Primary Source Documents
bullet Archiving Early America
bullet The American Colonists' Library
bullet "The American Sense of Puritan" -  graduate project by Scott Atkins
bullet Anne Hutchinson
bullet The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record
bullet A Biography of America:  English Settlement (1607-1691) - Annenberg/CPB
bullet A Brief History Of Jamestown, Virginia
bullet California Missions
bullet Chronology on the History of Slavery and Racism:  1619-1789
bullet Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources
bullet Colonial Williamsburg
bullet Common-Place - The Interactive Journal of Early American Life
bullet Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy
bullet "Divining America:  Religion & the National Culture" (17c & 18c)
bullet DRY DRUNK: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-century Europe
bullet The Dutch in America: 1609-1664 (LOC)
bullet The Early American Review  
bullet Fire & Ice:  Puritan and Reformed Writings
bullet First-hand Accounts of Virginia, 1575-1705 (Virtual Jamestown)
bullet Four Faces of Pocahontas
bullet "The Great Migration" - lecture by Prof. Terry Matthews (Wake Forest Univ.)
bullet The Great Migration Study Program
bullet "Holland Mania:  Much More than a Dutch Moment" - Joe Vignone" (Fordham Univ.)
bullet The Historic Hudson Valley
bullet The Huguenot Historical Society (New Paltz, NY)
bullet Indians of North America - Theodore De Bry's Copper Plate Engravings
bullet The Iroquois Confederacy
bullet The Jamestown Online Adventure
bullet The Jamestown Records of the Virginia Company of London: A Conservator's Perspective - by Sylvia R. Albro and Holly H. Krueger
bullet Jamestown, Québec, Santa Fe: Three North American Beginnings (National Museum of American History, The Smithsonian)
bullet Jamestown Rediscovery
bullet John Winthrop
bullet The Joseph Bellamy House- The Great Awakening in Puritan New England
bullet King Philip's War
bullet The Life and Voyages of Henry Hudson (Ian Chadwick)
bullet Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center
bullet The New Netherland Museum
bullet Pictorial Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
bullet Pilgrim Hall Museum
bullet The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony-1620
bullet Plymouth:  Its History and Its People
bullet The Plymouth Colony Archive Project
bullet Pocahontas, John Rolfe, Jamestown and Virginia
bullet Powhatan Culture and History Links
bullet The Puritan Morphology of Conversion
bullet The Puritans and Church & State
bullet Puritanism and Predestination - The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - Divining America- Religion and the National Culture
bullet "Puritanism in America" - lecture by Prof. Terry Matthews (Wake Forest Univ.)
bullet Puritan Resources for Biblical Counseling
bullet Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (LOC)
bullet Sail 1620
bullet Seeds of Change Garden - Where Food Crops Originated
bullet Society of Early Americanists
bullet St. Augustine: America's Oldest City
bullet The Story of the Pilgrims
bullet The Story of Virginia, an American Experience
bullet Thanksgiving Information
bullet The Thanksgiving Tradition
bullet The Trial of Anne Hutchinson
bullet Virginia 400:  Online Guide of 400 Years of Virginia's History
bullet Virtual Jamestown
bullet Wills of the Mayflower Passengers
bullet William Penn:  Visionary Proprietor

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bullet 1567:  “Carried Thence for Trafficke of the West Indies Five Hundred Negroes” - Job Hortop and the British Enter the Slave Trade
bullet 1584:  Discourse of  Western Planting - Richard Hakluyt
bullet 1600:  Principal Navigations, Voyages of the English Nation, III - Richard Hakluyt
bullet 1602:  “We Took Great Store of Codfish and Called it Cape Cod” - Bartholomew Gosnold Sails Along Northeastern North America
bullet 1606:  First Virginia Charter
bullet 1606:  Instructions for the Virginia Colony
bullet 1606-1660:  Selected Virginia Statutes Relating to Religion   1660-69
bullet 1607:  Map of Virginia
bullet 1607:  The Starving Time in Virginia - Captain John Smith
bullet 1608:  Powhatan to John Smith
bullet 1608:  “What Can You Get By Warre” - Powhatan Exchanges Views With Captain John Smith”
bullet 1609:  “The Iroquois were much astonished that two men should have been killed so quickly” - Samuel de Champlain Introduces Firearms to Native Warfare
bullet 1609:  Second Virginia Charter
bullet 1609-1610:  John Smith Describes the "Starving Time" at Jamestown
bullet 1611: "A Short Relation made by the Lord De-La-Warre," by Lord De-La-Warre
bullet 1612:  Third Virginia Charter
bullet 1614:  Letter of Father Pierre Biard
bullet 1614:  Letter of John Rolfe on his decision to marry Pocahantas
bullet 1614:  Proceedings of the Virginia Assembly
bullet 1616:  John Smith's Letter to Queen Anne Regarding Pocahontas
bullet 1617:  John Rolfe's letter to Sir Edward Sandys
bullet 1619:  Laws Concerning Religion - Virginia General Assembly
bullet 1619-1670:  Selected Virginia Statutes Relating to Indentured Servants
bullet 1620:  William Bradford's History of 'Plimoth Plantation'
bullet 1620:  Charter of New England
bullet 1620:  Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth Granted to William Bradford and His Associates
bullet 1620:  The Mayflower Compact
bullet 1621:  Charter of the Dutch West India Company
bullet 1621:  The First Thanksgiving in Plymouth
bullet 1621:  An Ordinance and Constitution of the Virginia Company in England
bullet 1622:  Mourt's Relations - a journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth
bullet 1623:  “Our Plantation Is Very Weak” - The Experiences of an Indentured Servant in Virginia
bullet 1623:  Virginia Planters' Answer to Captain Butler
bullet 1624:  Generall Historie by John Smith (cover)
bullet 1624:  Tragical Relation of the Virginia Assembly
bullet 1624-1705:  Excerpts from wills, deeds, and the recorded minutes of the Virginia Assembly and Council to illustrate the treatment of African slaves and Native American servants and slaves in Virginia during the 17c
bullet 1625:  Discourse of the Old Company
bullet 1626:  Account of the Purchase of Manhattan - translation of the Peter Sschaghen letter
bullet 1629:  Charter of Massachusetts Bay Company
bullet 1629:  Reasons for the Plantation in New England - John Winthrop
bullet 1629:  The Salem Covenant
bullet 1629-72:  Laws Pertaining to Slaves and Servants, Virginia
bullet 1629-1705:  Selected Virginia Statutes relating to Slavery
bullet 1630:  The Divine Right to Occupy the Land - John Cotton
bullet 1630:  The Humble Request of the Puritan Emigrants
bullet 1630:  A Model of Christian Charity - John Winthrop
bullet 1630s-1770s:  Various documents on the Antinomian Controversy      (additional documents)
bullet 1631:  Advertisements for the Inexperienced Planters of New England - Capt. John Smith
bullet 1631:  Letter from Massachusetts Bay by Richard Saltonstall
bullet 1631:  Reasons for Emigrating to New England - John Winthrop
bullet 1633:  The Glorious Work in Maryland, Father Andrew White, S.J.
bullet 1635:  The Charter of Maryland
bullet 1635:  Emigrants to New England from Sandwich, England
bullet 1635:  "The forme of a binding servant" - an indentured contract
bullet 1635:  Passengers to Virginia
bullet 1635:  “Thus This Poore People Populate This Howling Desart”- Edward Johnson Describes the Founding of the Town of Concord in Massachusetts Bay
bullet 1636:  The Constitution of Plymouth Colony
bullet 1636:  John Cotton Letter to Lord Say and Sele - Condemns Democracy
bullet 1636:  John Winthrop's Testimony - the Boston Governor's account of his Christian experience
bullet 1636:  Plan for a Massachusetts Town
bullet 1637:  Essay Against the Power of the Church To Sit in Judgement on the Civil Magistracy by John Winthrop - a treatise indicating an early desire among the Puritans to keep church and state separate
bullet 1637:  The Examination of Mrs Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton
bullet 1637:  "Manners and Customs of the Indians of New England" - Thomas Morton
bullet 1637:  "Revels in New Canaan" - Thomas Morton
bullet 1638 & 1663:  An Account of Two Voyages to New-England Made during the Years 1638, 1663
bullet 1639:  Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
bullet 1640:  Assorted Illustrations of North America
bullet 1640:  New England's First Fruits - the first written history regarding the founding of Harvard College
bullet 1640s:  “So Must We Be One..., Otherwise We Shall Be All Gone Shortly” - Narragansett Chief Miantonomi Tries to Form an Alliance Against Settlers in New England and Long Island
bullet 1640-1709:  Massachusetts Bay Colony documents
bullet 1641:  The Massachusetts Body of Liberties
bullet 1642:  Massachusetts Bay School Laws
bullet 1642-1700:  Harvard College Admission and Graduation Requirements
bullet 1643:  “Their Extraordinary Great Labor” - Roger Williams Observes Indian Customs and Language
bullet 1644:  Arbitrary Government Described and the Government of the Massachusetts Vindicated from that Aspersion - John Winthrop
bullet 1644:  The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for the Cause of Conscience - Roger Williams
bullet 1644:  "George Gillespie refutes Roger Williams"
bullet 1644:  A Plea for Religious Liberty - Roger Williams
bullet 1645:  On Liberty - John Winthrop
bullet 1647:  Against Toleration - Nathaniel Ward
bullet 1647:  The Simple Comler of Aggawam in America - Nathaneil Ward
bullet 1649:  A Description of the New Netherlands - Adriaen van der Donck
bullet 1649:  Maryland Toleration Act
bullet 1650, 1678:  Two poems by Anne Bradstreet
bullet 1651:  "A declaration of the General Court of the Massachusets holden at Boston, in New-England, October 18, 1659. Concerning the execution of two Quakers " - broadside
bullet 1651:  Sumptuary Laws in New England - laws regarding what one may and may not wear
bullet 1653:  The Instrument of Government - adopted by Cromwell and his Council of Officers on 12/16
bullet 1656:  Healing Question - Sir Henry Vane
bullet 1660:  British Navigation Acts - excerpts
bullet 1660:  Margaret Fell's letter to the King on the persecution of the Quakers
bullet 1660:  Narrative of the Pequot War - Captain Lion Gardiner
bullet 1662:  Connecticut Colony Charter
bullet 1663:  “They Live Well in the Time of their Service” - George Alsop Writes of Servants in Maryland
bullet 1666:  Indentured Servitude in Maryland
bullet 1668:  One Year in the Life of Thomas Minor, Connecticut Farmer
bullet 1669:  Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina - John Locke
bullet 1670:  Court document regarding Anthony Johnson
bullet 1670:  John Elliot's Brief Narrative
bullet 1670:  Royal Charter of the Hudson's Bay Company
bullet 1670:  The Tryal of William Penn and William Mead, for Causing a Tumolt
bullet 1673:  The Mississippi Voyage of Jolliet and Marquette
bullet 1671-4:  "Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary" - painting by Freake Limner
bullet 1675:  Fifteen Propositions - Robert Barclay from Apology for the True Christian Divinity
bullet 1675:  Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers
bullet 1676:  The First Thanksgiving Proclamation
bullet 1677:  “Such Was the Tumultation These Women Made” - The Women of Marblehead Wreak Revenge Upon Indian Captors
bullet 1680:  “As They Had Been in Ancient Times” - Pedro Naranjo Relates the Pueblo Revolt
bullet 1680-1682:  Revolt of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermín's Attempted Reconquest
bullet 1681:  Proposals for the Carrying on the Negro's Christianity - Morgan Goodwyn
bullet 1682:  Letters of Thomas Newe to His Father from South Carolina
bullet 1682:  Petition for a Democratic Government - town of East-Hampton, Long Island
bullet 1682:  Some Fruits of Solitude In Reflections And Maxims - William Penn
bullet 1683:  Edward Randolph Condemns the Massachusetts Bay Company Before the Board of Trade
bullet 1683:  Frame of Government of Pennsylvania (2/2)
bullet 1683:  The Original Constitution of New York
bullet 1684:  New Ireland Established in Maryland
bullet 1684:  A Journal of the Last Voyage Perform'd by Monsr. de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico, to Find Out the Mouth of the Missisipi River
bullet 1685:  Causes of King Phillip's War - Edward Randolph
bullet 1686:  Instructions to Sir Edmund Andros
bullet 1686:  Commercial Orders to Sir Edmund Andros
bullet 1688:  Commission of Sir Edmund Andros for the Dominion of New England (4/7)
bullet 1689:  Toleration Act of William and Mary
bullet 1689:  Orders for Sending Sir Edmund Andros to England
bullet 1694:  "The Character of a Good Ruler" - sermon by Samuel Willard
bullet 1698:  Discourses Concerning Government, Table of Contents by Algernon Sidney - built principles of popular government from foundation of natural law and the social contract. This book has been considered by scholars the "textbook of the American Revolution."
bullet 1701:  Charter of Privileges Granted by William Penn, esq., to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania and Territories (10/28)
bullet 1760s:  The Dutch Arrive on Manhattan Island - An Indian Perspective

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