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AMERICAN HISTORY A. P.                            MS. POJER                 HORACE GREELEY H. S.

Class Participation / Cooperation Grading Rubric

          Participation in class is more than physical presence.  It means making a meaningful contribution to discussions and course activities.  Satisfactory class participation and cooperation is defined as being present with all required class materials, answering questions, offering constructive opinions, and generally cooperating with the teacher and other students in the class.  Those students who have difficulty in any of these areas should see me and we will work together to help you master these skills and contribute to the class.
          To practice reflective thinking, you must take the risk of sharing your views and interpretations and receive feedback from others regarding the soundness of those views and interpretations.  We construct knowledge and learn from each other, and if you don’t speak, others don’t learn from you [and vice versa].  The evaluation of your class participation is based on what can be demonstrated and observed in the classroom—you need to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!!

Self-Evaluation Criteria





  1. Prompt and regular attendance in class.





  1. Prepared for class with assignments and all required class materials.





  1. Active and regular participation in all types of class discussions and activities.





  1. Listens respectfully when others talk, both in class and in group.





  1. Initiates questions.





  1. Builds on and relates to points made by other students or the teacher.





  1. Helps keep your group on task, especially if you are the group leader.





  1. Your comments add important facts and perspectives or you present outside information that reflects additional research beyond the required assignment.





  1. Never portrays apathetic or rude behavior in the class.





  1. Can take constructive criticism and learn from it.