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bullet 18c Resources
bullet Abigail Smith Adams
bullet The Adams Family Papers: An Electronic Archive (MA Historical Society)
bullet Africans in America:  1750-1805 -- "Revolution" (PBS)
bullet Amazing Women in War and Peace
bullet America in the 1770s (E Pluribus Unum Project)
bullet America's Wars--The American Revolution
bullet American
bullet Archiving Early America
bullet "Battle of Concord" - Marike Blauw (essay)
bullet "Battle of Lexington" - Brenda Kamphuis (essay)
bullet Benjamin Franklin :  A Documentary History
bullet Bibliographies of the War of American Independence - U. S. Army Center of Military History
bullet A Biography of America:  The Coming of Independence (1763-1783) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Black Loyalists
bullet Black Loyalists: Our History, Our People (Canada's Digital Collection)
bullet The British Surrender at Yorktown - Eyewitness to History
bullet A Brush with History:  Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1619-1789
bullet Colonial Currency
bullet Colonial to 1800 -- American Literature
bullet The Contemplator's Short History of Women in the Revolutionary Era
bullet Cross Roads and Cross Rivers:  Diversity in Colonial New York
bullet Declaring Independence:  Drafting the Documents
bullet The Decisive Day Has Come: The Battle of Bunker Hill (MA Historical Society)
bullet Designing the Great Seal of the United States: 1776 to 1782
bullet Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention:  1774-1789
bullet Drafting the Documents for Independence (LOC)
bullet "Drums Along the Mohawk:  The American Revolution on the New York Frontier"
bullet Early American Art
bullet The Economics of the American Revolution
bullet The Elizabeth Murray Project
bullet The Execution of Nathan Hale, 1776
bullet Flags of the American Revolution
bullet Fort Ticonderoga
bullet Founders' Library - Claremont Institute
bullet George Washington:  A National Treasure (Smithsonian)
bullet George Washington (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet George Washington's Mount Vernon
bullet George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress: 1741-1799
bullet Historic Philadelphia
bullet Historic Valley Forge
bullet Histories of the Battle of Saratoga, 1777
bullet The History of Black Military Service during the Revolutionary War
bullet The History Place:  "The American Revolution" (hyperlinked, detailed timeline)
bullet "Indians and the American Revolution" - essay by Wilcomb E. Washburn
bullet Intelligence in the War of Independence - CIA
bullet John & Abigail Adams (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet John Adams (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet John Adams : The Letters Behind the HBO Miniseries (MA Historical Society)
bullet "John Bull and Uncle Sam:  Four Centuries of British-American Relations" (American Revolution)
bullet Journals of the Continental Congress (34 volumes)
bullet Letters of Thomas Jefferson
bullet Liberty! - The American Revolution (PBS)
bullet Loyalist and British Songs & Poetry of the American Revolution
bullet Loyalist Geneology
bullet Loyalist Propaganda
bullet A Loyalist Regiment in the American Revolution
bullet Map-->"Black-White Colonial America Outline Map:  1776"
bullet Martha Dandridge (Custis) Washington
bullet Myths of the American Revolution - Smithsonian
bullet New Jersey During the Revolution
bullet The New York Freedom Trail
bullet The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
bullet The Papers of Benjamin Franklin (Packard Humanities Institute)
bullet The Papers of George Washington
bullet Paul Revere Virtual Museum
bullet Popular Music during the Revolutionary War
bullet Prelude to Revolution (timeline)
bullet "Progressive Historiography of the American War for Independence" - Mike Crane (essay)
bullet Religion and the American Revolution - Christine Leigh Heyrman
bullet Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (LOC)
bullet "Religion under the State Constitutions, 1776–1800" - John K. Wilson
bullet The Revolutionary War (History Central)
bullet The Revolutionary War - National Archives
bullet The Siege of Boston (MA Historical Society)
bullet Six Historic Americans - Thomas Paine
bullet Spy Letters of the American Revolution
bullet "The Stylistic Artistry of the Declaration of Independence" - essay by Stephen E. Lucas
bullet Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive (University of Virginia)
bullet Thomas Jefferson Papers: An Electric Archive (MA Historical Society)
bullet Thomas Jefferson Papers - Library of Congress
bullet Thomas Jefferson - Monticello - History Links
bullet Thomas Paine - biography
bullet Timeline of the American Revolution (extensive) - The History Place
bullet To Form a More Perfect Union:  The Work of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention (LOC)
bullet USS Constitution Museum
bullet Virtual Marching Tours of the American Revolution
bullet Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia
bullet The War for American Independence
bullet The Writing of the Declaration of Independence

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bullet mid-late 18c?: "Free America" - a Revolutionary song by Joseph Warren
bullet late 18c:  The Captivity of Jonathan Alder (1773-1849) and His Life with the Indians  (full text)
bullet late 18c:  "God Save the Thirteen States" - a Revolutionary song (anonymous author)
bullet late 18c:  "Yankee Doodle" - song lyrics (anonymous)
bullet 1770s:  “I Began to Feel the Happiness, Liberty, of which I Knew Nothing Before” - Boston King Chooses Freedom and the Loyalists during the War for Independence
bullet 1770s:  "The Rifleman's Song at Bennington" - song lyrics of Vermont Patriots
bullet 1772:  "Poem on the Glory of America" - Philip Freneau
bullet 1774:  "Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Parliament," (On the passions of men and the necessity of government) - James Wilson
bullet 1774:  "The King's speech to both houses of Parliament, on the 30th of November"
bullet 1774:  Suffolk Resolves
bullet 1774-1802:  Early Virginia Religious Petitions
bullet 1775:  "The address of the Lords and Commons to his Majesty, on the present state of America" - broadside
bullet 1775:  The Battle of Bunker Hill - Major-General John Burgoyne to Lord Stanley
bullet 1775:  "The Battle of Bunker Hill" - British song lyrics
bullet 1775:  The Charlotte Town Resolves
bullet 1775:  Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking Up Arms - John Dickinson & Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1775:  First-Hand Account of the Midnight Ride - Paul Revere
bullet 1775:  "The Farmer Refuted" - Alexander Hamilton
bullet 1775:  "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech - Patrick Henry
bullet 1775:  "His Majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Friday, 10/27" - broadside
bullet 1775:  "The King's Own Regulars" - traditional song lyrics from the British soldier's point of view
bullet 1775:  Letter on Doubts About Independence - Abigail Adams
bullet 1775:  The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
bullet 1775:  "Novanglus No. 7" - John Adams (Jan.) - using his pen name, Adams writes a response to a Loyalist
bullet 1775:  New England Restraining Act (3/30)
bullet 1775:  On Civil Liberty, Passive Obedience, and Nonresistance - Jonathan Boucher
bullet 1775:  A Proclamation, by The King, for Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition
bullet 1775:  A Report on Indian Affairs - Articles of Confederation Congress (7/12)
bullet 1775:  Runaway Notice for the Slave, "Titus"
bullet 1775:  "A Society of Patriotic Ladies at Edenton in North Carolina" - political cartoon by Philip Dawe, London
bullet 1775:  Speech on Conciliation with America - Sir Edmund Burke 
bullet 1775:  A View of the Controversy Between Great Britain and Colonies by a Westchester Farmer, Samuel Seabury
bullet 1775:  William Pitt's Speech on the Stamp Act (1/20)
bullet 1775-79:  The War for Independence Through Seneca Eyes - Mary Jemison Views the Revolution
bullet 1775-1780:  Excerpts from the Journal of John Paul Jones
bullet 1775-1782:  Weather Reports from Valley Forge
bullet 1776-1778:  Henry Sewall's Diary
bullet 1776:  Actual Page from The Boston Gazette (10/7/1776)
bullet 1776:  "The American Crisis, I" - Thomas Paine in Common Sense
bullet 1776:  "American Independence" - Samuel Adams (8/1)
bullet 1776:  The Battle of Trenton
bullet 1776:  Commissary General [Br.] Department's Receipt for Provisions (9/24), NYC
bullet 1776:  Commissary General's [Br.] Department List of Waggons & Horses
bullet 1776:  Common Sense - Thomas Paine
bullet 1776:  Concord Town Meeting Resolution
bullet 1776:  The Constitution of Pennsylvania
bullet 1776:  The Declaration of Independence - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1776:  Diary of a Revolutionary Army Physician
bullet 1776:  Draft Constitution for Virginia - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1776:  Ethiopian Regiment Morning Reports to Lord Dunsmore (5/21)
bullet 1776:  "Fragment of an original letter on the slavery of the negroes; written in the year 1776, by Thomas Day, Esq." - broadside
bullet 1776:  The Great Anniversary Festival - John Adams on the Declaration of Independence (7/3)
bullet 1776:  Halifax Resolve
bullet 1776:  "An intercepted original letter from General Washington to his Lady, in the year 1776" (1/24) -broadside
bullet 1776:  James Chalmers and "Plain Truth" - A Loyalist Answers Thomas Paine
bullet 1776:  John Adams to Abigail Adams - letter (7/3)
bullet 1776:  John Hancock Letter, Signed, to Governor Nicholas Cooke of Rhode Island
bullet 1776:  Letter and Poem to General Washington - Phillis Wheatley, African-American poet --> Washington Reply to Wheatley
bullet 1776:  Letter to Congress on Recruiting & Maintaining an Army - George Washington
bullet 1776:  New Jersey Constitution of 1776
bullet 1776:  On the Right to Rebel Against Governors - Samuel West, in Boston
bullet 1776:  "Plain Truth" - a Loyalist pamphlet by James Chalmers (Candidus)
bullet 1776:  "Reading of the Declaration of independence White Plains, July 11, 1776 (From a painting by George Albert Harker - Courtesy Westchester Title and Trust Co.) New York's declaration of independence" - broadside      image
bullet 1776:  Richard Henry Lee Resolution of VA proposing American Independence (6/7)
bullet 1776:  Resolution introduced in the Continental Congress by Richard Henry Lee (Virginia) proposing a Declaration of Independence
bullet 1776:  Resolution of a Concord, MA Town Meeting
bullet 1776:  Rights of Women in an Independent Republic - letter of Abigail Adams to John Adams (Mar. 31, Apr. 14, May 26)
bullet 1776:  Thomas Jefferson's Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence
bullet 1776:  Thoughts on Government - John Adams
bullet 1776:  The True Interest of America Impartially Stated - Charles Inglis
bullet 1776:  Virginia Declaration of Rights - George Mason
bullet 1776-1777:  Thomas Paine. The American Crisis.
bullet 1777:  Articles of Confederation
bullet 1777:  Constitution of New York
bullet 1777:  "The first prayer in Congress. In Thatcher's military journal, under date of December 1777, is found a note containing the identical 'First prayer in Congress,' made by the Rev. J. Duche ... Ocala, Fla. Banner Steam Print" - broadside
bullet 1777:  From the Diary of a Surgeon at Valley Forge - Albigence Waldo
bullet 1777:  Hessian Account of the Battle of Saratoga
bullet 1777:  John McKinly Writes to his Wife Jenny
bullet 1777:  Major-General Burgoyne to his nieces after the Battle of Saratoga
bullet 1777:  “Natural and Inalienable Right to Freedom” - Slaves ’Petition for Freedom to the Massachusetts  Legislature
bullet 1777:  Observations on the slaves and the indented servants, enlisted in the army, and in the navy of the United States - Antibiastes
bullet 1777:  Petition of Blacks to the Massachusetts General Court for an end to slavery
bullet 1777:   Royal Artillery Regiment Recruiting Notice - The New York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury  (4/28)
bullet 1778:  French Alliance Brings Joy to Washington at Valley Forge (5/1)
bullet 1778:  Letter of Mrs. Hannah Corbin
bullet 1778:  Letters from Valley Forge
bullet 1778:  Recollections on Capture by the Shawnee - Joseph Jackson
bullet 1778:  Rebel Deserter Intelligence - The Royal Gazette, NYC (3/21)
bullet 1778:  Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the U. S. & France
bullet 1778:  Treaty with the Delawares
bullet 1778:  Treaty with France
bullet 1778:  Washington's letter to Governor Clinton at Valley Forge (2/16)
bullet 1779:  Andrew Sherburne’s Experiences on a Privateer During the Revolutionary War
bullet 1779:  A Bill Concerning Slaves - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1779:  Black Loyalists Proposed Corps. - Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office 137/75/42-43
bullet 1779:  Joseph Chew to Major Andre (11/15), NYC
bullet 1779:  Statute of Religious Freedom - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1780:  The American Crisis - Thomas Paine
bullet 1780:  Black Loyalist Runaway Notice (9/1)
bullet 1780:  Blacks Petition Against Taxation Without Representation (3/14)
bullet 1780:  Daniel Boone Land Deed Signed by Daniel Boone (4/7)
bullet 1780:  The Ladies of Trenton Assemble (7/4)
bullet 1780:  Letter from Benedict Arnold to the inhabitants of North America as reported in The London Gazette (11/11-14/1780)
bullet 1780:  Letter from Benedict Arnold to Major John André (7/12) - decoded
bullet 1780:  Letter from Benedict Arnold to Major John André (7/15) - decoded
bullet 1780:  Letter from Benedict Arnold to George Washington pleading for mercy for his wife (9/25)
bullet 1780:  A Massachusetts one dollar bill
bullet 1780:  Royal Artillery Regiment Negroes Employed (4/28)
bullet 1780:  "The Sentiments of an AMERICAN WOMAN"
bullet 1780:  A Sermon on the Day of the Commencement of the Constitution - Rev. Samuel Cooper
bullet 1780:  Selected Land Records of Daniel Boone
bullet 1780:  Washington's Headquarters  - François Jean, Marquis de Chastellux
bullet 1781:  Articles of Capitulation, Yorktown
bullet 1781:  Black Loyalists Furnishing Slaves (4/12)
bullet 1781:  Diary of Ebenezer Denny - on the surrender of Cornwallis
bullet 1781:  Excerpt from the Diary of Miss Anna Rawle
bullet 1781:  "Glorious intelligence! [Announcement of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis]" - broadside
bullet 1781:  Cato Petitions the Pennsylvania Legislature to Remain Free, Freeman’s Journal (Philadelphia, PA)  9/21
bullet 1781:  The Norfolk Chronicle
bullet 1781:  Notes on the State of Virginia - Thomas Jefferson (full text)
bullet 1781:  Origin and Progress of the American Revolution - Peter Oliver
bullet 1781:  “Laying Close Siege to the Enemy” - Joseph Plumb Martin at the Battle of Yorktown
bullet 1782:  "Commerce between Master and Slave" - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1782:  Contract Between the King & the Thirteen United States of North America
bullet 1782:  The Beheading of a Black Loyalist, Harry - Charlestown, SC (11/27)
bullet 1782:  Letters from an American Farmer - J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur
bullet 1782:  Preliminary Articles of Peace Between the U. S. & Britain
bullet 1783:  Address to Congress on Resigning his Commission - George Washington
bullet 1783:  American Spelling Book - Noah Webster
bullet 1783:  A Committee Reports on Import Duties - Articles of Confederation Congress
bullet 1783:  Declarations for Suspension of Arms and Cessation of Hostilities Signed at Versailles
bullet 1783:  Decision on the Claim of Samuel Burke of South Carolina
bullet 1783:  Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Martha Jefferson
bullet 1783:  Newburgh Conspiracy and George Washington's Reply
bullet 1783:  Treaty of Paris
bullet 1783:  Washington's Farewell to the Troops
bullet 1784:  Geography Made Easy - Jedidiah Morse
bullet 1784:  Report on Government for the Western Territories - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1785:  Commissioners Authorized to Form Treaties with Indian Tribes - Articles of Confederation Congress
bullet 1785:  Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams
bullet 1780s:  George III Laments the Loss of the American Colonies
bullet 1786:  "The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June, 1775" - painting by John Trumbull
bullet 1786:  Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
bullet 1828?:  "The World Turned Upside Down" song allegedly played at the British surrender at Yorktown
bullet 1832:  "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" - Nathaniel Hawthorne
bullet 1837:  "The Concord Hymn" - poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson
bullet 1837:  Sarah Osborn Recollects Her Experiences in the Revolutionary War
bullet 1860:  "Paul Revere's Ride" - poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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