Primary Source Documents
bullet 1940s Ads - Google images listing
bullet 1945-50, Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment (U. S. State Dept. Foreign Relations Documents)
bullet 1948 Presidential Election Statistics
bullet 1952 Presidential Election Statistics
bullet The Alger Hiss Spy Case, 1948-9
bullet America's First Korean War in 1871
bullet American Cultural History:  1940-1949
bullet American Cultural History:  1950-1959
bullet Ann Rynd Institute
bullet The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by The Manhattan Engineer District, June 29, 1946 - many documents
bullet Baseball and Jackie Robinson (LOC)
bullet Berlin Airlift (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet A Biography of America:  The Fifties (1945-1960) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Cartoon Collection - Harry Truman (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet CNN, the Cold War, and Controversy
bullet Cold War (National Archives)
bullet Cold War International History Project (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
bullet The Cold War Museum
bullet Cold War Policies:  1945-1991
bullet Cold War Timeline (Wikipedia)
bullet CONELRAD- All Things Atomic
bullet Dewey Defeats Truman
bullet Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum
bullet Dwight D. Eisenhower - POTUS site
bullet Dwight D. Eisenhower - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Election of 1948 (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet Elizabeth Virginia (Bess) Wallace Truman (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet Examining the Korean War
bullet Executive Orders - President Truman
bullet "Fire!" - Herblock's political cartoons on the Beginnings of the Cold War
bullet "For European Recovery:  The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan
bullet From Swastika to Jim Crow - (Frontline PBS series)
bullet Harry S. Truman - POTUS site
bullet Harry S. Truman - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Harry S. Truman Job Approval Chart - Wall Street Journal
bullet Herblock's History:  Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium
bullet Historical Census Browser:   1940     1950
bullet History of the National Security Council (1947-1997)
bullet The Korean War and Its Origins: 1945-1953 -Truman Library (many documents)
bullet The Korean War in Popular Culture (Authentic History)
bullet The Korean War Project
bullet Levittown:  Documents of an Ideal American Suburb - Peter Bacon Hales
bullet MacArthur (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Major Events in:  1945     1946     1947     1948     1949     1950     1951     1952
bullet Map-->"The Aftermath of World War II"
bullet Map-->"The Cold War Alignments:  1945-1960"
bullet Map-->"The Korean War"
bullet Map-->"Wars and Atrocities in the Second Quarter of the 20c:  1925-1950"
bullet Marshall Plan (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet Music About the Atom Era (audio files) - Authentic History
bullet National Civil Rights Museum
bullet National Security Archive (George Washington University)
bullet NATO Documents at the Truman Presidential Library
bullet NATO Official Web Site
bullet Nuclear Blast Damage Chart
bullet - many documents
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Boomtime (1945-1973) - PBS
bullet The Peoples Century:  Brave New World (1945-1961) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Fallout (1945-1995) - PBS
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  1948     1952
bullet Race for the Superbomb (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty
bullet Red Channels: Blacklisting in Radio and Television (LOC)
bullet Thoughts of a President, 1945 - Harry Truman (Eyewitness to History)
bullet "Tick, Tock!  Tick, Tock!" - Herblock's cartoons on the beginnings of the Atomic Age
bullet Tour a Nuclear Bunker - Greenbrier in the West Virginia mountains
bullet Trinity Atomic Web Site
bullet Truman (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Truman Doctrine (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet Truman on Trial: The Bomb (Web Classroom)
bullet Truman Presidential Museum and Library
bullet "Undercover:  I Was a Negro for Thirty Days" - Ray Sprigle of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
bullet U. S. Air Forces in Europe Official Web Site
bullet -- The secret White House recordings of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower

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bullet 1940-62:  National Defense Budgets, 1940-1964 - chart
bullet 1940-60:  American Birthrate, 1940-1960 - chart
bullet 1940-90:  Budget Deficits, 1940-1990 - chart
bullet 1940-95:  US military (national defense) outlays, 1940-95
bullet 1945-90:  Defense Expenditures, Armed Forces Strength - chart
bullet 1945:  "Old Man Atom (The Atomic Talking Blues)" - song lyrics by Vern Partlow
bullet 1945:  Executive Order 9547 Providing for Representation of the United States in Preparing and Prosecuting Charges of Atrocities and War Crimes Against the Leaders of the European Axis Powers and Their Principal Agents and Accessories - Harry S. Truman
bullet 1945:  "How Not to Raise Children" -  Harriet Eager Davies in Parents Magazine (Aug.)
bullet 1945:  Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 1 - Charter of the International Military Tribunal
bullet 1945:  Proclamation of the United Nations Charter and Statute of the International Court of Justice - Harry S. Truman
bullet 1945:  Truman's Proclamation of May 8 - end of war in Europe
bullet 1946:  Administrative Procedures Act
bullet 1946:  The Atomic Energy Act or The McMahon Bill (12/20)
bullet 1946:  Charter of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
bullet 1946:  Dean Acheson's Account of the Crisis Over Iran
bullet 1946:  "Hero of the Wrong War" - song lyrics
bullet 1946:  Immigration into Palestine - Statement by President Truman (10/4)
bullet 1946:  "Iron Curtain" Speech - Sir Winston Churchill (3/5)         YouTube Video
bullet 1946:  Kennan Telegram (The "X" Article)
bullet 1946:  Marsh v Alabama -- issue of free speech
bullet 1946:  Menendez et. al. v Westminster School District of Orange County, CA - segregated schools based on national origin are unconstitutional
bullet 1946:  Novikov Telegram (9/27)
bullet 1946:  The Unfinished Work - Kenneth MacFarland
bullet 1946:  U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, "The Effects of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," (6/9)
bullet 1946:  “Word Has Just Been Received” - Truman Speaks on the Railroad Strike
bullet 1947:  “A Damaging Impression of Hollywood Has Spread” - Movie “Czar” Eric Johnston Testifies before HUAC
bullet 1947:  "Communism and Hollywood" - Jeff Nilsson (10/20)
bullet 1947:  Daily Summary Excerpt, 1 December, Reported Communist Drive to Seize Power in France and Italy (118 pages)
bullet 1947:  Executive Order 9835 (3/21)
bullet 1947:  "The Evaluation of the Atomic Bomb as a Military Weapon" - the Final Report of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Evaluation Board for Operation Crossroads (6/30)
bullet 1947:  Everson v. Board of Education of the Township of Ewing, NJ -- issue of the Establishment Clause
bullet 1947:  "The Grand Inquisition" - I.F. Stone on HUAC's investigations into the movie industry in The Nation (11/8)
bullet 1947:  Headquarters of the United Nations Agreement
bullet 1947:  "Jackie Cool to Promotion to Brooklyn Unless the Dodger Players Want Him," Richmond Afro American and the Richmond Planet, April 5, 1947, 63rd Year, N. 20, Page 16
bullet 1947:  John L. Lewis, Head of the United Mine Workers, defends coal miners before Congress (4/3)
bullet 1947:  Maiden House Speech by Congressman Richard Nixon
bullet 1947:  Marshall's Commencement address at Harvard (6/5)
bullet 1947:  National Security Act of 1947
bullet 1947:  "Rickey Puts Down Anti-Robinson Move," Richmond Afro American and the Richmond Planet, April 5, 1947, 63rd Year, N. 20, Page 16
bullet 1947:  Rio De Janeiro Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security (August 15-September 2)
bullet 1947:  Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Vyshinsky outlined his government's interpretation of the Marshall Plan
bullet 1947:  Statement of The Central Committee of The Chinese Communist Party (2/1)
bullet 1947:  "The Strike Against Jackie [Robinson] Spiked" - Baltimore African-American (May 17) - Sam Lacy
bullet 1947:  Taft-Hartley Act
bullet 1947:  Testimony Before the House Un-American Activities Committee - Ronald Reagan
bullet 1947:  Testimony of Actor, Gary Cooper before HUAC video (10/23)
bullet 1947:  Testimony of Actor, Robert Taylor before HUAC video
bullet 1947:  Testimony of Actor (and President of the Screen Actor's Guild), Ronald Reagan and Albert Maltz before HUAC (10/23)
bullet 1947:  Testimony of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover before HUAC - excerpts (3/26)
bullet 1947:  Testimony of Walter E. Disney before HUAC (10/24)
bullet 1947:  Testimony of Writer, Ayn Rand before HUAC (10/20)
bullet 1947:  “They Want to Muzzle Public Opinion” - John Howard Lawson’s Warning to the American Public
bullet 1947:  Traveling with the Dodgers
bullet 1947:  Truman's Address to the NAACP
bullet 1947:  Truman Doctrine (3/12)
bullet 1947:  Truman's Loyalty Oath
bullet 1947:  U. N. Resolution to Partition Palestine
bullet 1947:  United States Position on Palestine Question - Statement by Herschel V. Johnson, United States Deputy Representative to the U. N. (10/11)
bullet 1948:  Bogota Conference of American States, Charter of the Organization of American States
bullet 1948:  Brooklyn Dodger Infielder Jackie Robinson (photo)
bullet 1948:  "The Campaign Begins in Earnest" - political cartoon by Walt Kelly in the New York Star
bullet 1948:  Cartoons (18) of the 1948 Presidential Campaign and 4 Photos (from the Truman Library)
bullet 1948:  Cartoons (12) on the Berlin Airlift from the Truman Library - links at the end of the page for Groups A and B
bullet 1948:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform           States' Right Party Platform
bullet 1948:  "Desegregation of the Armed Forces" files of documents from the Truman Library for the year 1948
bullet 1948:  Displaced Persons Act
bullet 1948:  Executive Order 9981 : Establishing the President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services - Harry Truman (7/26)
bullet 1948:  "Final Survey of Nation Gives Dewey a Commanding Lead" - The New York Times (10/31)
bullet 1948:  "Hiss and Chambers:  Strange Story of Two Men" - article by Robert G. Whalen in the NY Times (12/12)
bullet 1948:  Hubert Humphrey, Minneapolis Mayor, argues for strong civil-rights platform at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA (7/14)
bullet 1948:  I Was a Negro in the South for 30 Days - Ray Springle
bullet 1948:  Presidential Civil Rights Message (2/2)
bullet 1948:  President Truman blasts a "know-nothing, do-nothing Congress" - Elizabeth, NJ (10/7)
bullet 1948:  President Truman's Acceptance Speech at the 1948 Democratic Convention (7/15) - audio file included
bullet 1948:  Progressive Party Platform
bullet 1948:  The Promise of Human Rights - Eleanor Roosevelt (April)
bullet 1948:  Recognition of the State of Israel by the United States - press release
bullet 1948:  The Six Thousand Houses That Levitt Built - Harper's Magazine
bullet 1948:  Southern Response to Truman's Civil Rights Speech of 2/2
bullet 1948:  "Southerners Name Thurmond to Lead Anti-Truman Fight" - The New York Times (7/18)
bullet 1948:  "Truman Wins with 304 Electoral Votes; Democrats Control Senate and House; Europe Sees Foreign Policy Continuing" - The New York Times front page the day after the 1948 Presidential election
bullet 1948:  Universal Declaration of Human Rights (U. N.)
bullet 1948:  U. S. Position on the Palestine Problem - Statement by Ambassador Warren R. Austin, U. S. Representative in the UN Security Council, (3/19)
bullet 1948-49:  CIA Weekly Summaries on the Berlin Blockade
bullet 1949:  “The A-Bomb Won’t Do What You Think!” - William H. Hessler in Collier’s (9/17)
bullet 1949:  “Among the Most Exploited” - Fair Labor Standards Act and Laundry Workers
bullet 1949:  “And These Are the Children of God” - Collier’s (8/6)
bullet 1949:  “Belles of the Ball Game” - Women’s Professional Baseball League Thrives in the 1940s
bullet 1949:  “Communists are second to none in our devotion to our people and to our country” - Prosecution and Defense Statements, 1949 Trial of American Communist Party Leaders
bullet 1949:  "Communists Should Not Teach in American Colleges" - Raymond B. Allen in Educational Forum (May issue)
bullet 1949:  Dean Acheson on the United States Position on China, August
bullet 1949:  Dean Acheson's Speech on the Proposed North Atlantic Treaty (3/18)
bullet 1949:  “Democracy Can’t Live in These Houses” - Senator Paul Douglas Advocates a Federal Housing Program to Clear Slum Areas
bullet 1949:  “Efficient Farms Need Not Pay Starvation Wages” - The Fair Labor Standards Act and Migratory Agricultural Workers
bullet 1949:  “Get on the Ground and We Will Kick Your Head In” - A Reporter Tells of Terrorism in Alabama
bullet 1949:  Hearings before a special subcommittee of the Committee on Education and Labor ... 81st Congress, 1st session on H.R. 2032; a bill to repeal the Labor-management relations act of 1947, to reenact the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, and for other purposes
bullet 1949:  Inaugural Address of Harry S. Truman
bullet 1949:  Making Human Rights Come Alive - Eleanor Roosevelt
bullet 1949:  N. A. T. O. Treaty
bullet 1949:  Opening Statement on Behalf of the Communist Party, by Eugene Dennis (3/21) in Denis et. al. v. United States
bullet 1949:  “The Rights of All Must Be Secured or the Rights of None Will Be Secure” - Arguments for Federal Civil Rights Legislation
bullet 1949:  Soviet Development of the Atomic Bomb
bullet 1949:  "Waging Peace in the Americas" -  Address by Secretary Acheson (9/19)
bullet 1949:  “We Can Control Our Affairs Pretty Well” - Southern Senators Protest Proposed Anti-Lynching Legislation
bullet early 1950s?:  "A Hero of the Wrong War" - song lyrics sung by vets of the Spanish Civil War seen as "Commies" by Sen. McCarthy
bullet 1950:  National Security Council Memorandum Number 68
bullet 1950:  Senator Joseph McCarthy's Speech about Communists in the U. S. State Department
bullet 1950:  Speech of Senator Margaret Chase Smith (R-ME)
bullet 1950:  Truman and General MacArthur shake hands during their conference at Wake Island (10/15) - photo
bullet 1950:  Truman Calls for Development of the Hydrogen Bomb
bullet 1951:  Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (photo)
bullet 1951:  Security Treaty Between the U. S. and Japan
bullet 1951:  "Undercover in the Communist Party" - Murrey Marder Washington Post (7/12)

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