Primary Source Documents
bullet The 1900 Election - Harper's Weekly website - many political cartoons
bullet The 1904 Election - Harper's Weekly website - many political cartoons
bullet The 1908 Election - Harper's Weekly website - many political cartoons
bullet The 1912 Election - Harper's Weekly website - many political cartoons
bullet 1912- Competing Visions for America (eHistory)
bullet 1900 versus Now - Time 100 statistics comparison
bullet The 69th Regiment Armory Art Exhibit - the art show that changed everything
bullet "A Blood Red Record: the 1890s and American Apartheid" - Michael O'Malley
bullet African American Perspectives  - Pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Collection (1818-1907)
bullet African-American Sheet Music:  1850-1920 (LOC)
bullet Alcohol, Temperance, and Prohibition (Brown University Library)
bullet The Almanac of Theodore Roosevelt - many links and docs.
bullet The American 1890s--A Chronology"
bullet America-1900 (PBS series)
bullet America at Leisure, 1894-1915 (LOC)
bullet American Art Noveau
bullet American Cultural History:  1900-1909
bullet American Federation of Teachers Web Site
bullet American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
bullet The Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 (eHistory)
bullet The Anti-Saloon League
bullet Anti-Saloon League: 1893-1933
bullet The Armory Show of 1913 - A Great Display of American Art
bullet Ashcan School
bullet Atlanta Race Riot of 1906
bullet A Biography of America:  TR and Wilson (1901-1919) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet A Biography of America:  A Vital Progressivism (1899-1926) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet Birth of a Nation--D. W. Griffith's Greatest Film (included black and white silent film clips)
bullet "Capitalism and Socialism in the Emergence of Modern America- The Formative Era, 1890's-1916" - Martin J. Sklar
bullet Carrie Chapman Catt and Women's Suffrage
bullet Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home (National Nineteenth Amendment Society)
bullet Cartoons of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (eHistory)
bullet The Chautauqua Movement
bullet Children at Work, 1908-1912 (Eyewitness to History)
bullet Child Labor in U. S. History
bullet Child Labor in America:  1908-1912
bullet Chronology of the Equal Rights Amendment:  1923-1996
bullet Chronology of Suffrage Plays
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1830-end
bullet City Beautiful: The 1901 Plan for Washington, D. C. (University of Virginia)
bullet "City Beautiful Movement in the Progressive Era" - Camille Avena (Fordham Univ.)
bullet Civil Rights Movement (Spartacus)
bullet Clash of Cultures in the 1910s and 1920s (eHistory)
bullet Coal Mining and Miners in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (eHistory)
bullet "Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency" - Rucha Desai (Fordham Univ.)
bullet Conservation Timeline: 1900-1960
bullet Conservation vs. Urban Growth- San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir controversy (1913)
bullet Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls
bullet Documenting "The Other Half": The Social Reform Photography of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine (University of Virginia)
bullet Documents on Eugenics in Vermont
bullet Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement
bullet D. W. Griffith
bullet Earliest Voices: Sound Files of Speeches from the Progressive Era (MI State Universtiy)
bullet Early American Marxism History - many downloadable documents
bullet Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt
bullet Edward Bellamy:  A 19c Vissionary - Texts & Commentary
bullet Ellen Louise Axson Wilson
bullet The Emma Goldman Papers
bullet Environmental History Timeline
bullet The Estate of Hans Jenson v. The White Star Line (The Titanic Trial)
bullet The Evolution of the Conservation Movement:  1850-1920 (LOC)
bullet Federal Trade Commission Official Web Site
bullet Florence Kelley -- A Woman of Fierce Fidelity
bullet The Foundation and Growth of the Early Chautaqua Movement (University of Virginia)
bullet Frank Lloyd Wright (The American Experience)
bullet Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio (Oakpark, IL)
bullet The Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of Congress
bullet From Slavery to Freedom:  The African-American Pamphlet Collection (1824-1909) - LOC
bullet A Gateway to African-American History:  1900-1940
bullet Greatest Films Before 1920:  The Birth of Cinema
bullet Helen Herron Taft (National First Ladies' Library)
bullet Henry Street Settlement
bullet Historical Census Browser:   1890     1900     1910     1920
bullet The History of Labor Day (U. S. Dept. of Labor)
bullet A History of the Socialist Party of America
bullet How the U. S. Cavalry Saved Our National Parks - H. Duane Hampton (1971)
bullet "How We Made the First Flight" by Orville Wright
bullet Hull House Incorporated:  The Professionalization of Social Work
bullet Ideas and Strategies for the Women's Suffrage Movement - Prof. Roland Marchand (UC Davis)
bullet In the Vicinity of Hull House and the Maxwell Street Market: Chicago 1889-1935 - Document Links
bullet Image Archives on the American Eugenics Movement
bullet The Industrial Revolution & Progressive Era
bullet Katharine Bement Davis- New York City's Suffragist Commissioner (New York City Dept. of Correction)
bullet The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
bullet Major Events of:  1900    1901    1902    1903    1904    1905    1906    1907    1908    1909    1910    1911    1912    1913

Map-->"The United States in 1910"


Map-->"Women's Suffrage Before 19th Amendment"


Marcus Garvey:  Look for Me in the Whirlwind (The American Experience PBS series)

bullet Margaret Sanger Paper Project (NYU)
bullet The Muckrakers - web links page
bullet Nannie Helen Burroughs (LOC)
bullet National Association of Manufacturers
bullet National Farmers Union
bullet The Nineteenth Century in Print- Periodicals
bullet Not For Ourselves Alone - The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony (PBS)
bullet The Ohio Dry Campaign of 1918 (eHistory)
bullet The People's Attorney:  The Life of Louis D. Brandeis, 1856-1941 (Brandeis University)
bullet The People's Century:  Age of Hope (1900-1914) - PBS
bullet The Peoples' Century:  On the Line (1908-1945) - PBS
bullet Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party (LOC)
bullet Pictorial Americana - Women's Rights, 1859-1913, Selected Images (LOC)
bullet Pictures of the Women's Suffrage Movement
bullet Pluralism and Unity, David Bailey, Michigan State University
bullet Political Cartoons of the Early 1900s (WebQuest)
bullet Presidential Election Results (map & stats) --  1900     1904     1908     1912     1916     1920
bullet Publications by the I. W. W.
bullet Racial Stereotypes:  A Visual Studies Blog
bullet Robert Marion LaFollette
bullet The Ram's Horn Magazine - an interdenominational Social Gospel magazine
bullet Shadowball--Recalling the Negroe Leagues (PBS)
bullet The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 (Eyewitness to History)
bullet "The Social Gospel" (Part I) - lecture by Prof. Terry Matthews (Wake Forest Univ.)
bullet "The Social Gospel" (Part II) - lecture by Prof. Terry Matthews (Wake Forest Univ.)
bullet The Sierra Club Official Web Site
bullet The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 (Eyewitness to History)
bullet Stars of the Silent Movies
bullet The Struggle for the Voice: New York Women (Albany Institute of History & Art)
bullet Suffragists Oral History Project
bullet "Teddy Roosevelt--Icon of the American Century" - Smithsonian Institution
bullet Temperance and Prohibition (eHistory)
bullet "Tenement Houses and Progressive Solutions" - Camille Avena (Fordham Univ.)
bullet Theodore Roosevelt:  26th President of the United States of America
bullet "Theodore Roosevelt's Broad Powers" - Erin Ruth Leonard (essay)
bullet The Theodore Roosevelt Association
bullet Theodore Roosevelt:  His Life and Times on Film (LOC)
bullet Theodore Roosevelt - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet Theodore Roosevelt - POTUS site
bullet Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress
bullet Touring Turn-of-the-Century America - Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Co. (1880-1920)
bullet TR: The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (The American Experience PBS series)
bullet Trade Unions (Spartacus)
bullet Traveling Culture:  Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century (LOC)
bullet The Triangle Factory Fire:  March 25, 1911
bullet Turn-of-the-Century America:  Detroit Publishing Company / Photographs (1880-1920)
bullet Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League Website
bullet Upton Sinclair and the Muckrakers
bullet U. S. Chamber of Commerce
bullet Votes for Women:  Selections from the National American Women's Suffrage Association, 1848-1921 (LOC)
bullet Votes for Women's Suffrage:  1850-1920 (LOC)
bullet W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Research (Harvard Univ.)
bullet Western New York Suffragists:  Winning the Vote
bullet William Howard Taft (1) - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet William Howard Taft (2) - POTUS site
bullet The Wizard of Oz:  An American Fairy Tale
bullet Women Outside the Compass:  1880-1922 - Prof. Sarah Sheeline (UC Davis) - many docs.
bullet Women's Christian Temperance Union
bullet Women's Sugffage in the United States (timeline)
bullet Women's Suffrage in the United States (Spartacus - UK)
bullet Woodrow Wilson (The American Experience, PBS)
bullet Woodrow Wilson - PBS Series on the American Presidency
bullet Woodrow Wilson - POTUS site
bullet The World's Columbian Exposition: Idea, Experience, Aftermath (University of Virginia)
bullet The Wright Brothers - First Flight, 1903 (Eyewitness to History)

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bullet late 19cChild Coal Mine Workers - photo
bullet late 19c:  Tuskegee Institute - photo
bullet 1868-1873:  Lists of women who voted
bullet 1870-1985:  "Education Levels in the U. S." - chart
bullet 1872:  Bradwell v. Illinois
bullet 1872:  Act establishing Yellowstone National Park (3/1)
bullet 1873:  Speech After Being Convicted Of Voting In The 1872 Presidential Election by Susan B. Anthony
bullet 1873:  U. S. v. Susan B. Anthony
bullet 1873:  “We Sang Rock of Ages”- Frances Willard Battles Alcohol in the late 19th century
bullet 1874:  Petition from Susan B. Anthony to U.S. Congress (1/24)
bullet 1874:  "The Temperance Crusade" - song, lyrics, and sheet music by C. K. Hawes
bullet 1875:  Minor vs. Happersett -- issue of women's suffrage
bullet 1876:  National Woman Suffrage Association- "Declaration of Rights for Women"
bullet 1876-1920:  Voter Participation in Presidential Elections, 1876-1920 - chart
bullet 1877:  Petition for Woman Suffrage signed by Frederick Douglass
bullet 1879:  Progress and Poverty - Henry George (abridged version)
bullet 1879-1921:  Woman's Christian Temperance Union statistics - graph and chart
bullet 1881:  The Scholar in a Republic - Phi Beta Kappa Centennial Oration by Wendell Philips
bullet 1885:  8th Grade Final Exam from Salina, KS
bullet 1885:  Test for Admission to High School in Jersey City, NJ
bullet 1886:  Applied Christianity:  Moral Aspects of Social Questions - Washington Gladden
bullet 1886:  A Christ-like Character - A Catholic Priest Champions Henry George
bullet 1886:  Throwing His Hat in the Ring - Henry George Runs for Mayor (10/5)
bullet 1887:  More Logic, Less Feeling - Senator Vest Nixes Woman Suffrage
bullet 1887:  New Jersey School Suffrage Act - enfranchises rural and small town women in school matters
bullet 1891:  Address of Frances E. Willard, president of the Woman's National Council of the U. S. at its first triennial meeting in Washington, DC (2/22-25)
bullet 1891:  “A Heritage of Scorn” - Frances Ellen Walkins Harper Urges A Color-Blind Cause
bullet 1892:  Elizabeth Cady Stanton- "The Solitude of Self"
bullet 1892:  "The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements" - speech by Jane Addams
bullet 1893:  "Autumn" - poem written by 13-year old Helen Keller
bullet 1893:  The Objective Value of a Social Settlement  - Jane Addams
bullet 1893:  "State committee Woman suffrage party. Headquarters, New York To the woman suffrage congress World's fair, Chicago, Ill [regarding woman suffrage in Wyoming.] New York, 8/7" - broadside
bullet 1893:  "Women in Politics" - Mrs. J. Ellen Foster
bullet 1894:  Class Versus Gender - Carrie Chapman Catt Taps Middle-Class and Nativist Fears to Boost Women’s Causes
bullet 1894:  "Copy of preamble and protest ... Brooklyn Auxiliary, New York State association opposed to the extension of suffrage to women" - broadside
bullet 1894:  "Do want want the vote? ... Issued by the National state association opposed to woman suffrage" - broadside
bullet 1894:  "Some reasons why we oppose votes for women ... National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage" - broadside
bullet 1894: "Who Wrote the  Bible?" - Washington Gladden
bullet 1895:  "The apotheosis of suffrage" - political cartoon on women's suffrage
bullet 1895:  Atlanta Compromise
bullet 1895:  "A Red Record: Tabulated Statistics and Alleged Causes of Lynchings in the United States, 1892-1893-1894" - Ida B. Wells
bullet 1895:  The Woman's Bible - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
bullet 1895:  "A Woman's Right to Vote" - Amelia Bloomer
bullet 1896:  "The Awakening of the Negro" - Booker T. Washington
bullet 1896:  "Building Up His Business" - political cartoon on liquor licensing in The Ram's Horn
bullet 1896:  Democracy and Education - Booker T. Washington
bullet 1896:  Mary E. Lease's Speech at Cooper Union
bullet 1896:  "A Modern Lear" - speech by Jane Addams on the Pullman Strike (11/12)
bullet 1896:  "A Piece-Rate System" - Frederick Winslow Taylor
bullet 1896:  "Typical Gold Bugs" - political cartoon in Harper's Weekly (7/11)
bullet 1897:  Assorted Newspaper Articles / Editorials on Lynchings in Urbana, OH
bullet 1897:  "Municipal Administration: The New York Police Force" - E. L. Godkin, Atlantic Monthly (Sept. 1897), at MoA-Cornell
bullet 1897:  "Peculiarities of American Municipal Government" - E. L. Godkin, Atlantic Monthly (Nov. 1897), at MoA-Cornell
bullet 1897:  "The Strivings of the Negro People" - W. E. B. Du Bois - Atlantic Monthly (Aug.)
bullet 1898:  Strength in Numbers - Kelley on Women, Labor, and the Power of the Ballot
bullet 1899:  Cummings v. Board of Education of Richmond County, Georgia
bullet 1899:  "The Importance of Women's Influence in All Religious and Benevolent Societies" - Rev. J. Frances Robinson
bullet 1899:  The School and Society - John Dewey
bullet early 20c?:  "12 Things the Negro Must Do for Himself" - Nannie Halen Burroughs
bullet early 20c?:  "A Racial Hierarchy and Empire for Africans; African's Faith Must Be Confidence in Self His Creed: One God, One Aim, One Destiny" - Marcus Garvey
bullet early 20c?:  "Why Women Should Vote" - Alice Stone Blackwell
bullet 1900:  Carrie Chapman Catt- Acceptance of the Presidency of NAWSA
bullet 1900:  Lynch Law in America - Ida B. Wells
bullet 1900:  "Signs of Progress Among the Negroes" - Booker T. Washington
bullet 1900:  The Strenuous Life:  Essays and Addresses - Theodore Roosevelt (full text)
bullet 1900:  "Women and the Alphabet" - a series of essays by Thomas Wentworth Higginson    
bullet 1901:  "The Evolution of Negro Leadership" - speech by W. E. B. Du Bois (7/16)
bullet 1901:  Food Poisoning - New York Press (10/29)
bullet 1901:  George H. White's Farewell to Congress (1/29)
bullet 1901:  Our Forests and National Parks - John Muir
bullet 1901:  Race Riot - New York Press (10/29)
bullet 1901:  "Speech That Prompted Murderous Assault on the President"- article in the Chicago Daily Tribune (9/8) - comment on speech made by Emma Goldman
bullet 1901:  Theodore Roosevelt on Conservation
bullet 1901:  Theodore Roosevelt on Trusts
bullet 1902:  "Of the Training of Black Men" - W. E. B. Du Bois in Atlantic Monthly (Sept.)
bullet 1902:  Woman Suffrage - Susan B. Anthony
bullet 1903:  Belle Kearney speaks on "the race issue" at the National American Woman Suffrage Association Convention, New Orleans, LA (3/26)
bullet 1903:  "Industrial Education for the Negro" - Booker T. Washington (Sept.)
bullet 1903:  The Soul of Black Folk - W. E. B. DuBois (full text)
bullet 1903:  "The Talented Tenth" - speech by W. E. B. Du Bois (Sept.)
bullet 1903:  W.E.B. DuBois, Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others
bullet 1904:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1904:  The History of the Standard Oil Company - Ida M. Tarbell (full text)
bullet 1904:  "Make bank deposits safe" - reprinted from the Bankers' Magazine (Nov.)
bullet 1904:  Northern Securities Company v. U. S.
bullet 1904:  "Roosevelt vs. Roosevelt" - broadside
bullet 1905:  The Education of Henry Adams (full text)
bullet 1905:  Florence Kelley Speaks Out on Child Labor and Woman Suffrage, Philadelphia, PA (7/22)
bullet 1905:  The Great American Fraud - Samuel Hopkins Adams
bullet 1905:  "A Grim Warning against Patent Medicines" - poster in Collier's Magazine
bullet 1905:  Inaugural Address of Theodore Roosevelt
bullet 1905:  The Jungle - Upton Sinclair (Chapter 9)
bullet 1905:  "Lincoln and Race Problem" - speech by President Roosevelt to the Republican Club of NYC (2/13)
bullet 1905:  Lochner v. New York
bullet 1905:  "Man and the Earth" - Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
bullet 1905:  "Peace King, Teddy. The white slaves battle cry of freedom" - song lyrics by Thomas W. Mizner, Detroit, MI (Sept.) - broadside
bullet 1905:  Stranger Than Fiction - The Reading Habits of Early Twentieth-Century Working Women
bullet 1905:  Swift and Company v. United States
bullet 1905:  "The Threat of Food and Drug Adulteration"
bullet 1906:  "Against the Clansman--Negroes in Jerseytown Try to Prevent its Presentation - NY Times (12/25)
bullet 1906:  "Amazed by Roosevelt's Attitudes towards Negroes, Washington Hears that He Would Even Refuse to Obey a Law" - NY Times (12/23)
bullet 1906:  Antiquities Act
bullet 1906:  "Ballot Necessary for Women" - Jane Addams
bullet 1906:  The Bitter Cry of Children - John Spargo
bullet 1906:  Black Leaders Criticize Theodore Roosevelt - NY Times (11/20)
bullet 1906:  Burke Act
bullet 1906:  "The Condemned-Meat Industry" - Upton Sinclair
bullet 1906:  "Foraker Denounces Discharge of Negroes--President Misled into Brutal Injustice He Declares" - NY Times  (12/21)
bullet 1906:  "IGNORED JIM CROW LAW.; Montgomery Traction Manager and Several Car Men Arrested" - NY Times (11/24)
bullet 1906:  Letter from Upton Sinclair to President Theodore Roosevelt (3/10)
bullet 1906:  "The Man with the Muck Rake" - speech by Teddy Roosevelt (4/16)
bullet 1906:  Mary Church Terrell speaks on racism to the United Women's Club, Washington, DC, (10/10)
bullet 1906:  "Mr. Roosevelt Defies Negro Troops Friends; Serves Notice that He Will Veto a Bill Aiding Dismissed Men" - NY Times  (12/23)
bullet 1906:  Naturalization Act
bullet 1906:  "THE NEGRO BATTALIONS.; Retired Army Officer Strongly Upholds the President" - NY Times (11/22)
bullet 1906:  "Negro Pastors Assail Roosevelt's Army Order--One Calls Him a Judas for Dismissing Colored Troops" - The NY Times  (11/20)
bullet 1906:  "NEGROES ASSAIL ROOSEVELT.; Baptists of North Carolina Say He Has Estranged 10,000,000 People" - NY Times (11/16)
bullet 1906:  The Niagara Movement's Address to the Country - W.E.B. Du Bois
bullet 1906:  "PLANS A NEGRO HAVEN IN WESTERN AFRICA; Bishop Smith Finds a Chance for Thousands in Liberia. CRITICISES THE PRESIDENT Says Dismissal of 150 Soldiers for the Wrongdoing of Eight Is an Injustice" - NY Times (11/24)
bullet 1906:  Pure Food and Drug Act
bullet 1906:  "Race Issue for Democrats-Senator Morgan of Alabama Thinks It Would Win in 1908" - NY Times (11/20)
bullet 1906:  "ROOSEVELT AND TAFT SAID TO HAVE CLASHED; The Secretary and Loeb Confer Over the Negro Troops Issue. PRESIDENT SENDS MESSAGES Taft Moved to Suspend Discharge Order by Many Protests and by His Own Feelings. ROOSEVELT AND TAFT SAID TO HAVE CLASHED" - NY Times (11/21)
bullet 1906:  "ROOSEVELT IS FIRM, AND TAFT GIVES WAY; Negro Soldiers to be Dismissed -- Report of Inquiry Issued. OFFICERS FOUND NO EVIDENCE Their Assumption That All the Soldiers Knew of the Riot the President's Warrant for Action. ROOSEVELT IS FIRM, AND TAFT GIVES WAY" - NY Times (11/22)
bullet 1906:  "A Scarcity of Teachers, A Question of Morals" - NY Times (11/13)
bullet 1906:  "The Treason of the Senate" - David Graham Philips
bullet 1907:  The Conservation of Natural Resources - Theodore Roosevelt
bullet 1907:  "The Dime Novel in American Life" - Charles M. Harvey
bullet 1907:  Jack London Looks at the “Simplified Language of Socialism”
bullet 1907:  James D. Phelan [Mayor of San Francisco] Explains the Graft Issues
bullet 1907:  Newer Ideals of Peace - Jane Addams
bullet 1907:  "To the school children of the United States Arbor day (which means simply "Tree Day") is now observed in every state in our Union - and mainly in the schools ... Theodore Roosevelt. The White House, April 15" - broadside
bullet 1908:  Christianity and the Social Crisis - Walter Rauschenbusch
bullet 1908:  "The Color Line in the North" - Ray Stannard Baker - in The American Magazine vol. 65 (February), p. 345-57
bullet 1908:  Declaration of the Conservation Conference of Governors
bullet 1908:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1908:  "The Issue" - speech given by Eugene V. Debs on becoming the Socialist Party presidential candidate
bullet 1908:  Kate Richards O’Hare’s Life as a Socialist Party Organizer
bullet 1908:  The Lay of the Land - Dallas Lore Sharp      (entire text)
bullet 1908:  "The Negro's Struggle for Survival in the North" - Ray Stannard Baker - in The American Mazgazine vol. LXV (March), pp. 473-485
bullet 1908:  Prohibition Cartoon
bullet 1908:  "The Tragedy of the Negro in the North" - Ray Stannard Baker - The American Magazine vol. 65 (April 1908): 582-98
bullet 1908-9:  Photographs of Lewis Hine- Documentation of Child Labor
bullet 1909:  "Election Day" - political cartoon on women's suffrage
bullet 1909:  "The Heart of the Race Problem" - Quincy Ewing in The Atlantic Monthly 103 (1909): 389-397
bullet 1909:  Inaugural Address of William Howard Taft
bullet 1909:  Letter by Theodore Roosevelt to accompany the Congressional report on providing an inventory of the nation's natural resources
bullet 1909:  Lyman Abbott on President Roosevelt
bullet 1909:  The Necessity of Conserving Our Resources - speech by J.N. Teal, Chairman of the Oregon Conservation Commission
bullet 1909:  "Onward Temperance Soldiers!" - song and lyrics
bullet 1909:  Platform Adopted by the National Negro Committee
bullet 1909:  "President Roosevelt's Popularity" - Harry Thurston Peck
bullet 1909:  The Promise of American Life - Herbert Croly
bullet 1909:  Report of the National Conservation Commission on the inventorying of the nation's natural resources
bullet 1909:  "Should a Minority Rule?" - The Remonstrance, Jan. edition
bullet 1909:  Speech by Samuel Gompers at Cooper Union
bullet 1909:  The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets - Jane Addams
bullet 1910:  The Fight for Conservation - Gifford Pinchot     (entire text)
bullet 1910:  The Growth of Democracy in America - William Allen White
bullet 1910:  James H. Patten, Chairman of the National Legislative Committee of the American Purity Federation, Testimony Before Congress
bullet 1910:  "Justice. Equality. Why women want to vote. Women are citizens, and wish to do their civic duty ... National American woman suffrage association. Headquarters: 505 Fifth Ave, NY" - broadside     (image)
bullet 1910:  "The Man in the Arena: Citizenship in a Republic" - Theodore Roosevelt speech delivers at the Sobonne in Paris (4/23)
bullet 1910:  "Negro Suffrage in a Democracy." - Ray Stannard Baker in The Atlantic Monthly 106 (1910): 612-619
bullet 1910:  The New Nationalism - Teddy Roosevelt
bullet 1910:  Twenty Years at Hull House - Jane Addams
bullet 1910:  "Woman Suffrage" - Emma Goldman (excerpts)
bullet 1910:  "Women in the home ... National American woman suffrage association" - broadside
bullet 1911:  "141 Men and Girls Die in Waist Factory Fire; Trapped High Up in Washington Place Building; Street Strewn with Bodies; Piles of Dead Inside" - New York Times (3/26)
bullet 1911:  Birmingham Under the Commission Plan - Walker Percy
bullet 1911:  Conservation by Sanitation - Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards
bullet 1911: "Getting Out the Vote" - Helen M. Todd
bullet 1911:  "Hostile Employers See Yourselves As Others Know You" - excerpt by Samuel Gompers on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire  - American Federationist (May)
bullet 1911:  How Many Socialists Does It Take To Screw in a Light Bulb - Finding Humor and Pathos in Class Struggle
bullet 1911:  "Patriotism--A Menace to Liberty" - Emma Goldman
bullet 1911:  Roosevelt, Congress, and the Panama Canal
bullet 1911:  The Principles of Scientific Management - Frederick Taylor
bullet 1911:  Triangle Shirtwaist Co. Fire article by W. G. Shepherd
bullet 1911:  "The Trusts, the People, and the Square Deal" - editorial by Theodore Roosevelt from The Outlook (11/18)
bullet 1911:  When Racism Was Respectable - Franz Boas on “The Instability of Human Types”
bullet 1911-1920:  Various Documents on Women's Suffrage      (additional documents)
bullet 1912:  The Coatesville Address on the first anniversary of the lynching of a black man in the town in PA - John Jay Chapman (August)
bullet 1912:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform            Progressive Party Platform
bullet 1912:  Eugene V. Debs Attacks “the Monstrous System” of Capitalism
bullet 1912:  Headline from the Times-Dispatch, (Richmond, Va.) - sinking of the Titanic
bullet 1912:  "I Have Just Been Shot" - Theodore Roosevelt - delivered in Milwaukee, WI after being shot in the chest by a would-be assassin (10/14)
bullet 1912:  “Dam Hetch Hetchy!” - John Muir Contests the Hetch-Hetchy Dam
bullet 1912:  "Maniac In Milwaukee Shoots Col. Roosevelt; He Ignores Wound, Speaks An Hour, Goes To Hospital" - The New York Times (10/15)
bullet 1912:  Missed Manners - Wilson Lectures a Black Leader
bullet 1912:  National American Woman Suffrage Association, Mother's Day Letter
bullet 1912:  Political Cartoons Illustrating Progressivism and the Election of 1912
bullet 1912:  “The Socialist and The Suffragist” - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Appeal to Reason, (9/28)
bullet 1912:  Suffragists March in New York City (5/6) - photo
bullet 1912:  "Taft Renominated by the Republican Convention; Roosevelt Named as Candidate by Bolters Wilson Backs Bryan's Stand at Baltimore" - The New York Times (6/23)
bullet 1912:  Teddy Roosevelt speech before the National Progressive Party in Chicago (August)
bullet 1912:  Votes for Women a Practical Necessity
bullet 1912:  "Wilson Wins--He Gets 409 Electoral Votes; Gets 187,902 in this State[NY]; Roosevelt, 107, Taft 15" - The New York Times - front page with full text (11/6)
bullet 1912:  "Danger! Woman's Suffrage Would Double the Irresponsible Vote" - women's suffrage poster
bullet 1913:  16th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1913:  17th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution
bullet 1913:  "Booker T. Washington" - poem by R. V. Randolph - broadside
bullet 1913:  Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Remembers the Paterson Strike of 1913
bullet 1913:  Federal Reserve Act
bullet 1913:  First Inaugural Address of Woodrow Wilson
bullet 1913:  Giving a Dam - Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy
bullet 1913:  “A Layman’s Views of an Art Exhibition” - Theodore Roosevelt, Outlook (3/29)
bullet 1913:  MacColl and the Modern Spirit - the 1913 International Exhibit of Modern Art
bullet 1913:  “More Work for Mother” - Scientific Management At Home
bullet 1913:  A Personal Narrative of Political Experiences - Robert La Follette (full text of his autobiography)
bullet 1913:  Royal Cortissoz, art critic, critiques the Armory Show
bullet 1913:  Suffrage On Stage - Marie Jenney Howe Parodies the Opposition
bullet 1913:  Women and Public Housekeeping - Jane Addams
bullet 1914:  Ten Sex Talks to Girls - Dr. Irving Steinhardt
bullet 1914:  A Brief for the Palmer-Owen Child Labor Bill
bullet 1914:  Clayton Anti-Trust Act
bullet 1914:  Federal Trade Commission Act
bullet 1914:  Harrison Narcotic Act
bullet 1914:  "If I Were a Man" - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
bullet 1914:  Letters of a Woman Homesteader - Eleanor Pruitt Stewart
bullet 1914:  "Neutrality and trade in contraband" - Department of State, 10/15 - broadside
bullet 1914:  "The New Morality" - Paul Elmer More
bullet 1914:  “No Gods, No Masters” - Margaret Sanger on Birth Control
bullet 1914:  "No room for hate" - by Edgar A. Guest - broadside
bullet 1914:  Progressive Democracy - Herbert Croly
bullet 1914?:  "Progressive" Jingoism - Boston, World Peace Foundation - broadside
bullet 1914:  Smith-Lever Act
bullet 1914:  "The Woman Rebel" - first edition (Margaret Sanger) - March issue
bullet 1915:  "Do You Know?" - pamphlet written by Carrie Chapman Catt on women's suffrage
bullet 1915:  "The Fundamental Principle of a Republic" - Anna Howard Shaw, Suffrage Orator and Social Reformer (6/21)
bullet 1915:  "A Glimpse behind the Mask of Prohibition" - Percy Andreae in The Prohibition Movement in its Broader Bearings upon Our Social, Commercial, and Religious Liberties
bullet 1915:  Guinn v. United States
bullet 1915:  Mind Your Business! - One Woman’s Encounter with Reformers
bullet 1915:  "Objections Answered" - pamphlet written by Alice Stone Blackwell on women's suffrage
bullet 1915:  "The Rebel Girl" - song lyrics by Joe Hill
bullet 1915:  Report of the Vice Commission, Louisville, KY
bullet 1915:  "Solidarity Forever" - union song lyrics by Ralph Chaplin
bullet 1915:  Suffragist leader Anna Howard Shaw speaks on the "Fundamental Principles of a Republic," Albany NY (6/21)
bullet 1915:  "Union Shop vs. Non-Union Shop" - testimony by Clarence Darrow before the U.S. Senate's Commission on Industrial Relations
bullet 1915:  "Why We Oppose Votes for Men" from Are Women People? by Alice Duer Miller
bullet 1915:  "Why Women Should Vote" - pamphlet by Jane Addams
bullet 1916:  Democracy and Education - John Dewey (full text)
bullet 1916:  Democratic Party Platform          Republican Party Platform
bullet 1916:  Districting by Municipal Regulation - Lawrence Veiller
bullet 1916:  "The Gold Brick Twins" - socialist pamphlet (doc. #2 toward the bottom of the page)
bullet 1916:  "HUGHES LANDSLIDE TERRIFIC BUT SEDATE; Demonstration That Followed It Likewise Conducted on a Businesslike Basis" - NY Times (6/11)
bullet 1916:  Keating-Owen Child Labor Act
bullet 1916:  Letter to the Press on Birth Control - Emma Goldman (2/11)
bullet 1916:  The Long Road of Woman's Memory - Jane Addams
bullet 1916:  “A Modern School” - Abraham Flexner Outlines Progressive Education
bullet 1916:  "Suffrage at Chicago" - NY Times (6/8)
bullet 1916:  " Text of the Republican Platform Which Calls for Preparedness and Protection of American Rights" - NY Times (6/9)
bullet 1916:  "WOMEN URGE PLANK FAVORING SUFFRAGE; Rival Assemblies Disagree on Means, but Are United for Equal Franchise. WILL PARADE DESPITE RAIN Demonstration Will Be Made in Chicago Today to Impress Platform Builders" - NY Times (6/7)
bullet 1916-18:  Letters of Black Migrants in the Chicago Defender
bullet 1917:  "The blue book"; woman suffrage, history, arguments and results, edited by Frances M. Bjrkman and Annie G. Porritt     (entire text)
bullet 1917:  Buchanan v. Warley
bullet 1917:  Letters from the Great Migration
bullet 1917:  Second Inaugural Address of Woodrow Wilson
bullet 1917:  Smith-Hughes Act [or the National Vocational Education Act]
bullet 1918:  The Education of Henry Adams:  An Autobiography (full text)
bullet 1918:  “Learning on the Piece-Rate Plan” - Economist Thorstein Veblen Attacks the Commercialization of Knowledge
bullet 1918:  “The Project Method”- Child-Centeredness in Progressive Education
bullet 1919:  "Liquor Octopus" - political cartoon on temperance in The American (1/11)
bullet 1919:  Photo of Suffragist with "Kaiser Wilson" Poster (11/19)
bullet 1919:  Volstead Act
bullet 1920:  Black History Census Study (pdf)
bullet 1920:  Pioneer Suffragist Casts G. O. P. Ballot - Elizabeth Daily Journal, November 3, 1920, p. 6
bullet 1920:  UNIA Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World, New York (8/13)
bullet 1934:  Description of Robert La Follette - from John R. Commons, Myself

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