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0.  Pre-Columbian Societies

        16.  The Rise of Big Business & Labor


1.  Founding the Colonies



17.  Immigration & The Rise of the Big Cities

2.  Early Colonial Society

      18.  The Gilded Age
3.  Britain Asserts Her Power
      19.  Imperial America
4.  The American Revolution

      20. The Progressive Age
5.  The Early Republic
      21.  World
War I
6.  Jeffersonian Republicanism

      22.  The Roaring '20s

7.  The Jacksonian Era       23.  Depression & The New Deal

8.  The Market Revolution
      24.  World
War II
9. The Antebellum South       25.  The Beginnings of the Cold War

10.  Antebellum Reform Movements 
      26.  The 1950s: Uniformity & Affluence

11. Manifest Destiny


      27.  The 1960s: Social Unrest & Counterculture

12.  The Politics of Sectionalism

      28.  The 1970s:
Disillusionment & Decline

13.  The Civil

      29.  The 1980s:
The Conservative Revolution
14.  Reconstruction & The New South

      30.  The 1990s:
Searching for the Political Middle
15.  Transforming
the West

      31.  The 21c:  A New Millennium  

bulletTen Commandments of Good Historical Writing
bulletCollege Board A. P. U. S. History Main Page (.pdf file)

bulletCitation Styles for Internet Resources
bulletHow to Write an Essay
bulletGreeley Writing Handbook


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