1.  General Background Information on Jackson:
bullet American Political Prints:  1766-1866. HarpWeek -- Great source of political cartoons of
the Jackson era.
bullet AmericanPresident.org - Andrew Jackson (biography).
bullet American Presidents -- Life Portraits:  Andrew Jackson
bullet Andrew Jackson--"Champion of the Kingly Commons."
bullet Andrew Jackson - audio lecture.  Instructor: Robert Remini, University of
Illinois at Chicago (September 7, 2002).
bullet Andrew Jackson on the Web - an excellent portal to all things Jackson.
bullet Andrew Jackson Quotes from BrainyQuote.
bullet Biography of Andrew Jackson - EnCyclopedia. State Library of North Carolina.
bullet Biography of Andrew Jackson.  From Revolution to Reconstruction.
bullet Expunged Senate censure motion against President Andrew Jackson, January 16, 1837.
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
bullet First Inaugural Address (March 4, 1829).
bullet The Papers of Andrew Jackson.  The Avalon Project.  Yale University.
bullet The Presidency of Andrew Jackson. Digital History.
bullet Readings in Jacksonian America.
bullet Second Inaugural Address (March 4, 1833).
2.  Impeachment Issues:
    A.  National Bank of the United States:
bullet "Andrew Jackson and the Bank War" - Tony D'Urso (essay). From Revolution
to Reconstruction
bullet "The Celebrated Bank War." Jacksonian Democracy section. Digital History.
bullet Henry Clay's Speech on the Jackson Bank Veto, 1832.
bullet Jackson's message on his veto of the renewal of the National Bank. 
July 10, 1832.
bullet Letter from Nicholas Biddle to Henry Clay on the effect of the Bank Veto and Biddle's faith
in Henry Clay, 1832.
    B.  Nullification:
bullet Andrew Jackson to Martin Van Buren discussing the nullification crisis
(13 January 1833). Library of Congress.
bullet Andrew Jackson's famous toast at the Jefferson-day dinner (April 13, 1830).
"Our union. It must be preserved." Includes background. Bartleby.com.
bullet The Force Bill (March 2, 1833), to enforce US laws against South Carolina's
bullet "Nullification Controversy" by William W. Freehling, The Reader's Companion to American
bullet "Nullification" from Prof. Steven Mintz's online textbook Hypertext History.
bullet President Jackson's Proclamation Regarding Nullification, December 10, 1832.
bullet "Tariffs and Nullification - Again". From Revolution to Reconstruction.
bullet Veto of Maysville Road Bill (May 27, 1830), abridged.
    C.  Indian Removal:
bullet American Indian Nations - Andrew Jackson's Actions and Deeds Against Southeastern
bullet Andrew Jackson Speaks:  Indian Removal. The eJournal Website.
bullet "Andrew Jackson Versus the Cherokee Nation" by Robert V. Remini. 
bullet Appeal of the Cherokee Nation 17 July 1830.
bullet Cherokee Nation v. the State of Georgia, 1831.
bullet President Andrew Jackson's Case for the Removal Act First Annual Message
to Congress, 8 December 1830.
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