bullet Choose a Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanza "carol" to re-word.
bullet Then choose an historical topic, event, individual personality, or historical group
and re-word your "carol" with lines pertaining to that choice.
bullet It must be historically accurate and contain the major terms, ideas, etc., associated
with the subject of your "carol."
bullet You must have at least eight, 4-line main stanzas, OR six, 6+ line main stanzas
[The chorus doesn't figure in to this count, even though you have to re-write
the chorus as well
bullet Your new version of the "carol" must follow the same pace, cadence, syllables,
and rhyming pattern as the original!
bullet Create a NEW TITLE for your carol [on the next line below the title, list the name of the original carol that you are parodying].
bullet Type out your history "carol" [you can get fancy, if you wish].
bullet DUE DATE --> Thursday, December 19, 2011
bullet "A New Christmas Carol--The 2000 Election" by Ms. Pojer
bullet "O Jackson, Jackson, Jackson" by Sarah M. [class of '05]
bullet "The South Secedes" by Max B. [class of '05]
bullet This extra credit assignment is worth 40 points.