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bullet The French & Indian War - Mohicans Links
bullet 18c Resources
bullet Archiving Early America
bullet The American Colonists' Library
bullet America's Historic Lakes--Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Sites
bullet Colonial to 1800 -- American Literature
bullet Ben Franklin -- First Diplomat (Outline)
bullet Benjamin Franklin :  A Documentary History
bullet A Biography of America:  The Coming of Independence (1763-1783) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet A Biography of America:  Growth & Empire (1663-1763) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Boston Massacre Historical Society
bullet The Boston Massacre Trials, 1770
bullet Boston Tea Party:  1773
bullet "Boston Tea Party" - Cassandra Jansen (essay)
bullet Braddock's defeat Battle of Monongahela river
bullet A Brief History of the Mason-Dixon Surveys
bullet British Colonial Trade Regulations, 1651-1764
bullet British Policies in America during the Colonial Period - links to professional journal articles on the topic
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1619-1789
bullet Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources
bullet Colonial Currency
bullet The Coming of the American Revolution:  1764-1776 (MA Historical Society)
bullet Common-Place - The Interactive Journal of Early American Life
bullet Cross Roads and Cross Rivers:  Diversity in Colonial New York
bullet The Declaration of Independence Home Page (Duke Univ.)
bullet Declaring Independence:  Drafting the Documents
bullet The Early American Review
bullet Fighting for a Continent: Newspaper Coverage of the English and French War For Control of North America, 1754-1760
bullet "French and Indian Wars" - Age Mooy (essay)
bullet "The French and Indian War's Impact on America" - Adam M. Kravetz (essay)
bullet The Gaspee Virtual Archives
bullet The French and Indian War's Impact on America
bullet Historic Philadelphia
bullet The Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency
bullet Map-->"Black-White Colonial America Outline Map:  1776"
bullet Map-->"U. S. Fifty States No Labels Black-and-White Outline Map"
bullet Map-->"U. S. Physical Map--Black-and-White Outline"
bullet On the Trail of the Last of the Mohicans
bullet The Papers of Benjamin Franklin (Packard Humanities Institute)
bullet Rice, Indigo, and Fever in Colonial South Carolina
bullet "The Seven Years War" - Philip Keffer (essay)
bullet The Seven Years War Web Site
bullet Society of Early Americanists
bullet "The Stamp Act and the Sugar Act" - Gerben Zaagsma (essay)
bullet "Thomas Paine's The Crisis, Number One, 1776" - Richard DeStefano (essay)
bullet "To tax or not to tax" - Darla Davis (essay)
bullet "Townshend Duties" - Dylan van Rij (essay)
bullet Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia
bullet William Penn, Visionary Proprietor

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bullet 1733:  Molasses Act (5/17, 28)
bullet 1735:  Defense of Peter Zenger - Andrew Hamilton
bullet 1735:  Transcript of the Trial of Peter Zenger
bullet 1748:  "The Cry of Oppression" - Sermon by Nathaniel Appleton
bullet 1752:  George Washington Land Survey for Daniel Osborne, Frederick County, Virginia
bullet 1754:  Albany Plan of Union
bullet 1754:  In Defense of a Plan for Colonial Union by Benjamin Franklin - arguments in favor of the Albany   Plan of Union
bullet 1754:  "Join or Die" - political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin in the Pennsylvania Gazette (5/9)
bullet 1758:  "The Curse of Cowardice" - a sermon by Samuel Davies
bullet 1759:  “Born Yet We Are Debarred Englishmen’s Liberty” - A Massachusetts Soldier Confronts British Society
bullet 1759:  Rules of Rogers' Rangers
bullet 1759:  Standing Orders for Rogers' Rangers
bullet 1761:  Against the Writs of Assistance - James Otis
bullet 1761:  The Role of the Indians in the Rivalry Between France, Spain, and England - Governor Glen
bullet 1763:  Journal of Pontiac's Conspiracy
bullet 1763:  The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved - James Otis
bullet 1763:  Royal Proclamation of 1763
bullet 1763:  Writ of Assistance (10/7)
bullet 1764:  Currency Act
bullet 1764:  Sugar Act
bullet 1764:  The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Approved - James Otis
bullet 1765:  “Another Race of White Men Come Amongst Us” - Native American Views as British Replace the French in the Lower Mississippi Valley
bullet 1765:  The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress
bullet 1765:  The Governor of Massachusetts Bay issues a Proclamation against Rioters
bullet 1765:  Instructions of the Town of Braintree to Their Representative
bullet 1765:  "Join or Die" - from the masthead of The (Connecticut) Constituional Courant
bullet 1765:  The Objections to the Taxation of our American Colonies by the Legislature of Great Britain -Soames Jenyns
bullet 1765:  A Patriotic Advertisement
bullet 1765:  Quartering Act
bullet 1765:  Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress
bullet 1765:  Stamp Act
bullet 1765:  William Blackstone's Commentaries
bullet 1765-1785:  Excerpt from the Diary of Christiana Leach, of Kingsessing
bullet 1766:  Declaratory Act
bullet 1766:  Examination of Dr. Benjamin Franklin In the House of Commons
bullet 1766:  William Pitt's Speech on the Stamp Act
bullet 1767:  Townsend Act
bullet 1767-1768:  Letter 2 from John Dickinson's Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer
bullet 1767-1768:  Letter 4 from John Dickinson's Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer
bullet 1768:  "The Daughters of Liberty" - anonymous poem
bullet 1768:  Massachusetts Circular Letter (2/11)
bullet 1769:  Virginia Non-Importation Resolutions
bullet 1770:  Anonymous Account of the Boston Massacre
bullet 1770:  "The Bloody Massacre" - engraving by Paul Revere
bullet 1770:  "The Boston Massacre" - Boston Gazette and Country Journal
bullet 1770:  Captain Thomas Preston's Account of the Boston Massacre
bullet 1772:  The Rights of the Colonists:  The Report of the Committee of Correspondence to the Boston Town Meeting - Samuel Adams
bullet 1772:  Spanish head pistareen coin
bullet 1772:  “The uncommon increase of Settlements in the back Country” - Sir William Johnson Watches the Settlers Invade Indian Lands
bullet 1773:  An Association of the Sons of Liberty in New York (12/15)
bullet 1773:  A Shoemaker and the Tea Party
bullet 1773:  Tea Act
bullet 1773:  "Tea Destroyed by Indians" - son lyrics/broadside     image
bullet 1773:  Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida [excerpt] - William Bartram
bullet 1774:  Administration of Justice Act
bullet 1774:  Boston Port Act
bullet 1774:  "The Bostonians in Distress" - copy of mezzotint attributed to Philip Dawe, London
bullet 1774:  "The Bostonians Paying the Excise-Man, or Tarring & Feathering" - copy of mezzotint attributed to Philip Dawe
bullet 1774:  Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress
bullet 1774:  "A genuine letter from a well-known patriot at St. James's to his friend in Boston, relative to the present distracted state of American affairs. Dated London", (11/28) - broadside
bullet 1774:  “Many Hundreds are Sterving for Want of Employment” - John Harrower Leaves London for Virginia
bullet 1774:  Massachusetts Government Act
bullet 1774:  Olive Branch Petition
bullet 1774:  Petition of "A Grate Number of Blackes of the Province" to Governor Thomas Gage and the Members of the Massachusetts General Court
bullet 1774:  A Plan for the Union of Great Britain and the Colonies - Joseph Galloway
bullet 1774:  "A protest entered into by nine patriotic members of the House of Lords, against the address of that House to the King, presented on the 3d of December" - broadside
bullet 1774:  Quartering Act
bullet 1774:  Quebec Act
bullet 1774:  A Summary View of the Rights of British America - Thomas Jefferson
bullet 1774:  To the free and loyal inhabitants of the city and colony of New-York... Brutus, (NY) - broadside
bullet 1774-1802:  Early Virginia Religious Petitions
bullet 1775:  African Slavery in America - Thomas Paine
bullet 1775:  The Cause and Necessity of Taking Up Arms (7/6)
bullet 1775:  The Olive Branch Petition (7/8)
bullet 1775:  Richard Furman's Address to the Residents Between the Broad and Saluda River
bullet 1775:  Royal Proclamation of Rebellion - King George III (9/23)
bullet 1776:  Letter of Abigail Adams to John Adams
bullet 1834:  George Hewes’ Recollection of the Boston Massacre

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