Primary Source Documents
bullet 1840-1960- Trade Unionism (Spartacus)
bullet The 1930's FDIC Learning Bank (timeline)
bullet 1930s Timeline - very detailed (University of Virginia)
bullet Aaron Douglas: African American Modernist: The Exhibition, the Artist, and His Legacy - Stephanie Fox Knappe
bullet The African American Odyssey (Library of Congress)
bullet Alone on the Ice -- Richard Byrd and the Antarctic (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Amelia Earhart (U. S. Centennial of Flight Commission)
bullet Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)
bullet American Cultural History:  1930-1939
bullet America from the Great Depression to World War II:  1935-1945 (American Memory - LOC)
bullet America in the 1930s
bullet America's Great Depression
bullet The American Liberty League
bullet Americans React to the Great Depression - 7 individual accounts
bullet Amos 'n Andy in Black and White (University of Virginia)
bullet An Apology 65 Years Later:  The Tuskegee Legacy (PBS)
bullet An Anthology of 30s Prose (University of Virginia)
bullet A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979)
bullet Art Deco
bullet Ayn Rand ( Ayn Rand Institute)
bullet The Babe Ruth Times (University of Virginia)
bullet The Best of Ansel Adams: 1933-1942 - scenic photos
bullet A Biography of America:  FDR and the Depression (1929-1937) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet The Bonus Army in Washington - Prof. Roland Marchand (UC Davis) - many docs.
bullet Bonnie and Clyde: An American Tragedy of the Depression Era
bullet Breadlines to Chorus Lines:  Hollywood Musicals of the 1930s
bullet Brother Can You Spare a Billion- The Story of Jesse H. Jones (The American Experience)
bullet Bruno Hauptmann (Lindbergh Kidnapping) Trial, 1935
bullet By the People, For the People:  Poster from the WPA:  1936-1943 (LOC)
bullet Causes and Effects of the Great Depression - video clips
bullet The CCC in California State Parks
bullet Charlottesville in the Depression: We Doin' Alright
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1830-end
bullet The Cradle Will Rock - Marc Blitzstein's Play produced and directed by John Housemann and Orson Welles
bullet The Crash of 1929 (American Experience, PBS)
bullet Decopix - The Art Deco Architecture Site (New York World’s Fair 1939-40)
bullet "The Depression, the New Deal, and World War II:  African-Americans" (LOC)
bullet Depression Era to World War II:  FSA/OWI / Photographs (1935-1945) - LOC
bullet The Depression News: The 1930s
bullet Documenting the 1930s (University of Virginia)
bullet Documents of the New Deal (from The New Deal Network) - 100s listed
bullet Dorothea Lange- photos of migrant workers
bullet Dust Bowl Migrations (LOC)
bullet Eleanor and Franklin Institute
bullet Eleanor Roosevelt (The American Experience, PBS series)
bullet Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill
bullet Eleanor Roosevelt Papers (Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights Project)
bullet The Empire State Building Official Internet Site
bullet Executive Orders - President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945
bullet Father Charles E. Coughlin
bullet Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) official website
bullet Federal Music Project (LOC)
bullet FDR (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet FDR and Court Packing - Prof. Roland Marchand (UC Davis) - many docs.
bullet FDR and Polio
bullet FDR 1936 Presidential Campaign Round-Up Rally
bullet The FDR Cartoon Archives - over 2400 cartoons!
bullet Federal Theatre Project Collection: About the WPA Federal Theatre Project
bullet The Flint Sit-Down Strike:  1936-1937
bullet "Flying the Pacific" - the China Clipper and Trans-Pacific Air Flight - essay by Eric Niderost
bullet Frank Capra's America
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Digital Archives
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt - POTUS site
bullet Franklin D. Roosevelt - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Freedom Never Dies:  The Legacy of Harry T. Moore (PBS)
bullet From Skyscrapers to Skulls: Georgia O'Keeffe Creates the "Native American"
bullet Going Back to Iowa:  The World of Grant Wood
bullet The Great Depression: A Primary Source History - Stanley Schultz
bullet The Great Depression: What Happened and How It Compares With Today
bullet Growing Up On A Farm During The Great Depression: Clinton County, IL
bullet Guys and Molls:  Pulp fiction graphics from the 1930s and 40s
bullet A Gullible Nation: The War of the Worlds Broadcast - A Closer Look at that Night of Panic (University of Virginia)
bullet Hard Times- Music of the Great Depression (audio files)
bullet Harlem: 1900-1940 (Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, NYC)
bullet Hep, Hop, and Headbanging: The Retro Rebirth of Swing (University of Virginia)
bullet Herblock's History:  Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millenium
bullet Herbert Hoover - POTUS site
bullet Herbert Hoover - Miller Institute, University of Virginia
bullet Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
bullet Historical Census Browser:   1930        1940
bullet History of the Department of Labor (US Dept. of Labor site)
bullet The History of Film - The 1930s:  The Talkies, the Growth of the Studios, and 'The Golden Age of Hollywood'
bullet Hoover Dam (The American Experience)
bullet The Hoover Dam:  Lonely Lands Made Fruitful
bullet Huey Long Official Website
bullet Huey Long (PBS)
bullet The Iconography of Hope:  The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair
bullet It's the Booze Talking: Prohibition and the Gangster Film
bullet J. Edgar Hoover and the Gangster Era
bullet Jesse Owens' Official Website
bullet Joliet Remembers the 1930s
bullet The Jouett Shouse Collection (University of Kentucky) - American Liberty League material
bullet The Lindbergh Kidnapping (Joliet Public Library)
bullet Labor History Timeline: 1778-1991 (AFL-CIO)
bullet LaGuardia and Wagner Archives (NY)
bullet "Light!  More Light!" - Herblock's political cartoons on the Depression
bullet Little Orphan Annie Home Page
bullet The Living Newspaper - a theatrical genre created by the Federal Theater Project
bullet Lou Henry Hoover (National First Ladies' library)
bullet The Magpie Sings the Great Depression:  Selections from DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, 1929-1941
bullet Major Events of:  1929    1930    1931    1932    1933    1934    1935    1936    1937    1938   1939    1940    1941
bullet Manufacturing Memories: American Popular Music in the 1930s (University of virginia)
bullet Map-->"The Extent of the TVA Program"
bullet Map-->"Wars and Atrocities in the Second Quarter of the 20c:  1925-1950"
bullet The March of Time as Documentary and Propaganda - The Road to War (University of Virginia)
bullet Marching on History - The Bonus Army (1932)
bullet The Margaret Sanger Papers Project
bullet Migrant Workers - Dorothea Lange Photos (LOC)
bullet "Modernism and Abstraction" - art works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
bullet Narratives- Aspects of Negro Life- An Idyll of the Deep South, Aaron Douglas
bullet Nazi Olympics: Berlin, 1936 (U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)
bullet New Deal Art During the Depression (WPA Arts Project)
bullet New Deal Cultural Programs--Experiments in Cultural Democracy
bullet A New Deal for the Arts
bullet New Deal Network      Documents Index
bullet New Frontiers in American Documentaries:  The 1930s
bullet The NRA--Industrial Recovery: Reviving the Heart of America
bullet On the Air: 1930s Serials on Radio (University of Virginia)
bullet Peace and War:  United States Foreign Policy:  1931-1941 - Dept. of State Publication (includes many documents)
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Breadline (1929-1939) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  The Lost Peace (1919-1935) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  On the Line (1908-1945) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  Red Flag (1917-1940) - PBS
bullet Popular Culture on the Radio (audio files)
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  1932     1936     1940
bullet The Real Deal: The Battle to Define FDR's Social Programs (University of Virginia)
bullet Representing Gringolandίa: Diego Rivera in 1930s America (University of Virginia)
bullet Riding the Rails (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Roosevelt and the New Deal (Spartacus)
bullet Roosevelt's Tree Army--Michigan's Civilian Conservation Corps - Roger L. Rosentreter
bullet Roosevelt University - Center for the New Deal
bullet The Savage Genius: Louis Armstrong's Film Roles in the Depression
bullet Scenes from the Great Depression based on Dorothea Lange's photos on YouTube
bullet "Scenes of American Life" - art works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
bullet Screwball Comedies of the 1930s and 1940s: When Romance Met Mayhem
bullet Scottsboro--An American Tragedy (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet The "Scottsboro Boys" Trials:  1931-1937
bullet Shadowball--The Story of the Negroe Leagues
bullet Sinking of the Panay (1937)
bullet Slang in the 1930s (University of Virginia)
bullet Slouching Towards Utopia?: The Economic History of the Twentieth Century:  Chapter XIV. The Great Crash and the Great Slump - J. Bradford DeLong
bullet Social Security History
bullet Social Security Pioneers- Frances Perkins:  New Deal Stateswoman and Labor Reformer
bullet Social Security Posters:  1936-1999
bullet The Student Movement of the 1930s
bullet Surviving the Dust Bowl (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet This Land is Your Land: Rural Music and the Depression (University of Virginia)
bullet Timeline of the Great Depression (PBS)
bullet Trade Unions (Spartacus)
bullet The Trial of the Century:  The Lindbergh Case
bullet TVA- Electricity for All (New Deal Network)
bullet TVA Official Site
bullet Urban and Urbane: The New Yorker Magazine in the 1930s
bullet U. S. Social Security Administration official web site
bullet Voices from the Thirties--Life Histories of the Federal Writers' project
bullet Voices of the Dust Bowl (American Memory - Library of Congress)
bullet Voices of the Great Depressions - Springfield-News Leader project with local high school students - interviews with local people who lived during the Depression.
bullet Walter Evans Revolutionizes Documentary Photography (University of Virginia)
bullet Woody Guthrie
bullet Woody Guthrie (University of Virginia)
bullet The WPA Guide to the Old Dominion

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bullet 1890-1940:  Business Cycles - charts
bullet 1920-1940:  Dow Jones Industrial during the Great Depression - chart
bullet 1929-1942:  Unemployment, 1929-1942 - chart
bullet 1929-1933:  Bank Failures, 1929-1933 - chart
bullet 1929:  Reminiscences of the Great Depression
bullet 1930s?:  Excerpt from "E.W. Evans, Brick Layer & Plasterer," an interview with E.W. Evans
bullet 1930s:  “Art Within Reach” - Federal Art Project Community Art Centers
bullet 1930s:  "I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister" - song lyrics by Jim Garland
bullet 1930s:  "Dwellers in Local Hooverville" - photograph of a 'Hooverville' in Circleville, OH
bullet 1930s:  "Electrifying Housework" (photos)
bullet 1930s:  Excerpts from the Federal Writers' Project Interviews with Depression Victims
bullet 1930s:  “It Was a Wildly Exciting Time”- Milton Meltzer Remembers the New Deal’s Federal Theatre Project
bullet 1930s:  Looking for America - The Index of American Design
bullet 1930s:  "The Loveless C. C. C." - song lyrics and audio file
bullet 1930s:  "The New Deal Was a Failure" - interview with a critic of the New Deal, a Cuban-born optometrist. Dr. Santos
bullet 1930s:  Oklahoma Dust Bowl - photo
bullet 1930s:  Painting the American Scene - Artists Assess the Federal Art Project
bullet 1930s:  Plays from the Federal Theatre Project Anti-War Playlist
bullet 1930s:  “That Broke Down the Ethnic Barriers”- A Steelworker Describes the Decline of Ethnic Hostility in the 1930s (as recalled in 1974)
bullet 1930s:  Harlem Hospital W. P. A. Murals
bullet 1930s & 1940s:  “Treated Like Slaves”- Textile Workers Write to Washington
bullet 1930:  “Complete Nudity Is Never Permitted” - The Motion Picture Production Code
bullet 1930:  "Hooverville", New York City (photo)
bullet 1930:  A South Carolina Farm Girl (photo)
bullet 1931:  Christmas Day Breadlines in New York City (photo)
bullet 1931:  Family in El Paso, Arkansas (photo)
bullet 1931:  Food Riots in Oklahoma City - New York Times (1/31)
bullet 1931:  Hoover Vetoes Muscle Shoals Bill
bullet 1931:  Near v. Minnesota
bullet 1931:  Wickersham Commission Report on Alcohol Prohibition (1/7)
bullet 1932:  100,000,000 Guinea Pigs, Dangers in Everyday Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics - Arthur Kallet and F. J. Schlink
bullet 1932:  "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" - YouTube video of Al Jolson singing    lyrics
bullet 1932:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1932:  "The Forgotten Man" - radio speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt in Albany, NY (4/7)
bullet 1932:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Speech at San Francisco
bullet 1932:  Herbert Hoover, Speech at New York City
bullet 1932:  "Hoover Charges Roosevelt 'New Deal' Would Destroy Foundation of Nation; 22,000 Jam the Garden, 30,000 Outside" - The New York Times (11/1)
bullet 1932:  Powell v. Alabama - the Scottsboro Cases
bullet 1932:  "Roosevelt Winner in Landslide! Democrats Control Wet Congress" - The New York Times - front page with text
bullet 1932:  Special Message to the Congress on the Economic Recovery Program - Herbert Hoover
bullet 1932:  Various Documents on the Bonus Army      (additional documents)
bullet 1932:  Wanted information poster for the Lindbergh Baby's Kidnapping
bullet 1932-33:  "White House Blues" - song lyrics by Charlie Poole
bullet 1933-1941:  Fireside Chats and Speeches of FDR - several dozen documents (some audio files as well)
bullet 1933-1944:  FDR's "Fireside Chats"
bullet 1933:  20th. Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1933:  21st. Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1933:  After Capitalism...What? - Reinhold Niebuhr
bullet 1933:  Agricultural Adjustment Act
bullet 1933:  "Devaluate the Dollar Now" - editorial in The Nation (3/15)
bullet 1933:  Excerpts from Huey Long's "First" Autobiography
bullet 1933:  “The Farmer Learns Direct Action” - Ferner Nuhn,The Nation 136 (3/8)
bullet 1933:  First Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1933:  "The Great Relief Congress" - editorial celebrating the First Hundred Days of the new administration in The Chicago Tribune (6/16)
bullet 1933:  Greetings to the CCC - FDR
bullet 1933:  “It Seems to Me” - Heywood Broun,  New York World Telegram, (8/7)
bullet 1933:  Letter from Joseph C. Grew, Ambassador to Japan, to Cordell Hull about Japanese power (5/11)
bullet 1933:  "Mr. Roosevelt, So Far" - editorial in The Nation (6/28)
bullet 1933:  National Industrial Recovery Act (6/16)
bullet 1933:  An Open Letter to President Roosevelt - John Maynard Keynes
bullet 1933:  "The Paramount Issue" - editorial praising FDR's leadership in The Chicago Tribune (3/11)
bullet 1933:  “The Republic Is Imperiled”- John L. Lewis Warns of Ignoring Laboring People, United Mine Workers Journal (3/1)
bullet 1933:  "The Return to Barter" - New Republic (1/4)
bullet 1933:  Tennessee Valley Authority Act
bullet 1933:  “This Is What the Union Done”- song lyrics of the Story of the United Mine Workers of America
bullet 1933:  TIME Magazine's 'Man of the Year' for 1932 - "National Affairs: Franklin D. Roosevelt" (1/2 issue)
bullet 1933:  “To Abolish the Monroe Doctrine” - Proclamation from Augusto César Sandino
bullet 1933:  "With the Civilian Conservation Corps" - Reprinted from American Forests: The Magazine of The American Forestry Association, Washington, D. C. (July)
bullet 1933:  "Women and the Vote" - Eleanor Roosevelt
bullet 1934:  “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde” - Bonnie Parker
bullet 1934:  The Big Strike - A Journalist Describes the 1934 San Francisco Strike
bullet 1934:  “A Bill of Rights for the Indians” - John Collier Envisions an Indian New Deal
bullet 1934:  Congress Investigates the 1934 San Francisco Strike
bullet 1934:  "End Poverty in California--The EPIC Movement" - article by Gubernatorial Candidate, Upton Sinclair in Literary Digest (10/13)
bullet 1934:  Excerpt from "Was My Life Worth Living?" by Emma Goldman
bullet 1934:  Fireside Chat on Moving Forward to Greater Freedom and Greater Security - FDR (9/30)
bullet 1934:  Hamilton v. Regents of the University of California
bullet 1934:  Indian Reorganization [or Wheeler-Howard] Act
bullet 1934:  Letters From the "Forgotten Man" to Mrs. Roosevelt
bullet 1934:  Memorandum by the United States Military Attaché, Berlin, 5/17/1934 [Extracts]
bullet 1934:  "The National Union for Social Justice" - radio broadcast by Father Charles Coughlin (Sunday, 11/11)
bullet 1934:  Townsend Plan - pamphlet by Dr. Francis Townsend
bullet 1934:  Treaty Between the United States and Cuba (5/29)
bullet 1934:  "Untitled Winter Scene" - oil painting by Ceil Rosenberg, Public Works of Art Project
bullet 1934:  “Waitin’ on Roosevelt”- Langston Hughes’s “Ballad of Roosevelt" in The New Republic (11/14)
bullet 1934:  "Why? The American Liberty League" - Jouett Shouse
bullet 1935:  “1500 Doomed” - People’s Press Reports on the Gauley Bridge Disaster (12/7)
bullet 1935:  Book Relief in Mississippi - The Survey (March)
bullet 1935:  "C.C.C. A Young Man's Opportunity for Work Play Study & Health" - silkscreen poster by Albert Bender, Chicago Federal Art Project, WPA
bullet 1935:  "Every Man's a King" - song lyrics by Senator Huey P. Long
bullet 1935:  Extemporaneous Address on the A.A.A. to Farm Groups by FDR (5/14)
bullet 1935:  F. B. I. files on Huey Long's assassination (1818 pages)
bullet 1935:  Fireside Chat on the Works Relief Program - FDR (4/28)
bullet 1935:  Grovey vs. Townsend
bullet 1935:  Huey Long's "Share the Wealth" Speech in the Senate (2/5)
bullet 1935:  “How Come Huey Long? 1. Bogeyman” - Hodding Carter in The New Republic (2/13)
bullet 1935:  “How Come Huey Long? 2. Or Superman?” - Gerald K. Smith in The New Republic (2/13)
bullet 1935:  Huey Long's "Share the Wealth Speech"
bullet 1935:  Letter of Billy Gobitas to Minersville, Pennsylvania, school directors, explaining why the young Jehovah's Witness refused to salute the American flag (11/5)
bullet 1935:  Message of President Roosevelt to the Senate on the International Court of Justice (1/16)
bullet 1935:  My First Days in the White House - excerpts from Huey Long's "Second Autobiography"
bullet 1935:  National Labor Relations Act [Wagner Act]
bullet 1935:  Neutrality Act of 1935 (8/31)
bullet 1935:  “Please Help Us Mr. President” - Black Americans Write to FDR
bullet 1935:  President Roosevelt's Statement Signing the Social Security Act (8/14)
bullet 1935:  The Real Estate Industry Lobby and Public Housing
bullet 1935:  “Right After That They Walked Out” - Alice Wolfson Recalls the Origins of the CIO
bullet 1935:  Signing of the Social Security Act photo
bullet 1935:  "Social Insurance for the U. S." - radio address by Francis Perkins (2/25)
bullet 1935:  Social Security Act of 1935       (main provisions - chart)       (dates and vote tallies)
bullet 1935:  W. P. A. Theater Group (photo)
bullet 1935:  “We Have Got a Good Friend in John Collier” - A Taos Pueblo Tries to Sell the Indian New Deal
bullet 1935-39:  "History of Southern Illinois" - gouache painting by Paul Kelpe, Illinois Federal Art Project, WPA
bullet 1936:  Alfred Landon, governor of KS, campaigning for President - speech
bullet 1936:  Carter v. Carter Coal Co.
bullet 1936:  Charles E. Coughlin, "The Radio Priest", declares "Roosevelt and Ruin" - national radio broadcast (6/19)
bullet 1936:  The Cradle Will Rock original script
bullet 1936:  Democratic Party Platform           Republican Party Platform
bullet 1936:  Franklin Roosevelt, Address at Chautauqua, New York, 8/14/1936 (the "I hate war" speech)
bullet 1936:  "Jane Addams Memorial" - tempera painting on paper by Mitchell Siporin, Illinois Federal Art Project, WPA
bullet 1936:  "Join the March to Old Age Security" - Social Security poster
bullet 1936:  "Migrant Mom" - photo by Dorothea Lange
bullet 1936:  Neutrality Act of 1936 (2/29)
bullet 1936:  The Nye Commission Report (2/24)
bullet 1936:  Letter of Eleanor Roosevelt to Walter White detailing the First Lady's lobbying efforts for federal action against lynchings (3/19)
bullet 1936:  Radio Address to the CCC by FDR
bullet 1936:  "Roosevelt Sweeps the Nation; His Electoral Vote Exceeds 500" - The New York Times -  front page with text (11/4)
bullet 1936:  Rural Electrification Act
bullet 1936:  “The (Second) Greatest Teacher of All Time” - Father Coughlin’s Followers Fight Back
bullet 1936:  "Security in Your Old Age" - Information Service Circular No. 9 from the U. S. Government Printing Office
bullet 1936:  "Shall We Plow under the Supreme Court?" Speech of Jouett Shouse before the Bondmen's Club, Chicago, IL (2/3)
bullet 1936:  The Supreme Court and the Constitution by Robert E. Cushman (Public Affairs Pamphlet, No. 7, 1936) pp. 1-36
bullet 1936:  "The Supreme Court Swings the Ax" - The Nation (1/15)
bullet 1936:  A Third Party - Father Charles E. Coughlin
bullet 1936:  “What He Has Done Is Sickening to Contemplate” - Catholic Liberal John Ryan Denounces Father Charles Coughlin
bullet 1936:  “We Are Americans!”- The Homestead Workers Issue a Declaration of Independence
bullet 1936:  Workers' Handbook (WPA)
bullet 1937:  The Explosion of the Hindenburg (Realplayer sound file)
bullet 1937:  Fireside Chat on the Reorganization of the Judiciary - FDR (3/9)
bullet 1937:  "The Future of the Supreme Court" - editorial in The Chicago Tribune (2/7)
bullet 1937:  “The Man . . . Died on My Lap” - One Women Recalls the Memorial Day Massacre in South Chicago
bullet 1937:  “Must a Fellow Wait to Die” - Workers Write to Frances Perkins
bullet 1937:  The Nanking Massacre - New York Times reporter's observations
bullet 1937:  Neutrality Act of 1937
bullet 1937:  "Purging the Supreme Court" - editorial in The Nation (2/13)
bullet 1937:  "Quarantine" Speech - Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1937:  "Roosevelt Goes Too Far" - Dorothy Thompson, Washington Star (2/10)
bullet 1937:  Second Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt
bullet 1937:  “Susie Steno Discovers the Union,” Ledger (June)
bullet 1937:  "Twenty Years Ago" - sermon by Fr. Coughlin
bullet 1937:  Various Documents on FDR and Court Packing       (additional documents)
bullet 1937:  “We Stand Defeated America”- John Dos Passos in “The Big Money,” USA
bullet 1937:  "Years of Dust" - photolithograph by Ben Shahn, Resettlement Administration
bullet 1937:  “The Yeast which Makes the Bread Rise" - Hallie Flanagan on Drama as Politics
bullet 1938:  Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1938
bullet 1938:  "Dust Can't Kill Me" - song lyrics by Woody Guthrie
bullet 1938:  "Dust Bowl Refugee" - song lyrics by Woody Guthrie
bullet 1938:  Fair Labor Standards Act
bullet 1938:  The Federal Theatre Project brief of the project presented to the Committee on Patents of the House of Representatives
bullet 1938:  Franklin Roosevelt, Message to the Congress recommending increased armament for national defense (1/28)
bullet 1938:  Frederick Savage Blames Labor Unions for the Great Depression (WPA Project interview)
bullet 1938:  “We Don’t Know What Will Happen to Our People” - A Mill Worker Describes Effects of Layoffs on a Virginia Mill Town
bullet 1938:  "I'd Rather Not be on Relief" - song lyrics by Lester Hunter
bullet 1938:  “The Laundry Loses Business to Its Customers” - An Appeal to Exempt Personal Service Businesses from Federal Minimum Wage and Maximum Hours Legislation (as recalled in 1949)
bullet 1938:  Letter of Hugh R. Wilson, Ambassador to Germany to President Roosevelt
bullet 1938:  Letter to President Roosevelt from a Mr. Griefer, a Spring Valley, NY farmer
bullet 1938:  Losing the Business - The Donners Recall the Great Depression
bullet 1938:  Munich Pact (9/29)
bullet 1938:  Nobel Lecture ("The Chinese Novel") - Pearl S. Buck, American Writer/Nobel Laureate, Stockholm, Sweden (12/12)
bullet 1938:  "Peace in Our Time" Statement Made by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (9/30)
bullet 1938:  President Roosevelt to the Chancellor of Germany (Hitler), [Telegram] (9/27)
bullet 1938:  "The Riveter" - tempera painting on paperboard by Ben Shahn, Treasury Section of Fine Arts
bullet 1938:  "Roosevelt Is a 'Damned Good Man'" - interview with Charles Fusco, an Italian-born munitions worker
bullet 1938:  Statement by the Secretary of State Hull to Prime Minister Chamberlain's Statement (9/30)
bullet 1938:  Suspicion of Subversion - Congressional Conservatives Attack the Federal Theater Project
bullet 1938:  To Save China - “New York Hand Laundry Alliance Intensifies Anti-Japanese Work”
bullet 1938:  To Save Ourselves - “Anti-Japanese Activities of the Members of the CHLA”
bullet 1938-39:  Bill Knox Advises Young Workers About Unions
bullet 1939:  "Civil Liberties in American Colonies," By the American Civil Liberties Union (New York: American Civil Liberties Union (Feb.)
bullet 1939:  Fireside Chat on the European War - FDR (9/3)
bullet 1939:  German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, Moscow (8/23)
bullet 1939:  Hague v CIO -- issue of restricting speech in the traditional public forum
bullet 1939:  "I 'Ain't No Midwife" - Mrs. Sadie B. Hornsby
bullet 1939:  Jim Cole, African American Packinghouse Worker - WPA Project interview
bullet 1939:  Letter from Albert Einstein to FDR About Nuclear Bombs
bullet 1939:  Letter of Resignation to the D. A. R. from Eleanor Roosevelt  (2/25)
bullet 1939:  Miss Henrietta C. Dozier, Architect
bullet 1939:  "My Ups and Downs" - an interview with Kent Shorrow, a Negro in Georgia
bullet 1939:  Neutrality Act of 1939 (11/4)
bullet 1939:  President Roosevelt to the Chancellor of Germany (Hitler) [Telegram] (8/24)
bullet 1939:  President Roosevelt to the Chancellor of Germany (Hitler), [Telegram] (8/25)
bullet 1939:  Radio Address Delivered by President Roosevelt From Washington (9/3)
bullet 1939:  "Roll Out the Pickets" - song lyrics of a cotton strike against the Associated Farmers
bullet 1939:  United States v. Miller
bullet 1939:  The Works Progress Administration - Myron Buxton, a WPA white-collar worker, discusses perceptions of the WPA and what it has meant to him
bullet 1940:  Business Reports by Alta Gwinn Saunders and Chester Reed Anderson
bullet 1940:  "Children in a democracy. A migratory family living in a trailer in an open field. No sanitation, no water. They come from Amarillo, Texas."  - photo by Dorothea Lange, Bureau of Agricultural Economics (Nov.)
bullet 1940:  Democratic Party Platform         Republican Party Platform
bullet 1940:  Franklin Roosevelt's Destroyers for Bases Deal (9/3)
bullet 1940:  Fireside Chat on National Defense - FDR (5/26)
bullet 1940:  Fireside Chat on National Security - FDR (9/29)
bullet 1940:  "Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad" - song lyrics by Gussie War Arvin
bullet 1940:  Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (8/1)
bullet 1940:  Italian Feed - Mari Tomasi (9/21)
bullet 1940:  Smith Act
bullet 1940:  "Some More Greenback Dollars" - song lyrics
bullet 1940:  "Suffrage in the South Part I: The Poll Tax" - Survey Graphic (1/1)
bullet 1940:  "Suffrage in the South, Part II: The One Party System" - Survey Graphic (3/1)
bullet 1940:  "Why We Come to Californy" - song lyrics by Flora Robertson Shafter
bullet 1941:  "Ballad of Booker T." - poem by Langston Hughes
bullet 1941:  Fireside Chat Proclaiming an Unlimited National Emergency - FDR (5/27)
bullet 1941:  Fireside Chat on Maintaining Freedom of the Seas (9/11)
bullet 1942:  The Changing Character of Lynching - Jessie Daniel Ames
bullet 1943:  Abolish Jim Crow! - Eleanor Roosevelt in New Threshold (Aug.)
bullet 1943:  "Union Dues,” as recorded by George Korson, Coal Dust on the Fiddle

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