in that Country - Charles William Janson
bullet 1807:  Subpoena served on Thomas Jefferson to testify at Aaron Burr's trial for treason (6/13)
bullet 1807:  "Who Shall Not Vote?" - Acts of the 32nd General Assembly of NJ
bullet 1808:  "The constitution. Fellow-citizens of New-Hampshire. At an awful crisis, at a momentous period of our political existence we address you ... The Anti-Madison and anti-embargo list for electors ... [Signed] A Republican" - broadside
bullet 1808:  "Dignified patriotism. Extract from the Hon. Mr. Hillhouse's speech, in the Senate of the United States, against the passing of the new embargo law" - broadside
bullet 1808:  Eighth Annual Message to Congress of Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1808:  A Thanksgiving Sermon by Absalom Jones
bullet 1809:  First Inaugural Address - James Madison
bullet 1809:  Treaty of Vincennes Indiana Territory
bullet 1810:  Census Data for the Year 1810
bullet 1810:  Fletcher v. Peck 
bullet 1810:  Macon Bill No. 2 (5/1)
bullet 1810:  Portrait of Absalom Jones - painting by Raphaelle Peale
bullet 1811:  The Debate over War in Congress
bullet 1811:  Journal of a Voyage Up the Mississippi River - Henry Marie Brackenridge
bullet 1811:  "Let every Federalist do his duty, and Massachusetts will yet be saved!!! Federal republicans!",  Boston (April) - broadside
bullet 1812:  The American Debate Over the War of 1812 (multiple documents/excerpts)
bullet 1812:  Documents for Debate on Going to War in 1812
bullet 1812:  "Gerrymander" - an anonymous political cartoon
bullet 1812:  "Prompt patriotism. At a convention of republican delegates, consisting of one hundred and forty-two members, from fifty one towns/in the late County of Hampshire, comprising the counties, of Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden, convened at the Court-House in Northampton, on the 20th day of July inst at 11 o'clock [Resolves on war] July 21, 1812" - broadside
bullet 1812:  U. S. vs. Hudson and Goodwin
bullet 1812:  The War of 1812 - assorted documents of the war
bullet 1812:  Washington's Black Code
bullet 1812-13:  Journal of a Fur-Trading Expedition on the Upper Missouri - John C. Luttig
bullet 1813:  "Naval Battle Between the United States and the Macedonian on October 30, 1812- a painting by Thomas Birch
bullet 1813:  Second Inaugural Address - James Madison
bullet 1814:  Amendments to the Constitution as Proposed by the Hartford Convention
bullet 1814:  The Fall of Washington or Maddy in Full Flight - political cartoon
bullet 1814:  Star Spangled Banner Lyrics
bullet 1814:  The Treaty of Ghent

1814:  Treaty with Great Britain that ended our participation in the War of 1812

bullet 1815:  A Convention to Regulate the Commerce - Britain & the U. S.
bullet 1815:  Excerpt from the Memoirs of Susan Mansfield Huntington
bullet 1815:  "Glorious news from New Orleans! Splendid victory over the British forces Essex, Register Office. 2/9" - broadside
bullet 1815:  “I found him to be a very intelligent and feeling man” - Enslaved James Riley Encounters an Arab Trader
bullet 1815:  Jackson's letter describing the Battle of New Orleans
bullet 1815:  John Adams Letter to George Washington Adams and John Adams 2d (5/3) - preserve all that you write
bullet 1815:  "Liberty and Peace" - song lyrics
bullet 1815:  Memoirs of Susan Mansfield Huntington of MA - excerpts
bullet 1815:  Treaty of Portage des Sioux
bullet 1815:  United Kingdom Commerce and Navigation Treaty (7/3)
bullet 1816:  The Barbary Treaties
bullet 1816:  Diary of Stirling Murray, a fragment from 1816 dealing with the slave trade in Havana
bullet 1816:  Governor Tompkins (NY) Speech
bullet 1816:  Iroquois Creation Myth
bullet 1816:  Letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Plumer regarding the Dartmouth College case (7/21)
bullet 1816:  Slave bill of sale from Jane E Williams
bullet 1817:  Arrangement as to the Naval Force to Be Respectively Maintained on the American Lakes
bullet 1817:  Excerpt from the Cotton Book of G. W. Lovelace
bullet 1817:  First Inaugural Address - James Monroe
bullet 1817:  Rush-Bagot Agreement
bullet 1818:  Circular letter regarding the establishing of Sunday schools in Boston
bullet 1818:  Curriculum for the University of Virginia - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1818:  John Taylor, Arator: Being a Series of Agricultural Essays, Practical and Political - The Future of the Union
bullet 1818:  Observations on the Real Rights of Women - Hannah Crocker - excerpts
bullet 1818:  The Sally Hemmings Accusation Against Thomas Jefferson - article by James T. Callender
bullet 1818:  “Suffer for About the First Six Months After Leaving Home”- John Doyle Writes Home to Ireland
bullet 1819:  Adams-Onis Treaty
bullet 1819:  American State Papers, Military Affairs, "Description of the United States Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts"
bullet 1819:  Dartmouth College v. Woodward
bullet 1819:  Extract from the Albany Daily Advertiser
bullet 1819:  McCulloch v. Maryland
bullet 1819:  The Real Thirteenth Amendment
bullet 1819:  Tallmadge's Speech to Congress
bullet 1819:  Treaty of Edwardsville with the Kickapoo Indians (7/30)
bullet 1819:  Treaty of Fort Harrison with the Kickapoo Indians (8/30)
bullet 1820:  Census Data for the Year 1820
bullet 1820:  Charles Pickney's Speech to Congress
bullet 1820:  Compromise of 1820 - Tallmadge Amendment
bullet 1820:  Compromise of 1820 - Taylor's Amendment
bullet 1820:  Compromise of 1820 - Thomas's Amendment
bullet 1820:  Cotton Boom in Alabama and Mississippi
bullet 1820:  John Quincy Adams & John C. Calhoun Discuss the Compromise of 1820
bullet 1820:  The Missouri Compromise - James G. Blaine
bullet 1820:  Missouri Enabling Act
bullet 1820:  Plymouth Oration - Daniel Webster (12/22)
bullet 1820:  Record of the US Senate Debate on the Admission of Missouri
bullet 1820:  Report on Indians of the Upper Mississippi Valley - Morrill Marston
bullet 1820:  "Sectionalism and the Missouri Compromise" - Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes, 22 April 1820 - Writings of Thomas Jefferson (1854), volume 7
bullet 1820:  Slavery and the Constitution - John Quincy Adams
bullet 1820:  Taylor Amendment (1/26)
bullet 1820:  Thomas Amendment (2/17)
bullet 1820:  Thomas Jefferson letter to John Holmes
bullet 1820:  Treaty of St. Louis (Missouri Territory) with the Kickapoo Indians (7/19)
bullet 1820:  Treaty of Vincennes with the Kickapoo Indians (9/5)
bullet 1821:  Cohens v. Virginia
bullet 1821:  Second Inaugural Address - James Monroe
bullet 1821:  Thomas Jefferson's Biography (excerpts) - views on slavery
bullet 1821:  Warning Against the Search for "Monsters to Destroy" - John Quincy Adams
bullet 1823:  British Foreign Secretary George Canning's Overture for a Joint Declaration with the United States on the Spanish Colonies in America
bullet 1823:  Captured By Indians- Mary Jemison Becomes an Indian
bullet 1823:  John Quincy Adams's Account of the Cabinet Meeting of 11/7
bullet 1823:  Joshua & Sally Wilson Letters to George Wilson
bullet 1823:  Monroe Doctrine
bullet 1823:  Monroe Letter to Jefferson Seeking Foreign Policy Advice
bullet 1823:  Thomas Jefferson on the Monroe Doctrine (10/24)
bullet 1824:  Gibbons v. Ogden
bullet 1824:  “My Husband Was Seized With the Mania” - Emigration from New York to Michigan
bullet 1824:  Notices & Advertisements from the New York Evening Post
bullet 1826:  Adams and Jefferson - funeral oration by Daniel Webster (8/2)
bullet 1825:  The Bunker Hill Monument - Daniel Webster (6/17)
bullet 1825:  "Good Jackson Times. Farmers are doing well- of course every other man must do well" - broadside
bullet 1825:  Inaugural Address of John Quincy Adam
bullet 1825:  Thomas Jefferson's Letter to Henry Lee
bullet 1826:  Death of Adams & Jefferson on the Same Day - Thomas H. Benton
bullet 1826:  Thomas Jefferson's Letter to Roger C. Weightman
bullet 1827:  The First African American Newspaper Appears - from Freedom's Journal, (3/16) 
bullet 1828:  Noah Webster - An American Dictionary of the English Language - search engine showing an 1828 definition of a word with a 1913 definition of that same word
bullet 1828:  SC's Protest Against the Tariff of 1828 - John C. Calhoun's speech
bullet 1959:  "The Battle of New Orleans" - lyrics by Johnny Driftwood (with audio)

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