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bullet The 2000 Presidential Campaign (American Museum of Moving Images)
bullet The 2004 Presidential Campaign (American Museum of Moving Images)
bullet The 2008 Presidential Campaign (American Museum of Moving Images)
bullet 2000 Presidential Election - The American Presidency Project (UCSB)
bullet 2001 -- The Day That Changed America
bullet Alternative Resources on the U.S. "War Against Terrorism"
bullet America Fights Back (CBS News)
bullet The Arab-Israeli Conflict (my page)
bullet Art in the Twenty-First Century (PBS)
bullet Attack on America:  Osama bin Ladin, the Taliban, and Terrorism - Joyner Library (East Carolina Univ. - NC)
bullet Barack Obama - POTUS site
bullet Barack Obama - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Barack Obama Page (
bullet Barack Obama Job Approval Chart - Wall Street Journal
bullet By the People: Election 2004 (PBS)
bullet Bush- The first 100 days (CNN)
bullet Campaign 2000 - hundreds of political cartoons
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1830-end
bullet CIA World Factbook - 2001
bullet CIA World Factbook - current
bullet Counter-Terrorism Bills Website
bullet The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (ComedyCentral)
bullet Day of Infamy - special report in Time Magazine
bullet Election 2000 (Online, PBS)
bullet The Elian Gonzalez Case (News Hour, PBS)
bullet Enron on Trial (CNNMoney)
bullet Executive Orders - Barack Obama
bullet Executive Orders - George W. Bush
bullet Florida 2000 - links to many docs.
bullet George Walker Bush - POTUS site
bullet George Walker Bush - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet George W. Bush Job Approval Chart - Wall Street Journal
bullet "Gunning for Saddam" (PBS Frontline)
bullet "Hare and Tortoise" - Herblock's political cartoons on the 2000 election
bullet Historical Census Browser:   2000        2010
bullet Hunting Bin Laden (Frontline)
bullet India & Pakistan:  On the Brink? (my page)
bullet Laura Welch Bush (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001
bullet Map-->"Campaign 2000" (interactive) - CNN
bullet Michelle LeVaughan Robinson Obama (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet "Modernism and Abstraction" - art works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
bullet National Debt Clock
bullet The Official Election Results - 2000
bullet Operation Iraqi Freedom - Lessons Learned
bullet Papers of President George W. Bush (Avalon Project)
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  2000     2004     2008
bullet September 11 & Response Resources
bullet September 11th Source Book - documents from the National Security Archives (George Washington University)
bullet Stolen Election ( Unity)
bullet Trial of Zacarius Moussaoui, 2006 (Famous Trials)
bullet Truth, War, and Consequences -- The War in Iraq (Frontline)
bullet USA Patriot Act: Chronology 
bullet U. S. Census Bureau: Gateway to Census 2000          Census 2010
bullet The War in Afghanistan (my page)
bullet The War on Terror (FOXNews)
bullet Why the Towers Fell (NOVA) - video
bullet Y2k - The Winter of Our Discontent
bullet Znet - alternative views on the war in Afghanistan

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bullet 2000:  "The Battle of the Decades; Reaganomics vs. Clintonomics Is a Central Issue in 2000" - Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times (2/20)
bullet 2000:  Boy Scouts of America v. Dale -- issue of the right not to associate
bullet 2000:  Bush v. Gore
bullet 2000:  Bush v. Palm Beach County
bullet 2000:  "Condoleeza Rice on the Foreign Policy of Governor George W. Bush" (10/12)
bullet 2000:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 2000:  Documents related to the 2000 Election Dispute
bullet 2000:  Excerpt from Remarks by President Clinton on National Missile Defense (9/1)
bullet 2000:  First Gore-Bush Presidential Debate (10/3)
bullet 2000:  Lieberman-Cheney Vice Presidential Debate (10/5)
bullet 2000:  The Martin Luther King Report - U. S. Dept. of Justice
bullet 2000:  Reno v. Condon
bullet 2000:  Republican Party 2000 Platform
bullet 2000:  Santa Fe Indep. School Dist. v Doe -- issue of student-initiated religious speech
bullet 2000:  Second Gore-Bush Presidential Debate (10/11)
bullet 2000:  "Successful Leader" - George W. Bush campaign TV ad
bullet 2000:  Third Gore-Bush Presidential Debate (10/17)
bullet 2000:  "Welcoming the Stranger Among Us:  Unity in Diversity" - U. S. Catholic Bishops
bullet 2000-2001:  President-Elect Bush's transition period - speeches and communiques
bullet 2001:  "Aftermath of the Terrorist Attack: Economic, Financial and Policy Consequences" - Roger M. Kubarych - op-ed piece in Foreign Affairs (9/11)
bullet 2001:  "Be not afraid" - speech by Justice Clarence Thomas (2/13)
bullet 2001:  Farewell Address to the Nation - Bill Clinton (1/18)        (video)
bullet 2001:  First Inaugural Address of George Walker Bush
bullet 2001:  FBI New York Press Release - U. S. indictment against bin Ladin (11/4)
bullet 2001:  Hanging Chad photo
bullet 2001:  "Jeffords' switch tips balance of power in Washington" - CNNfyi article
bullet 2001:  Joint Statement by Presidents Bush and Putin on Counter-Terrorism (10/21)
bullet 2001:  Kyllo v United States -- issue of the use of thermal imaging and the definition of "house"
bullet 2001:  Laura Bush's Radio Speech on the Treatment of Afghan Women and Children by the Taliban (11/17)
bullet 2001:  Letter from Attorney General John Ashcroft to James Jay Baker, Director of the NRA, regarding the Second Amendment (5/17)
bullet 2001:  Lorillard Tobacco Co. v Reilly -- issue of commercial free speech
bullet 2001:  No Child Left Behind Act
bullet 2001:  No Laughing Matter: Post-September 11 Political Cartoons in Arab/Muslim Newspapers - Matthew Diamond
bullet 2001:  Osama Bin Laden speeches (9-12)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's address to the U. N. (11/10)
bullet 2001:  President Bush announces American air strikes on Afghanistan (10/7)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's address to a joint session of Congress and the nation "Islam is Not the Enemy" (9/20)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's Executive Order on the Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism (11/13)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's "Islam is Peace" speech (9/17)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's Remarks at the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance (9/14)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's Saturday radio address to the nation (9/8)        (9/15)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's speech in Atlanta, GA, on homeland security (11/8)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's Message on Ramadan (11/15)
bullet 2001:  President Bush's TV Speech addressing the nation concerning the terrorist attack (9/11)
bullet 2001:  President Bush Waives Nuclear-Related Sanctions on India and Pakistan (9/22)
bullet 2001:  President George W. Bush's Inaugural Address (1/20)
bullet 2001:  The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations Against Terrorists and Nations Supporting Them and the Memorandum Opinion for the Deputy Counsel to the President (9/25)
bullet 2001:  "Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration:  A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice" - U. S. Catholic Bishops
bullet 2001:  "The Second Amendment Under Fire: The Uses of History and the Politics of Gun Control" - Saul Cornell, Associate Professor, Department of History, Ohio State University
bullet 2001:  Speech by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of GA on slave reparations (8/11)
bullet 2001:  Speech by Secy. of State Colin Powell on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (11/20)
bullet 2001:  Speech by Senator Hillary Clinton (NY) on Women in Afghanistan (11/24)
bullet 2001:  Summary of the Uniting and Strengthening America Act (10/4)
bullet 2001:  Tenet Ceasefire Plan (6/14)
bullet 2001:  U. S. Counter-Terrorism Bill (9/2)
bullet 2001:  U. S. Patriot Act - H. R. 3162 (10/26)
bullet 2002-2006:  Platform of the America First Party
bullet 2002:  Homeland Security Act (1/23) - 187 pages
bullet 2002:  Letter from Attorney General John Ashcroft to Pres. George W. Bush on the status of Taliban detainees under the Geneva Convention (2/1)
bullet 2002:  U. N. Security Resolution 1397 (3/12)
bullet 2003:  The September 11 Detainees: A Review of the Treatment of Aliens Held on Immigration Charges in Connection with the Investigation of the September 11 Attacks (June) - Office of the Inspector General     (entire document index)
bullet 2004:  Cheney-Edwards Vice Presidential Debate (10/5)
bullet 2004:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 2004:  First Bush-Kerry Presidential Debate (9/30)
bullet 2004:  "Safer, Stronger" - George W. Bush campaign TV ad
bullet 2004:  Second Bush-Kerry Presidential Debate (10/8)
bullet 2004:  Third Bush-Kerry Presidential Debate (10/13)
bullet 2005:  Second Inaugural Address of George Walker Bush
bullet 2008:  Biden-Palin Vice-Presidential Debate (10/2)
bullet 2008:  "The Country I Love" - Obama campaign TV ad
bullet 2008:  Democratic Party Platform         Republican Party Platform
bullet 2008:  First McCain-Obama Presidential Debate (9/26)
bullet 2008:  Second McCain-Obama Presidential Debate (10/7)
bullet 2008:  Presidential Election Documents (speeches by all of the primary and major candidates)
bullet 2008:  Third McCain-Obama Presidential Debate (10/15)
bullet 2008-2009:  President-Elect Obama's Transition - speeches and communiques
bullet 2009:  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (407 pages)
bullet 2009:  Americans With Disabilities Act amended
bullet 2009:  Executive Order 13489 - Presidential Records (1/21)
bullet 2009:  First Inaugural Address of Barack Hussein Obama
bullet 2011:  Section-by-Section Analysis of the Budget Control Act of 2011 as announced on July 31
bullet 2011:  American Reform Party Platform for 2012
bullet 2011:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement on Libya (8/25)
bullet 2011:  "Ten Lessons Since the 9/11 Attacks" - Edward Allen, et. al. (10 links by ten authors)

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