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bullet The 1980s and 1990s Video Almanac List  (CNN)
bullet 1990s Ads
bullet 1990s Famous Court Cases (Court TV site)
bullet The 1990s Flashbacks
bullet The 1992 Presidential Campaign (American Museum of Moving Images)
bullet The 1996 Presidential Campaign (American Museum of Moving Images)
bullet 1996 Presidential Election Links
bullet The 1980s and 1990s on CNN - chronology of key events with video clips
bullet Affirmative Action and Diversity Project
bullet American Cultural History:  1990-1999
bullet The Articles of Impeachment of President Clinton Explained - Ruth Marcus (Washington Post Editor)
bullet Barbara Pierce Bush (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet Bill Clinton (Time Magazine Newsfile)
bullet Bill Clinton Job Approval Chart - Wall Street Journal
bullet Bosnia and Herzegovina - U. N. Human Rights Office
bullet Chronology of the Equal Rights Amendment:  1923-1996
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1830-end
bullet Civil Rights Movement (Spartacus)
bullet Clinton (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet "Clinton Accused" - impeachment coverage in The Washington Post
bullet The Clinton Legacy (The New York Times)
bullet The Clinton Presidential Center
bullet The Clinton Years:  1993-2001 (BBC)
bullet The Clinton Years (Washington Post)
bullet The Clinton Years In-Depth (CNN)
bullet Columbine shooting (Jefferson County, CO Sheriff's Office)
bullet Crisis in the Gulf: 1999 - Texts & Transcripts (BBC)
bullet Environmental History Timeline
bullet Executive Orders - President Clinton
bullet "Factors that Influence Migration:  Proposition 187 in California" - Philip Martin
bullet A Feminist Writes on the Anita Hill Conflict
bullet The Fog of War:  The 1991 Air Battle for Baghdad (Washington Post)
bullet George Herbert Walker Bush - POTUS site
bullet George Herbert Walker Bush - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library and Museum
bullet George W. Bush - American Presidents:  Life Portraits (CNN)
bullet The Gulf War (Frontline-PBS)
bullet The Gulf War (1)
bullet The Gulf War (2)
bullet Gulf War Timeline
bullet Gun Control: The Second Amendment (
bullet Herblock's History:  Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium
bullet Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet Historical Census Data:  1990
bullet The Impeachment Process: 1998
bullet Impeachment:  The Process and History -- focus on President Clinton's impeachment (NY Times Learning Network)
bullet The Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton - all the key documents are here (Univ. of MI)
bullet The Impeachment Trial (PBS News Hour) - many links
bullet The Impeachment Trial of President William Jefferson Clinton, 1999 (Famous Trials)
bullet Kosovo:  A Bitter Struggle in a Land of Strife (NY Times Special)
bullet Los Angeles Police Officers Trials for the Beating of Rodney King, 1992-1993 (Famous Trials)
bullet Los Angeles Times 5-Part Series on Cesar Chavez (2000)
bullet "Lines in the Sand" - Herblock's political cartoons on important issues of the 1990s
bullet Major Events in:  1990    1991    1992    1993    1994    1995    1996    1997    1998   1999
bullet Map-->"Wars and Atrocities in the Fourth Quarter of the 20c:  1975-2000"
bullet Miscellaneous Senate Publications Related to the Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton
bullet Military Women in Bosnia and Beyond
bullet "Modernism and Abstraction" - art works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
bullet NOW statements on Paula Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton
bullet - many documents
bullet The O. J. Simpson Trial, 1995 (Famous Trials)
bullet Oklahoma City Bombing Trial of Timothy McVeigh, 1997 (Famous Trials)
bullet Operation Desert Storm: Ten Years After - National Security Archives at George Washington University (16 documents)
bullet An Outline of the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Hearings
bullet Papers of President William J. Clinton (Avalon Project)
bullet Persian Gulf War 1991 TV News Collection
bullet The President on Trial (Time Magazine extra)
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  1992     1996
bullet Presidential Impeachment Proceedings - Bill Clinton
bullet The Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States - Bill Clinton
bullet Reagan Versus Clinton - statistical comparisons
bullet Reasons for War--Things You Forgot About Iraq - many links to documents (but, a pro-Democratic view)
bullet The Reform Party of America Official Website
bullet "Riots and Rebellion- Civil Rights, Police Reform and the Rodney King Beating" - Robert Garcίa
bullet The Ruby Ridge (Randy Weaver) Trial, 1993 (Famous Trials)
bullet "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" - Herblock's political cartoons on the Key Issues of the 1990s
bullet The State of the World's Children: 1999 (UNICEF)
bullet Ted Kaczynski--The Unabomber
bullet Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing
bullet Security Archive Briefing Book on the U. S. and Genocide in Rwanda (1994) - National Security Archives
bullet The Two Nations of Black America (Frontline)
bullet Vice President Al Gore's Speeches (NARA)
bullet Waco, Texas Stand-off (The American Experience)
bullet War in Europe- Kosovo (Frontline)
bullet William Jefferson Clinton - POTUS site
bullet William Jefferson Clinton - Miller Institute, University of Virginia

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bullet 1990:  1990 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1990:  Americans with Disabilities Act
bullet 1990:  "Choices and Change" - speech by Barbara Bush, former First Lady (6/1) at Wellesley College, MA
bullet 1990:  Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health -- issue of the right to "pull the plug" on a terminal patient
bullet 1990:  Immigration Act of 1990 (11/29)
bullet 1990:  National Security Directive 45 - "U.S. Policy in Response to the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait" (8/20)
bullet 1990:  Oil Pollution Act (66 pages)
bullet 1990:  Pollution Prevention Act
bullet 1990:  Speech at the Westminster College Cold War memorial  - President Reagan
bullet 1990:  The United States v. Eichman (flag burning issue)
bullet 1990:  Westside Community Schools v. Mergens
bullet 1990s?:  "We Must Take America Back!" - song lyrics by Steve Vaus
bullet 1991:  1991 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1991:  The Civil Rights Act of 1991
bullet 1991:  The Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings Testimony (10/11)
bullet 1991:  National Security Directive 54 - "Responding to Iraqi Aggression in the Gulf" (1/15)
bullet 1991:  Opening Statement: Sexual Harrassment Hearings Concerning Judge Clarence Thomas - Anita Hill, former Law Professor at the University of Oklahoma (10/11)
bullet 1991:  President Bush announces the U.S. Attack on Iraq (1/16)
bullet 1992:  1992 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1992:  27th. Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1992:  Al Gore speech criticizing the first Bush administration for its "blatant disregard" of Iraq's ties to terrorism (9/29)
bullet 1992:  Anti-Abortion Protesters - photo
bullet 1992:  Patrick J. Buchanan's Speech at the Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas (8/17)
bullet 1992:  "Clinton Captures presidency with Huge Electoral Margin; Wins a Democratic Congress" - The New York Times - front page and text
bullet 1992:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1992:  First Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate, First Half of Debate (10/11)
bullet 1992:  First Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate, Second Half of Debate (10/11)
bullet 1992:  Gore-Quayle-Stockdale Vice Presidential Debate (10/13)
bullet 1992:  "Leaders-2" - Clinton/Gore campaign TV ad
bullet 1992:  Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey
bullet 1992:  R. A. V. v. City of St. Paul -- issue of the government regulation of fighting words and hate speech
bullet 1992:  Second Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate, First Half of Debate (10/15)
bullet 1992:  Second Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate, Second Half of Debate (10/15)
bullet 1992:  Third Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate (10/19)
bullet 1992:  "A Whisper Of AIDS" - address to the Republican National Convention in Houston, TX by Mary Fisher, AIDS Activist (8/19)
bullet 1993:  1993 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1993:  "Clinton Ponders New Tobacco Taxes to Finance Health Care" - John Fairhall in The Baltimore Sun (2/26)
bullet 1993:  Family Medical Leave Act
bullet 1993:  Final Report of the Independent Counsel, Lawrence E. Walsh for Iran-Contra Matters - Volume I:  Investigations and Prosecutions (8/4)
bullet 1993:  First Inaugural Address of William J. Clinton (1/20)
bullet 1993:  "The First Postmodern Presidency" - Steven Stark in The Atlantic Monthly (April)
bullet 1993:  "From Containment to Enlargement" - speech by Anthony Lake, Johns Hopkins University (9/21)
bullet 1993:  Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc.
bullet 1993:  Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the fourth UN World Conference on Women, Beijing, China (9/5)
bullet 1993:  The National Voter Registration Act
bullet 1993:  Nobel Lecture - Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize in Literature, Stockholm, Sweden (12/8)
bullet 1993:  "On The Pulse Of Morning" - by Maya Angelou written for and delivered at Bill Clinton's First Inauguration
bullet 1993:  Religious Freedom Restoration Act
bullet 1993:  "Storm Gathers over Debate on Clinton Health Care Plan" - Spencer Rich in The Washington Post (9/24)
bullet 1993:  Wisconsin v. Mitchell -- issue of racially-motivated assaults
bullet 1994:  1994 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1994:  Announcement of Alzheimer's Disease in a letter to the American people - President Reagan (11/5)
bullet 1994:  Brady Bill [or the Brady Handgun Control Act]
bullet 1994:  Contract With America
bullet 1994:  “Equal Rights Are Not Special” - Advocates Call for an End to Anti-Gay Employment Discrimination
bullet 1994:  Excerpt from the book, Telling the Truth: Why our culture and our country have stopped making sense--and what we can do about it - Lynn Cheney
bullet 1994:  Excerpts From the Iran-Contra Report: A Secret Foreign Policy - from the final report by Lawrence E. Walsh
bullet 1994:  Madsen v Women's Health Center -- issue of the regulation of time, place, and manner in the public forum
bullet 1994:  Remarks Vice President Al Gore to the Television Academy at Royce Hall, UCLA Los Angeles, California (1/11)
bullet 1994:  "Why Health Care Reform Died" - Michael Rothschild in The Wall Street Journal (9/22)
bullet 1995:  1995 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1995:  Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment - and a statement before the Congressional Joint Economic Committee by Walter Dellinger, Asst. Attorney General (1/23)
bullet 1995:  "The Case for the U.S. in the UN" - Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott (10/3)
bullet 1995:  Dayton Peace Accords - multiple documents
bullet 1995:  "From Confrontation to Cooperation" - speech by the Chairman of the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed (4/3)
bullet 1995:  GOPAC Working Papers - Newt Gingrich
bullet 1995:  The Million Man March Pledge
bullet 1995:  President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the White House - photo
bullet 1995:  "Religious Expression in the Public Schools" - speech by Sec. of Education Richard Riley
bullet 1995:  Rosenberger v. University of Virginia -- issue of student-initiated religious speech
bullet 1995:  Speech at James Madison High School, Vienna, Va., on Religious Liberty in America - President Clinton
bullet 1995:  Unfunded Mandates Reform Act
bullet 1995:  U.S. Department of State Bosnia Fact Sheet: Chronology of the Balkan Conflict (12/6)
bullet 1995:  Vernonia vs. Acton -- issue of student searches
bullet 1995:  "Where We Go From Here" - Newt Gingrich
bullet 1995:  "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" - speech by Hillary Rodham Clinton in Beijing, China (9/5)
bullet 1996:  1996 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1996:  "American Eagle or Ostrich- U.S. Leadership in the Post-Cold War World" - speech by Deputy Secretary Strobe Talbot (3/6)
bullet 1996:  Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act
bullet 1996:  The California Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 209)
bullet 1996:  Defense of Marriage Act
bullet 1996:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1996:  Democratic Presidential Convention Speeches
bullet 1996:  "The Era of Big Government is Over" State of the Union speech - Bill Clinton (1/23)      (video-ABC News)
bullet 1996:  First Clinton-Dole Presidential Debate (10/6)
bullet 1996:  Gore-Kemp Vice Presidential Debate (10/9)
bullet 1996:  Helms-Burton [or Cuban Liberty and Solidarity] Act
bullet 1996:  "Next Century" - Clinton campaign TV ad
bullet 1996:  Republican Presidential Convention Floor Speeches
bullet 1996:  "The Republican Tax Cut Plan: Its Direct Impact On Women And Families" - speech by Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn
bullet 1996:  Second Clinton-Dole Presidential Debate (10/16)
bullet 1996:  "Support for Democracy and the U.S. National Interest" - speech by Deputy Secretary Strobe Talbott (3/1)
bullet 1996:  Sweatshops are the Workers' Friend- And Labor Activists Their Enemies--According to the New York Times
bullet 1996:  Telecommunications Act (122 pages)
bullet 1996:  United States v. Virginia -- issue of the coed-ization of V. M. I.
bullet 1996:  "What the GOP has done for Women" - speech given many times on the presidential campaign trail by Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn to deal with the problem of the Republican Party and the "gender gap"
bullet 1997:  1997 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1997:  "Building a New Consensus on China" - remarks by Samuel R. Berger (6/6)
bullet 1997:  City of Boerne v. Flores, Archbishop of San Antonio, et. al.
bullet 1997:  Clinton v. Jones
bullet 1997:  Clinton Statement on Race Relations (10/17)
bullet 1997:  Country of Origin and Year of Entry into the U.S. - immigration status from U. S. Census
bullet 1997:  Printz v. U. S. - Brady Handgun-Control Law Supreme Court Ruling
bullet 1997:  "Reaganomics:  What Worked?  What Didn't?" - Larry Kudlow
bullet 1997:  Reform Party Platform - adopted 11/2/97 at the Reform Party Founding Convention, Kansas City, Missouri
Amended: 10/11/98 (Atlanta) and 7/23/1999 (Dearborn)
bullet 1997:  Proposition 218 (California's "Right to Vote on Taxes Act") - at the bottom of the page
bullet 1997:  Reno v ACLU -- issue of content regulation on the internet
bullet 1997:  Second Inaugural Address of William J. Clinton
bullet 1997:  Washington v. Glucksberg - issue of the right to die
bullet 1997:  "The Worst Thing that Bill Clinton Has Done" - Peter Edelman in The Atlantic Monthly (March)
bullet 1998:  1998 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1998:  Agricultural Adjustment Act - amendment to the original legislation passed in 1935
bullet 1998:  Child Care Announcement - Vice President Gore
bullet 1998:  Clinton White House Response to Starr's Report on the President's Relationship with Monica Lewsinksy (9/11)
bullet 1998:  The Creation of the Cyberghetto - From Frederick C. McKissock, Jr. "Cyberghetto: Blacks are Falling Through the Net," The Progressive. 62:6 (1998). 20-22
bullet 1998:  "Declaration of Sentiments of the National Organization for Women" (7/12)
bullet 1998:  Excerpt from the deposition given under oath by President Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil lawsuit (1/17)
bullet 1998:  Excerpt from the Starr Report outlining eleven impeachable offenses allegedly committed by President Bill Clinton (9/9)
bullet 1998:  "I Am a Man, a Black Man, an American" - Justice Clarence Thomas (7/28)
bullet 1998:  Independent Counsel's Report to the United States House of Representatives - various documents
bullet 1998:  "Map Room" speech by President Clinton on his "personal troubles" (8/17)
bullet 1998:  Monica S. Lewinsky's affidavit, signed on January 7, 1998, and submitted to lawyers for Paula Jones on January 16, 1998
bullet 1998:  Nat'l Endowment for the Arts v. Finley -- issue of the use of government dollars to favor or disfavor speech based on its content
bullet 1998:  The Panama Canal Treaty Implementation Report by the Atlantic Council of the United States
bullet 1998:  President Bill Clinton's answers, prepared by his private attorneys, to 81 questions submitted to him on November 5, 1998, by the House Judiciary Committee
bullet 1998:  A Resignation in the House - Speaker-Elect Bob Livingston
bullet 1998:  The Starr Report
bullet 1998:  U. N. Security Council Resolution 1160 (3/31) - Kosovo
bullet 1998:  U. N. Security Council Resolution 1199 (9/23) - Kosovo
bullet 1998:  "Why I Am a Yellow Dog Democrat" - Ken Burns (3/6)
bullet 1999:  1999 Economic Statistics - Economy & Prices
bullet 1999:  Alden, et. al. v. Maine
bullet 1999:  Amended Constitution of the AFL-CIO
bullet 1999:  Articles of Impeachment of President Clinton (halfway down the page)
bullet 1999:  Campbell v. Clinton
bullet 1999:  Cherry Mills remarks on civil rights - Senate Impeachment Hearings, Counsel for the Defense (1/20)
bullet 1999:  Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and novelist, speaks on "the perils of indifference," Washington, D.C. (4/22)
bullet 1999:  Governor George W. Bush, "A Distinctly American Internationalism," Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, California (11/19)
bullet 1999:  High School History Quiz sponsored by The American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a Washington-based nonprofit group
bullet 1999:  In Defense of the President - Senator Dale Bumpers (1/21)
bullet 1999:  Letter by Paul Weyrich on Christian separatism (2/16)
bullet 1999:  Saenz v. Roe -- issue of the right of new state residents to equal benefits
bullet 1999:  Summation of the House prosecution of President Clinton - Henry Hyde (1/16)
bullet 1999:  Wilson v. Layne
bullet 2000:  Independent Counsel Robert Ray's interview with Jim Lehrer (News Hour) on the concluded Whitewater investigation (9/20)
bullet 2000:  Terence Smith discusses the Whitewater case with Michael Chertoff, counsel to the Republicans, and Richard Ben Veniste, counsel to the Democrats on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer

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