Primary Source Documents
bullet Archiving Early America
bullet Africans in America:  1450-1750 -- "The Terrible Transformation" (PBS)
bullet The American Colonists' Library
bullet American Slavery:  1619-1865 -- comprehensive research links
bullet Anne Hutchinson
bullet Anne Hutchinson: An Independent, Religious Woman in Early America
bullet The Antinomian Controversy - Prof. Roland Marchand (UC Davis) - many docs.
bullet Bacon's Rebellion
bullet Bacon's Rebellion - Prof. Roland Marchand (UC Davis) - many docs.
bullet Benjamin Franklin:  A Documentary History
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1619-1789
bullet The Church of England in Early America
bullet Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources
bullet Colonial Connecticut Records:  1636-1776 (University of Connecticut)
bullet Colonial Currency
bullet Colonial to 1800 -- American Literature
bullet Common-Place - The Interactive Journal of Early American Life
bullet Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy
bullet Cotton Mather
bullet Cross Roads and Cross Rivers:  Diversity in Colonial New York
bullet "Divining America:  Religion & the National Culture" (17c & 18c)
bullet Early American Art
bullet The Early American Review
bullet The First Great Awakening
bullet Fire & Ice:  Puritan and Reformed Writing
bullet George Whitefield's Sermons
bullet Georgia Before Oglethorpe
bullet "The Great Awakening" - lecture by Prof. Terry Matthews (Wake Forest Univ.)
bullet The Great Awakening:  A Spiritual Revival in Colonial America
bullet The Historic Hudson Valley
bullet Introduction to the Free Speech Clause - the John Peter Zenger Case (Exploring Constitutional Conflicts)
bullet Jonathan Edwards
bullet King Philip's War
bullet The Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency
bullet Meeting the Spirit:  An Introduction to Quaker Beliefs
bullet The Middle Colonies as the Birthplace of American Religious Pluralism
bullet A Midwife's Tale: 18c America Through a Woman's Eyes (American Experience)
bullet Online Historical Newspaper Archives
bullet The Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, NY
bullet The Peter Zenger Trial, 1735
bullet Prairie Fire:  The Illinois County, 1673-1818
bullet Probating the Past: VA and MD Probate Inventories, 1740-1810 (VA Foundation for the Humanities)
bullet Promoting Science Through America's Colonial Press
bullet The Puritan Morphology of Conversion
bullet The Puritans and Church & State
bullet Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (LOC)
bullet Religion in Colonial America:  1607-1783
bullet Religion, Women, and the Family in Early America
bullet Salem Witch Museum
bullet The Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692)
bullet Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project
bullet Selected Poetry of Anne Bradstreet (1617-1672)
bullet Sermons of John Whitefield
bullet Slavery in America:  An Historical Overview
bullet "Slavery--The 'Peculiar Institution'" (LOC)
bullet Society of Early Americanists
bullet The Stono Rebellion
bullet Third Person, First Person: Slave Voices From The Special Collections Library - Duke University
bullet Understanding Slavery (DiscoverySchool)
bullet Virginia Planters' Records - the Carter Family
bullet William Penn, Visionary Proprietor
bullet Witchcraft in Salem Village

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bullet 17c:  "To My Dear and Loving Husband" - poem by Anne Bradstreet
bullet 1636: John Cotton Letter to Lord Say and Sele - Condemns Democracy
bullet 1637:  Transcript of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson
bullet 1642:  Massachusetts Bay School Laws
bullet 1642-1700:  Harvard College Admission and Graduation Requirements
bullet 1647:  Massachusetts Education Law
bullet 1660-1669:  Slave Laws in Virginia
bullet 1666:  Women's Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed by the Scriptures - Margaret Fell
bullet 1670s:  “A Devil to Tempt and a Corrupt Heart to Deceive” - John Dane Battles Life’s Temptations
bullet 1676:  Declaration and Remonstrance - Governor William Berkeley
bullet 1676:  Nathaniel Bacon's Manifesto
bullet 1677-1705:  Various documents on Bacon's Rebellion      (additional documents)
bullet 1678:  "The Author to Her Book" - poem by Anne Bradstreet
bullet 1683:  "A Way to Get Wealth" - Gervase Markham
bullet 1683:  Condemnation of the Massachusetts Bay Company - Edward Randolph
bullet 1689:  A Letter from a Gentleman of the City of New York - on Leisler's Rebellion
bullet 1689:  "From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N.?" - broadside
bullet 1689:  Letter Concerning Toleration - John Locke
bullet 1689:  "Memorable Providences, Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions" - Cotton Mather
bullet 1690:  Two Treatises of Government - John Locke
bullet 1692:  Death Warrant of Bridget Bishop
bullet 1692:  The Examination and Confession of Ann Foster at Salem Village
bullet 1692:  Indictment of Bridget Bishop
bullet 1692:  Legal Documents of the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692
bullet 1692:  Oral Examination of Bridget Bishop
bullet 1692:  Physical Examination of Bridget Bishop
bullet 1692:  Testimony Against Bridget Bishop
bullet 1692:  Transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials
bullet 1693:  Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits - Increase Mather
bullet 1693:  Wonders of the Invisible World - Cotton Mather
bullet 1697:  William Penn's Plan of Union
bullet 1698:  The Story of Squanto - Cotton Mather
bullet early 18c:  “The Pulpit Being My Great Design ” - A Minister in Early 18th-Century New England
bullet early 18c:  “Whom I Must Join” - Elizabeth Ashbridge, an 18th-Century Englishwoman, Becomes a Quaker
bullet 1700:  The Selling of Joseph (a slave) - Samuel Sewall
bullet 1702:  Secret Diary of William Byrd
bullet 1704:  Boston News Letter (4 pages) - broadside
bullet 1704:  Robert Beverley on Bacon's Rebellion
bullet 1704:  “Wee made Good speed along” - Boston Businesswoman Sarah Knight Travels From Kingston to New London
bullet 1705:  An act declaring the Negro, Mulatto, and Indian slaves within this dominion, to be real estate
bullet 1705:  Money and Trade Considered With a Proposal for Supplying the Nation with Money - John Law
bullet 1709:  “He Lov’d the English Extraordinary Well” - Enoe Will Guides John Lawson Through the Carolina Interior
bullet 1709:  Indian Trader John Lawson’s Journal of Carolina
bullet 1712:  Curriculum of the Boston Latin Grammar School
bullet 1715:  Biennial Act
bullet 1721:  By the honourable Gurdon Saltonstall, Esq; Governour of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut in New-England, a proclamation for a publick thanksgiving
bullet 1721:  Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4" - broadside
bullet 1724:  The Black Code of Louisiana
bullet 1724:  “They That Are Born There Talk Good English” - Hugh Jones Describes Virginia’s Slave Society
bullet 1725:  Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity - Benjamin Franklin
bullet 1728:  "Cotton Mather" - engraving by Peter Pelham
bullet 1729:  A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper- Currency by Ben Franklin
bullet 1729:  “A Person Like Me, Oppress’d By Dame Fortune, Need Not Care Where He Goes” - The “Infortunate” William Moraley Tries His Luck in America
bullet 1730s:  Benjamin Franklin's Pursuit of Moral Perfection
bullet 1730s-40s:  The Great Awakening Comes to Weathersfield, CT - Nathan Cole’s Spiritual Travels
bullet 1732, 1737:  Runaway Slave Notices - South Carolina Gazette
bullet 1733:  Founding Vision for Georgia - James Oglethorpe
bullet 1733-58:  Poor Richard's Almanack - Benjamin Franklin (excerpts)
bullet 1735:  Defense of Peter Zenger - Andrew Hamilton
bullet 1735:  The Great Awakening in New Hampshire
bullet 1738:  Description of African Slavery
bullet 1739:  A Commons House of Assembly Committee Report, in a Message to the Governor's Council on the Stono Rebellion slave catchers (11/29)
bullet 1739:  Report from William Bull regarding the Stono Rebellion (10/5)
bullet 1740:  "The Danger of an Unconverted Ministry" - Sermon by Gilbert Tennent
bullet 1740:  "The Future Punishment of the Wicked" - sermon by Jonathan Edwards
bullet 1740:  "This indenture made the ninth day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and forty . by and between [blank] on the one part . Directors of the Manufactory Company of Boston [Boston? 1740]" - broadside
bullet 1741:  “Fire, Fire, Scorch, Scorch!” - Testimony from the Negro Plot Trials in New York
bullet 1741:  "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" - sermon by Jonathan Edwards (7/8)
bullet 1742:  Against Revivalism - Charles Chauncy
bullet 1742:  Jonathan Edwards, from "Some Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion in New England"
bullet 1744:  "Rules for Civility" - George Washington
bullet 1745-1766:  Moravian Journals Relating to Central New York, 1745-66
bullet 1747:  "A narrative of the uncommon sufferings, and surprizing deliverance of Briton Hammon, a Negro man " - Briton Hammon
bullet 1750:  “As much land as they can handle” - Johann Bolzius Writes to Germany About Slave Labor in Carolina and Georgia
bullet 1750:  “Packed Densely, Like Herrings” - Gottlieb Mittelberger Warns His Countryman of the Perils of Emigration
bullet 1750:  “Work and labor in this new and wild land are very hard” - A German Migrant in Philadelphia
bullet 1754:  On the Misfortune of Indentured Servants - Gottlieb Mittelberger
bullet 1757:  The Defense of Slavery in Virginia
bullet 1757:  A Quaker Abolitionist Travels Through Maryland and Virginia - The Journal of John Woolman
bullet 1765:  A Dictionary of the English Language - Samuel Johnson
bullet 1768:  “It Will Require Much Time to Model the Manners and Morals of these Wild Peoples” - Charles  Woodmason Visits the Carolina Backcountry
bullet 1769:  Broadside Announcing the Sale of Slaves
bullet 1769:  “Shew Yourselves to be Freemen” - Herman Husband and the North Carolina Regulators
bullet 1769-71:  “Kentucke, Which I Esteemed a Second Paradise” - Daniel Boone Crosses the Mountains and Visits Kentucky
bullet 18c?:  “Your People Live Only Upon Cod” - An Algonquian Response to European Claims of Cultural Superiority
bullet mid-18c?:  Letter of the Quaker woman, Increase Woodward to her son
bullet late 18c?:  "The Objections to the Taxation of our American Colonies by the Legislature of Great Britain, briefly consider'd" - Soame Jenyns

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