Primary Source Documents
bullet 1940s Ads - Google images listing
bullet The 1943 Detroit Race Riots (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet 1944 Presidential Election Statistics
bullet African-Americans in World War II - photos (National Archives)
bullet After the Day of Infamy - 'Man-on-the-Street' Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor
bullet Allied Conferences of WWII (The WWII Multimedia Database)
bullet American and the Holocaust (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet American Cultural History:  1940-1949
bullet Amerikanitos - Life During the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines
bullet Any Bonds Today?  (National Archives-Powers of Persuasion)
bullet A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979)
bullet Atomic Bomb Decision - Documents on the Decision to Use Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki
bullet Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941
bullet Band of Brothers (
bullet Battleship Row:  A Photographic History of Pearl Harbour
bullet Biography of America:  World War II (1941-1945) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Children of the [Japanese Internment] Camps (The American Experience)
bullet The Chronology of World War II (The History Place)
bullet Conscience and the Constitution (PBS)
bullet CORE Online:  1942-2002
bullet "A Critical Comparison Between Japanese and American Propaganda during World War II" - essay by Anthony V. Navarro
bullet D-Day (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb (Truman Presidential Library)
bullet Decoding Nazi Secrets (NOVA)
bullet Depression Era to World War II:  FSA/OWI / Photographs (1935-1945) - LOC
bullet Documents and Photographs Related to Japanese Relocation During World War II (NARA)
bullet Documents on the Decisions to Use Atomic Bombs on the Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Mt. Holyoke)
bullet Dorothea Lange and the Relocation of the Japanese
bullet Enola Gay Exhibit (National Air and Space Museum-Smithsonian Institute)
bullet The Enola Gay Controversy
bullet Eleanor Roosevelt
bullet Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Institute
bullet Eleanor Roosevelt (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Executive Orders - President Franklin D. Roosevelt (The Conservative Caucus)
bullet "The Failure of the Tokyo Trial" - essay by Wu Tianwei
bullet The FDR Cartoon Archives - over 2400 cartoons!
bullet Fly Girls: The WASPs (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Frank Capra's America
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Digital Archives
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt - POTUS site
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet "Fruits of Victory" - Herblock's political cartoons on the end of World War II
bullet General Douglas MacArthur (The American Experience)
bullet German Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet A GI's Trip to London, 1944
bullet Go for Broke! - 442nd Regimental Combat Team - Japanese-American Unit Fighting in Europe During WWII
bullet Great Britain Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet Guts and Glory (The American Experience)
bullet Harry S. Truman - POTUS site
bullet Harry S. Truman - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Herblock's History:  Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium
bullet "Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Decision to Drop the Bomb" - Jung Oh in The Michigan Journal of History (Winter, 2002)
bullet Hiroshima Peace Memorial
bullet Hiroshima: The Pictures They Did Not Us to See
bullet Hiroshima:  Was It Necessary?
bullet Historical Census Browser:   1940
bullet History of Black Military Service: WWII
bullet The History of the Computer:  1940-1944
bullet The Holocaust:  A Resource for Primary Materials
bullet The Human Machinery of War--Disability on the Front Lines & on the Factory Floor:  1941-1945 (eHistory)
bullet The Internment of German American Civilians
bullet "The Internment Years" - Japanese-Americans
bullet Invasion of Normandy, 1944
bullet Japan Addresses Its War Responsibility (7 documents)
bullet Japanese American Internment: Exploring Through Film and the Internet
bullet A Japanese-American Nisei in the 20th Century
bullet Japanese Canadian Internment
bullet July 1942:  United We Stand (Smithsonian Institute)
bullet A Long Way Home -  Growing Up Nisei in Japan During World War II
bullet "Loose Lips Sink Ships!"
bullet Major Events in:  1941    1942    1943    1944    1945
bullet Manzanar: National Historic Site
bullet Map-->"1940--Japanese Expansion Before Pearl Harbor"
bullet Map-->"Losses in World War II"
bullet Map-->"Pearl Harbor"
bullet Map-->"The Second World War--Alliances" (several maps on the page)
bullet Map-->"Wars and Atrocities in the Second Quarter of the 20c: 1925-1950"
bullet Maps of World War II
bullet Memoir of a Civilian POW- An Oral History
bullet The Mexican Braceros:  1942-1964
bullet Midway @
bullet Mobilization of the Home Front
bullet "A More Perfect Union" - Japanese Americans and the U. S. Constitution (Smithsonian)
bullet The Myths of Pearl Harbor
bullet The National D-Day Museum
bullet The National WASP World War II Museum
bullet National World War II Memorial
bullet Navajo Code Talkers Official Site
bullet Navajo Code Talkers: World War II Fact Sheet
bullet Nisei, A Japanese American in the 20th Century
bullet Normandy:  1944
bullet - many documents
bullet Operation Overlord (The World at War--Versailles to the Cold War)
bullet Operation Paperclip
bullet "The Other War:  FDR's Battle Against Churchill and the British Empire" by L. Wolfe Printed in The American Almanac, August 28, 1995
bullet Overview of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor - overview (U. S. Naval History & Heritage Command)
bullet Peace and War:  United States Foreign Policy:  1931-1941 - Dept. of State Publication (includes many documents)
bullet Pearl Harbor - Global News Portal
bullet Pearl Harbor - photo slideshow
bullet Pearl Harbor:  Remembered
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Fallout (1945-1995) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Total War (1939-1945) - PBS
bullet The Perilous Fight:  America's World War II in Color (PBS)
bullet Pictures (202) of World War II - NARA archives (all black-and-white)
bullet The Pin Ups That Went to War
bullet Political Cartoons of World War II - collection by Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel
bullet The Port Chicago Disaster
bullet Powers of Persuasion--Poster Art from World War II
bullet "Prelude to Internment" - Japanese-Americans
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  1940     1944
bullet Pre-War and Post-War 1940s Fashion Trends

Private Art: Collection of WW II Letters To and From the Home Front

bullet Produce for Victory--Posters on the American Home Front (1941-45)
bullet Project Gutenberg Edition of The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
bullet "Rabbit in the Moon" - memoir documentary by Emiko Omori (Japanese internment)
bullet Race for the Super Bomb (The American Experience)
bullet Radio in 1941
bullet Rationing and Utility Clothing of the 1940s - Fashion History of the 1940s
bullet Recruiting Posters for Women from World War II
bullet Relocation of Japanese-Americans
bullet Remembering Pearl Harbor (National Geographic)
bullet Reporting America at War: Ernie Pyle (PBS)
bullet The Rutgers Oral History of World War II
bullet Screwball Comedies of the 1930s and 1940s: When Romance Met Mayhem
bullet Secrets, Lies & Atomic Spies (NOVA)
bullet "Sending Forth Another Dove" - Herblock's political cartoons on World War II
bullet Survivors of the Shoah Foundation
bullet Taxation During the Depression and World War II
bullet They Drew Fire - Combat Artists in World War II (The American Experience)
bullet "Tokyo Rose"
bullet The Tuskegee Airmen--Overview: Legends of Tuskegee
bullet U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs - The G. I. Bill's History
bullet United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
bullet U. S. Latinos and Latinas in World War II (University of Texas Oral History)
bullet The U. S. Home Front During World War II (History Channel)
bullet The USS Arizona Memorial Site
bullet USS Arizona--That Terrible Day!
bullet Vatican Diplomacy Files Folder Titles List - FDR Library
bullet Voice of Hibakusha: Eye-witness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima, from the video HIROSHIMA WITNESS produced by Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center and NHK
bullet Walter Muramoto Collection - collection of 361 black and white photographs taken by Walter Muramoto depict daily life in camp in Rohwer, Arkansas. Muramoto and his family were incarcerated in Rohwer from 1942 to 1945
bullet War Letters (The American Experience)
bullet The War Relocation Authority and The Incarceration of Japanese-Americans During World War II (Truman Library)
bullet War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
bullet Wartime Conferences, 1941-1945
bullet What Did You Do In the War, Grandma?
bullet -- The secret White House recordings of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower
bullet Wings Across America: Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) in World War II
bullet Women and War - Photographs from the Schlesinger Library Collections
bullet Women Aviators of World War II: "Fly Girls" (lesson plan)
bullet Women Come to the Front--Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters During World War II
bullet Women and World War II
bullet Women in World War II
bullet Words of Peace; Words of War - primary source documents on World War II (treaties, declarations, instruments of surrender)
bullet Women of World War II - A Collection of Military Photos and Images
bullet World War II Factbook
bullet World War II: The Homefront
bullet World War II - The Homefront (Authentic History)
bullet World War II in Music (audio files included)
bullet World War II Links on the Internet
bullet World War II Movies - The 50 Greatest Films
bullet World War II Photo Gallery
bullet World War II Poster Collection         WWII Posters
bullet World War II Propaganda, Cartoons, Film, Music, & Art
bullet World War II Propaganda Posters
bullet World War II Resources on the Web
bullet World War II: Rationing on the U. S. Home Front
bullet World War II Timeline (extensive!)
bullet World War II 'Toons - cartoon collection (Authentic History)
bullet WRA Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946
bullet The Zoot Suit Discovery Guide (Pomona College)
bullet The Zoot Suit Riots (American Experience, PBS)
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bullet 1940:  Against Isolationism - Senator James F. Byrnes (SC) Refutes Lindbergh
bullet 1940:  Alien Registration [Smith] Act
bullet 1940:  Democratic Party Platform         Republican Party Platform
bullet 1940:  FDR's proclamation 2524 on selective service registration (9/16)
bullet 1940:  “Not So Private Negotiations” - Mexico Expropriates the Oil Companies
bullet 1940:  The Reply to Mexico - Standard Oil Puts Forth Its Position
bullet 1940:  Statement of Policy on Segregation in the Armed Forces submitted by Robert P. Patterson, Assistant Secretary of War and approved by President Roosevelt (10/9)
bullet 1940s:  Women Defense Workers - photos
bullet 1940s:  "Zoot Suits and Parachutes" - song lyrics about the WASPs
bullet 1940-60:  American Birthrate, 1940-1960 - chart
bullet 1940-62:  National Defense Budgets, 1940-1964 - chart
bullet 1940-90:  Budget Deficits, 1940-1990 - chart
bullet 1940-95:  US military (national defense) outlays, 1940-95
bullet 1941-42:  Women in the Defense Industry - LIFE Magazine photo
bullet 1941-43:  African-American Fighter Pilots
bullet 1941-45?:  "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" -- Dorie Miller by David Stone Martin printed by the Government Printing Office for the Office of War Information
bullet 1941-45?:  "This is America....where the family is a sacred institution..." - war poster
bullet 1941-45?:  "Victory Waits on Your Fingers" - WW II propaganda poster produced by the Royal Typewriter Company for the U.S. Civil Service Commission
bullet 1941-45?:  "We Can Do It!" - WW II propaganda poster by J. Howard Miller for the War Production Co-ordinating Committee
bullet 1941-46:  Pearl Harbor Attack Investigations (multi document links)
bullet 1941-49:  Bretton Woods Agreements
bullet 1941:  “80 Rounds in Our Pants Pockets” - Orville Quick Remembers Pearl Harbor (as recalled in 1991)
bullet 1941:  Address Delivered by President Roosevelt at Washington (3/15)
bullet 1941:  Address by Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka, Delivered Before the 76th Session of the Imperial Diet, Jan. 21
bullet 1941:  “Aluminum for Defense” - Rationing at Home during World War II
bullet 1941:  Atlantic Charter (8/14)
bullet 1941:  Attack at Pearl Harbor - eyewitness account (U. S. view)
bullet 1941:  Attack at Pearl Harbor - the Japanese view
bullet 1941:  Cartoonists on the Picket Line - The Walt Disney Studio Strike
bullet 1941:  Charles Lindbergh, Radio Address
bullet 1941:  "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" speech - Franklin D. Roosevelt (12/8)      audio clip (WAV file)
bullet 1941:  Declaration of a State of War with Germany, Italy, & Japan (multiple document links on one page)
bullet 1941:  Executive Order 8802 (6/25)
bullet 1941:  Fireside Chat on the Declaration of War with Japan -  FDR (12/9)
bullet 1941:  "Four Freedoms" Speech - Franklin D. Roosevelt  (with audio files)
bullet 1941:  "The Japanese American Creed by Mike Masaoka of the Japanese American Citizens League, As Read Before the United States Senate and Printed in the Congressional Record, 9 May 1941"
bullet 1941:  Joint Resolution Declaring That a State of War Exists Between The Imperial Government of Japan and the Government And the People of the United States and Making Provisions To Prosecute the Same (12/8)
bullet 1941:  Lend-Lease Act (3/11)
bullet 1941:  The “Man in the Street” Reacts to Pearl Harbor
bullet 1941:  Memorandum, "Saving the Race," Thurgood Marshall to the NAACP legal staff concerning voting rights cases in Texas (11/17)
bullet 1941:  Mitchell v. United States
bullet 1941:  Naval dispatch from the Commander-in-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) announcing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (12/7)
bullet 1941:  Pearl Harbor Attack - photo
bullet 1941:  Proclamation 2525 - Alien Enemies - Japanese (12/7)
bullet 1941:  Proclamation 2526 - Alien Enemies - Germans (12/8)
bullet 1941:  Proclamation 2527 - Alien Enemies - Italians (12/8)
bullet 1941:  Proclamation of Unlimited National Emergency (5/27)
bullet 1941:  "Remember Pearl Harbor" - song lyrics by Don Reid
bullet 1941:  Survey of Americans About the U. S. Entering World War II - chart
bullet 1941:  Third Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1941:  “This Is No Joke--This Is War” - A Live Radio Broadcast of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
bullet 1941:  U.S.-Japan Diplomatic Communications Prior to Pearl Harbor - many memorandums, telegrams, etc. in chronological order (over 195 individual documents)
bullet 1941:  United States Note to Japan (11/26)
bullet 1941:  "Our destiny is in his hands. We will not accept a Hitler-dominated world." - a reproduction of a cartoon from the Detroit Free Press of Thursday, 5/29
bullet 1941-42:  Various documents on the Internment of Japanese-Americans      (additional documents)
bullet 1941-42:  Washington Conference Documents
bullet 1941-45:  World War II Ration Books and Stamps
bullet 1941-46:  Hearings before the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, 79th Congress of the United States
bullet 1942-43:  War Work and the Role of Women
bullet 1942-45:  Collection of drawings and camp photos and publication from Manzanar Japanese-American Internment Camp (links found on right side of the page)
bullet 1942:  Address by Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of  State at the Third Meeting of  Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics (1/15)
bullet 1942:  "Behind the News": Japanese Won't be Welcomed Back - San Francisco News  (4/29)
bullet 1942:  "Behind the News": Negro-Japanese Fifth Column Possible" - San Francisco News (3/2)
bullet 1942:  Battle of Midway - eyewitness account
bullet 1942:  Civilian Exclusion Order No. 34, May 3, 1942. Sumiko Kobayashi papers, MSS 73
bullet 1942:  "Clothing Issuance", Wartime Civil Control Administration, Santa Anita Assembly Center
bullet 1942:  Concentration Camps for Japanese Wanted by Western Governors - San Francisco News (3/2)
bullet 1942:  "Dear Mr. President" - song lyrics by Pete Seeger
bullet 1942:  "Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them" - WW II propaganda poster by Lawrence B. Smith produced for the U. S. Treasury by the GPO
bullet 1942:  Editorial--"Their Best Way to Show Loyalty" - San Francisco News  (3/6)
bullet 1942:  Executive Order 9066 - FDR - relocation of Japanese-Americans directive (2/19)
bullet 1942:  Fireside Chat on the Subject of Total War and Total Effort - FDR (4/28)
bullet 1942:  Fireside Chat on Inflation and the Progress of the War - FDR (9/7)
bullet 1942:  "Gas Rationing" - Jack Benny radio comedy show (video)
bullet 1942:  "Greatest Forced Migration in American History to Begin" - San Francisco News (3/4)
bullet 1942:  "Grow it Yourself" - war poster by Herbert Bayer (Rural Electrification Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture)
bullet 1942:  "Information Bulletin No. 1", Wartime Civil Control Administration, Santa Anita Assembly Center
bullet 1942:  "Instructions to all Persons of Japanese Ancestry" - distributed by the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army Wartime Civil Control Administration, Presidio of San Francisco, CA (/5/3)
bullet 1942:  Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry, 23 April 1942", Western Defense Command and Fourth Army Wartime Civil Control Administration, Lt. Gen. J. L. DeWitt, Commanding
bullet 1942:  A Japanese Soldier Describes the Horrors of Guadalcanal
bullet 1942:  Letter from Shigezo Iwata to Sonoko Iwata, March 30      April 18        April 27        April 28    
bullet 1942:  Letters from Sonoko Iwata to Shigezo Iwata, March 15    March 16      March 17    March 18       March 19-20      March 21-22        March 30      
bullet 1942:  Letter to Republican Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce from Lt. John F. Kennedy, U. S. Navy
bullet 1942:  Manhattan Project Notebook (12/2)
bullet 1942:  Manzanar Free Press (8/31)
bullet 1942:  "Manzanar Nice Place – It Better Than Hollywood," by United Press – (4/21)
bullet 1942:  Map of the Relocation and Assembly Centers
bullet 1942:  Milton Eisenhower Justifies the Internment of Japanese Americans
bullet 1942:  Mutual Aid Agreement Between the U. S. and the U. S. S. R. (6/11)
bullet 1942:  Native American Women in WW II - photos
bullet 1942:  “Obey Your Air Raid Warden” - Big Band as Public Service Announcement
bullet 1942:  "Our of Their Mouths" - Sterling A. Brown
bullet 1942:  "Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition" - song lyrics by Frank Loesser - YouTube
bullet 1942:  "Questions and Answers for Evacuees: Information Regarding the Relocation Program", Issued by The War Relocation Authority, Regional Office San Francisco
bullet 1942:  "Remember Pearl Harbor / Purl Harder" - war poster (New York City WPA War Service)
bullet 1942:  Santa Anita Pacemaker (3/15)
bullet 1942:  “Shaping Mental and Moral Forces” - Memo on Propaganda
bullet 1942:  "Why Should We March?" - A. Philip Randolph
bullet 1942-45:  "That Damned Fence" - anonymous poem circulated at the Poston, AZ relocation camp
bullet 1942-45:  Various Documents on "What We Are Fighting For"
bullet 1943:  "Because Somebody Talked!" - WW II propaganda poster by Wesley for the Office of War Information
bullet 1943:  Cairo Conference (November)
bullet 1943:  Casablanca Conference (2/12)
bullet 1943:  Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act (12/17)
bullet 1943:  Equal Pay for Equal Work - The War Labor Board on Gender Inequality
bullet 1943:  Final Report: Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast in 1942 - Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt
bullet 1943:  Fireside Chat on the Progress of the War and Plans for Peace - FDR (7/28)
bullet 1943:  Fireside Chat on the Teheran and Cairo Conferences - FDR (12/24)
bullet 1943:  "Four Freedoms" posters by Norman Rockwell--> speech     worship      from want     from fear
bullet 1943:  Hirabayashi v. United States
bullet 1943:  Letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer thanking the physicist and his colleagues for their ongoing secret atomic research (6/29)
bullet 1943:  Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan on the Death of their 5 sons - FDR (1/3 of the way down the page)
bullet 1943:  Manzanar Free Press (9/11)
bullet 1943:  "No Time to Let Loose:  It's a Fight to the Finish" - propaganda poster
bullet 1943:  “Pachucos in the Making” - George I. Sanchez in Common Ground (Autumn)
bullet 1943:  “Post Xchange,” Yank, the Army Weekly (8/6)
bullet 1943:  Secretary of State Stimson Asks Senator Truman Not to Inquire about the Manhattan Project - transcribed telephone conversation (6/17)
bullet 1943:  “A Square Deal” - The Michigan CIO Debates the No-Strike Pledge
bullet 1943:  Teheran Conference
bullet 1943:  The War Labor Board Insists on Equal Pay for Black Workers
bullet 1943:  “We’re Looking for Zoot-Suits to Burn” - Mexican Americans and the Zoot Suit Riots
bullet 1943:  "Woman Power" - Saturday Evening Post (6/12)
bullet 1943:  West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette -- issue of coerced speech
bullet 1943:  Yasui v. the United States
bullet 1943:  The Zoot Suit - photo of Cab Calloway
bullet 1943-44:  Excerpts from WASP Madge Rutherford Minton's letters home
bullet 1944:  Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination of the Republican Party - Thomas E. Dewey (6/28)
bullet 1944:  "An American of this Century" - Thomas E. Dewey
bullet 1944:  "American Women in the War" - Eleanor Roosevelt in The Reader's Digest
bullet 1944:  "Captain Waskow's Men Say Good-Bye" - Ernie Pyle
bullet 1944:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1944:  Dumbarton Oaks- Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization (10/7)
bullet 1944:  ex parte Endo
bullet 1944:  Fireside Chat on the Fall of Rome - FDR (6/5)
bullet 1944:  Franklin Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer (6/6)
bullet 1944:  Franklin Roosevelt's Press Conference on D-Day
bullet 1944:  Franklin Roosevelt Memorandum to Cordell Hull on Indochina (1/24) and other memos from FDR on Indochina
bullet 1944:  General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Order of the Day (6/6)
bullet 1944:  General George S. Patton's speech to the troops before D-Day (6/5)
bullet 1944:  G. I. Bill, or the Servicemen's Readjustment Act          FDR'S statement on signing the G. I. Bill (6/22) - bottom half of page
bullet 1944:  A GI's Trip to London - personal account
bullet 1944:  “Hello, You Fighting Orphans” - 'Tokyo Rose' Woos U.S. Sailors and Marines
bullet 1944:  Korematsu v. United States
bullet 1944:  Limerick #1 by Fred R. Hines in New York Journal-American (October)
bullet 1944:  "Longing Won't Get Him back Sooner . . .Get a War Job!" by Lawrence Wilbur - printed by the Government Printing Office for the War Manpower Commission
bullet 1944:  President Roosevelt defends his dog Fala on radio (sound file)
bullet 1944:  Reporter George Hicks on a destroyer offshore of Normandy on D-Day (sound file)
bullet 1944:  Smith v. Allwright
bullet 1944:  “We Need to Exterminate Them” - A Marine Describes the Battle of Guam
bullet 1944:  "Woman's Place After the War" - Eleanor Roosevelt in Click (Aug.)
bullet 1945:  Allied Supreme Commander, General Eisenhower's speech to the Royal Family (6/12)
bullet 1945:  "Atomic Age" - excerpts from a Time article of August 20
bullet 1945:  The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima - eyewitness account by Father P. Siemes, a German Catholic priest
bullet 1945:  Attitude of the American Government Toward Palestine: Letter from President Roosevelt to King Ibn Saud (4/5)
bullet 1945:  "Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy a Bond!" - song lyrics
bullet 1945:  Colonel Paul Tibbets describes his dropping of the A-bomb on Hiroshima (sound file)
bullet 1945:  The Bombing of Hiroshima press release - Harry Truman - 3 pages (bottom of the page)
bullet 1945:  The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (History Channel video)
bullet 1945:  The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb: Minutes of Meeting at White House 6/18/45 ( Evaluation of current situation regarding the War in the Pacific against the Japanese)
bullet 1945:  Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
bullet 1945:  Documents on the Decisions to Use Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (May to August)
bullet 1945:  Effects of the Atomic Bomb - government report from the United States Bombing Survey
bullet 1945:  Emperor Hirohito, Accepting the Potsdam Declaration - Radio Broadcast (8/14)
bullet 1945:  Eyewitness Accounts of the Trinity Test (July)
bullet 1945:  Fourth Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1945:  Germany's Surrender Documents
bullet 1945:  GM Rejects Reuther’s Call to “Open the Books” - The Post-WWII Strike Wave
bullet 1945:  Harry Truman's Diary Entry on his decision to use the A-bomb (7/25)
bullet 1945:  “Interview with . . . an Older Nisei” - Morris E. Opler,  Manzanar Community Analysis Report No. 36, (7/26)
bullet 1945:  “I Saw The Walking Dead” - A Black Sergeant Remembers Buchenwald (as recalled in the 1960s)
bullet 1945:  Japan Surrenders Aboard the U.S.S. Missouri (various photos)
bullet 1945:  Japanese Surrender Documents
bullet 1945:  Leaflets Dropped on Cities in Japan Warning Civilians of Atomic Bomb
bullet 1945:  Leo Szilard's  Petition, First Version (7/3) to the President not to use the A-bomb to end the war
bullet 1945:  Letter from Albert Einstein to FDR
bullet 1945:  Letter from Henry Stimson, Secretary of War to President Truman (4/24)
bullet 1945:  New York celebrates the surrender of the Japanese (9/2) - photo
bullet 1945:  "Old Man Atom (The Atomic Talking Blues)" - song lyrics by Vern Partlow
bullet 1945:  Potsdam Conference Declaration
bullet 1945:  Truman Letter to his wife Bess from Berlin (7/31)
bullet 1945:  Truman Tells Stalin About the Bomb at Potsdam (7/24)
bullet 1945:  Selected Manhattan Project documents
bullet 1945:  Survivor of Hiroshima's personal account - Dr. Michihiko Hachiya
bullet 1945:  United Nations Charter
bullet 1945:  U.S. Warning to Japan Urging Surrender (8/9)
bullet 1945:  Vietnamese Declaration of Independence (9/2) - speech by Ho Chi Minh
bullet 1945:  A View from the Enola Gay
bullet 1945:  White House Press Release Announcing the Bombing of Hiroshima (8/6)
bullet 1945:  Yalta Conference Declaration
bullet 1945-90:  Defense Expenditures, Armed Forces Strength - chart
bullet 1960:  "President Truman Did Not Understand" - Interview with Dr. Leo Szilard
bullet 1991:  A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival - Takeharu Terao

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